David’s Diary – August 29, 1970

Saturday, 29 August 1970

Up about 9:00 (?)—had breakfast, shaved. My main concern for the day was the sermon—which was only in very rough outline. I worked on it in the morning pretty consistently until about 11:45, at which time I went to the garden—hadn’t been since Wednesday. Got several things. Came back, we fixed lunch, then I worked for a while longer, until 2:00—then I set out to do some calling. Saw Esther Longley first 2:00-3:00, then Grace Harris 3:00-4:00 + Louis Rich. Then about 4:00 got to the Hannibals. I was home by 5:00, and got more work done on the sermon before helping with supper. We watched NBC news with supper. After eating I relaxed for a while. Then my evening was spent finishing the sermon and preparing the service. I finished the sermon about 9:15, then did the bulletins—then prepared the service. This was all done by about 11:30. Unfortunately I didn’t get any reading done today. It’s amazing how uptight people get over small things—Esther Longley was very agitated today over the $5 charge that is going to be made for the Sunday School. But what a small commitment to ask of people! The time has past for the church to welcome people—“unconditionally”—we cannot make an appeal to people—no strings attached. Bathed, then headed to bed; LO shortly after midnight.

Sunday, 30 August 1970

Up at 8:30 after Θ. Had breakfast, shaved, practiced sermon, head[ed] for the church about 9:40. It was a milestone of sorts—Rip Hannibal came to church. I’ve been calling on him ever since I came to Rockport—he was very alienated from the church. I preached on John 10:10—abundant life. Only about 30 in attendance. We fixed lunch as soon as we got home, then I relaxed before selecting some poems to read at the Den-Mar service. Then I worked on putting my study in order—a colossal mess. About 2:30 I left for the Den-Mar—took Kay Patriquin and Winnie Gamage along. I was home again before four—the service lasted 3:00–3:30. I spent the next hour again clearing away the clutter in my study. At 5:07 Paul + Marty drove up. We immediately went to the garden—came home, did some preparations for supper. Then visited and played with Debbie in her room. Shortly before 7:00 we had our supper. It was too dark after eating to go for a walk, so we relaxed, then got slides. Paul and Marty had brought theirs—and we saw quite a few—then we showed ours. We all then had a snack—but we were a pretty sleepy bunch, and headed to bed without baths; OBLO, 11:45.

Monday, 31 August 1970

Can’t recall when we got up. Again I was plagued by lethargy and fatigue. I’m so tired of reading, of plodding ahead through these weighty tomes. In the morning Paul and Marty left about 10:00 for the museum in Boston. Then I got my Eagle article written; I called up Ornes for suggestions about what I might put in it, and I received a long complaint from Sadie about my sermon. I had included a paragraph about Christ not being the only way to achieve “abundant” life. There are people who hear something, but interpret it on an extreme level. Sadie misread, overread—it’s frustrating to know that a sermon can be taken so many ways. After our long talk (during which Tompkins delivered our new chair) I went to the Eagle office. I came home and spent the last part of the morning walking on the neck, also bought a birthday card for Pat Harry. Got home just a few minutes after noon. The afternoon was a big failure study-wise. Got almost nothing done. I slept, wrote the card to Pat Harry. Very shortly after Bonnie got home, P + M got back from Boston—the museum had been closed!—but they went book shopping—had very good lunch. The Busseys arrived shortly after 6:00. We had supper together—spent the evening visiting. Busseys went home c. 10:00—we then talked til late; bathed, OBLO 1:35.

Tuesday, 1 September 1970

Finally up about 9:30—rather washed out after last night’s late session. After breakfast we all got into the car and went out to Hallibut Point Reservation—had a ball scrambling over the rocks—took a lot of pictures. The wind was stiff and cool—a lot of clouds, so the sunshine wasn’t constant. When we got back we sat around discussing recuperating. We had a late lunch, then sat around some more—in fact until about 4 o’clock. It was good just to be able to visit and relax. Unfortunately not much reading got done! Bonnie took Paul, Marty, + Debbie to Gloucester to get steaks, and to see the harbor, so I had a chance to get a little reading done—although I was sleepy. But then they arrived back home and supper was begun. We ate about 6:30, watched CBS news. Then we all went for a walk. We went down to T-wharf—did a lot of boat gazing—Paul is such a boating—i.e., sailboat enthusiast. He and Marty are so eager to take us sailing. We also walked down Bearskin Neck and back. Got home about 8:30. Paul was very sleepy, turned in about 9:30—but Marty, Bonnie and I stayed up talking until about 11:00. Bathed, OBLO, Θ by midnight.

David’s Diary, September 1, 1970

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/10/04/davids-diary-august-29-1970/

1 thought on “David’s Diary – August 29, 1970

  1. davidmadison1942

    “Esther Longley was very agitated today over the $5 charge that is going to be made for the Sunday School.” She was pals with Sarah Orne, 😦

    “It was a milestone of sorts—Rip Hannibal came to church. I’ve been calling on him ever since I came to Rockport—he was very alienated from the church.” He scared off a lot of pastors, but I kept calling on him. He was so angry about this bad health. Back problems…and one day, just sitting in his back yard, an insect flew into his ear and bit his eardrum. Eventually had to have surgery.

    “Then I worked on putting my study in order—a colossal mess.” Same thing today! 😦


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