David’s Diary – September 2, 1970

Wednesday, 2 September 1970

[Top panel: photos of banners/ Ezra – Debbie]

Can’t recall exactly when we got up—Paul and Marty were up and away early—i.e., I think by 9:00. We had breakfast together, then saw them off. Then I gradually got back to reading. Around the noon hour I took a walk—chatted for a while with Billy McKenney and David Herlihy—then I walked down to the church. I changed the way-side pulpit, took 2 more banner photos, went to Richdales for milk. Not too long after I got back Cameron Sesto arrived with Ezra and Esten—for an overnight visit. We had a big lunch together—bacon and tomato sandwiches, with the tomatoes from our patch. After lunch they all went out for a walk—and I tried to get some reading done—but I was plagued by the same old problem—fatigue and lethargy. I dozed. When the troop got back I continued with my reading, but stopped to work on supper about 6:15. I watched CBS news. Bonnie and Cameron and the kids played in the living room—Bonnie got out her oboe and accordion. We had supper about 8:00. I had planned to get some reading done in the evening but no luck. After supper we showed Cameron some slides—then we had a snack—the evening wore on as we visited. Finally we were all so exhausted we couldn’t keep going; OBLO w/o bath 11:40.

Thursday, 3 September 1970

[Top panel:  one photo]

What a day this has been! At 5:15 Debbie woke up crying—I went in, calmed her down, came back to bed—but my morning sneezing began—so it was no use to try to get back to sleep—I got up dressed, tried to read—between sneezes and blowing my nose. Debbie cried some more—Bonnie got up and changed her. Cameron was getting up downstairs to go photographing. After she left I went down to the dining room to read and have some coffee. Ezra then got up—and kept me company! Finally I went back to bed –about 8:00? Not much sleep, however, since Esten was now crying. Bonnie went down to console him. She got him quieted, came back to bed. We didn’t sleep well, but got up about 10:00. I had breakfast, shaved, wrote a letter re: Theora [?] Elwell, delivered it; dropped in to see the Ornes, got home about noon. Tried to nap—had lunch. Our birthday gifts arrived from Malaysia—a silver cup for me, cloth for Bonnie, a bell and wooden noise maker for Debbie. Cameron + Ezra set off for a walk, Bonnie collapsed asleep—I tried to read, dozed off. When Cameron returned, she, Ezra + I went to the garden; they headed home soon after we returned. Bonnie, Deb + I had supper. Exhausted essentially; I read a little; we watched TV—Ironsides, Dragnet; snacked; bathed.

Friday, 4 September 1970

This at last was a day of accomplishment—my hope is renewed that someday I might get my Ph.D.! We got up about 9:00—after Θ+ —with thunder and rain in the background. After breakfast I got to reading—I took a break to get film ready to go to Mail-a-way. Late in the a.m. Bonnie went for a walk with Debbie and mailed it. We had lunch about noon—Bonnie left for work, Debbie went down for a nap—and I read—I was feeling fine—in a mood for reading. I settled into Bonnie’s new rocking chair in the living room and made progress. There were the usual interruptions to check on Debbie, pay the paperboy, read the paper—but I was pleased that I was getting something accomplished. It was great to have so many guests this week—but it had its drawbacks. Bonnie got home about 5:30, I read on to my stopping place, then fixed supper. We watched CBS news. Early in the evening I had phoning to take care of, which I did. But for the most part, I plowed ahead in Weiser. So far the reading has been relatively easy in this book—which gives the appearance at first glance of being deadly dull. I took a break about 10:30—but read further. Then about 11:30 I had a snack and decided to quit for the evening—I want to be alert for the next section: Ezekiel! Bathed; OBLO 12:30.

Saturday, 5 September 1970

[Top panel:  one phone call long distance—Don McGaw]

Up about 9:00. Shaved (2 days worth), then had breakfast. My main concern then was to get the sermon under way—so reading had to be put off. Up until about 2 o’clock I stuck to the sermon, and made good progress—we had lunch about 12:30. Homer Orne came by about 2:00—to give us our check and to confer on other things. After he had gone I then set out on some calling—I went up to see Hannibals, but they weren’t home; I then went to see Lena Smith—recuperating from her surgery to have the heart-pacer installed. She was in pretty good condition—she met me at the door. I left there about 3:30—went back to Hannibals—but they were still away. So I came back home and returned to work on the sermon. I kept at it until I was finished—about 6:00. Called Don McGaw re: hymn sing. Then we had supper. My main concern for the evening was to get the bulletins done—I finished these about 8:00—then I played with Debbie for about a half hour. Then I turned to preparing the service, after which I practiced the sermon once. Then, finally, about 9:45 I was able to turn to reading in Weiser—I didn’t get to the point most desirable—but hopefully I make it up tomorrow. Had snack c. 11:15; bathed; OBLO 12:55.

David’s Diary, September 5, 1970

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/10/05/davids-diary-september-2-1970/

1 thought on “David’s Diary – September 2, 1970

  1. davidmadison1942

    “Bonnie got out her oboe and accordion.” OY 😦

    “a bell and wooden noise maker for Debbie.” How COOL to have that photo!


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