David’s Diary – November 1, 1970

Sunday, 1 November 1970

Up about 7:40. Shaved, had breakfast, practiced sermon. My class arrived about 9:30—3 of them. We read through the book of Jonah. I got to the church about 10:45. Fair sized crowd; I began a 3-part series of sermons on contemporary crises—today I dealt with overpopulation—I suggested that a Christian approach to the problem is limitation of family size to 2. We got home by 12:30. Had lunch. I was intending to get some work done in the afternoon—but I wasn’t about to push myself. So I stretched out for a nap—but I didn’t get up til about 5:00! Off and on during the afternoon I was awake, but I didn’t bother to get up. Bonnie napped for a while too, but she was busy preparing the house for the company this evening. I got up about 5:00. We had supper. I helped getting things ready. I also went down to Patriquins briefly. I had to pick up a section of Thursday’s paper which Kay was saving; I saw Jennifer for the first time. When I got home I read the 3 part series of newspaper articles on Project NUVA—then wrote a letter to the editor, pointing out the Drug program schedule for Wed. night. At 7:30 the play reading group arrived. We read Plaza Suite—very enjoyable evening. They’d all left by 10:30. Then I did some desk work until 11:00. Watched news, bathed, watched some of Johnny Carson, OBLO c 12:25.

Monday, 2 November 1970

Up at 9:10, had breakfast, shaved. My morning was filled with errands. Went to Gloucester; I took my letter to the editor to the Gloucester Daily Times office—re: the drug program Wed. night. Then I went to Mals and Stopping Shop. From the[re] I went around Thatcher Road to the Rockport Eagle office. Then home to leave the groceries. Went briefly to the Building Center, then called on Mrs. Prindall—whose husband was buried on Saturday. Came home, had lunch. Bonnie left for work, Debbie went down for a nap. So I had most of the afternoon to work at my desk. Wrote letters, made phone calls. For days I’ve had a pile of papers and desk work to get through. I finally made some progress this afternoon. Late in the afternoon I read through the paper when it came. Bonnie got home from work before 5:30—and she brought great news! The pregnancy test was positive—thus it appears we were successful on October 8. She calculates that she is due July 1. We don’t plan to tell very many people until she begins to show. We had supper, watched CBS news. Richard Cardinal Cushing died this afternoon. Bonnie went to Community Chorus rehearsal. I stayed home at my desk—got more phone calls made, letters written. When Bonnie got home we had a snack, relaxed, did a little more work; bathed together; OBLO midnight.

Tuesday, 3 November 1970

Up by 9:00—after Θ+  We had breakfast, but Bonnie was pretty bushed—spent most of the morning in bed. After shaving I prepared to do errands. Debbie wasn’t inclined to take a nap—so I took her with me. We went to the P.O.—then to vote. She sat on the writing desk of the voting booth—several times she wanted to stand up and look over, but I didn’t think people would appreciate that. We then came home, got in the car. We went over to Lewis’ —to pick up + and leave off things, then to Gloucester to Mals and Stop + Shop. When we came home Bonnie got up. She’d gotten some sleep and felt better. We had lunch. The Debbie and I took Bonnie to work since I needed the car. Early in the afternoon I left Debbie with Kay Patriquin and went up to see Rip Hannibal for about an hour. Came back to Patriquins—had a cup of coffee with them, then came home, returned to desk work. Then about 4:45 we went over to the hospital to pick up Bonnie. On the way home I stopped to confer briefly with John Dunnack. Relaxed when we got home, watched TV, Bonnie fed Debbie. Watched first part of CBS news, then we took Debbie to Lewis’, then went to Wesleyan Fellowship covered dish supper. returned to Lewis’ about 9:00. Home about 10:00; painted in the kitchen while listening + watching election returns—some good results—some bad; OBLO about 1:00 AM.

Wednesday, 4 November 1970

Up after 9 o’clock. Had breakfast (although I had to go to Richdales for bread + milk before I could)—then I turned to desk work—still I’m wading through the pile of paper work. I made sure to catch the 12 o’clock news—I wanted to hear the election results. I shaved, then we had lunch—then back to my desk. About 2:30 I went to the P.O., did some checking at the church. Then I went to Gloucester to pick up donuts for tonight’s program. Came home to Rockport, did some more rearranging at the church. I then came on home; Bonnie was occupied with the fish tank—the final part of the process of sterilizing it—or at least decontaminating it—we refilled it, put the fish back in. I read through the paper—then helped with supper. Then I began getting ready to go to the church. I left about 6:40 after getting the first few minutes of CBS news. The drug program was a success from the standpoint of what people got out of it—only about 40 people were in attendance, however. I met Mike Kessler [?], the new NUVA director—he seems to be a very competent person. The thing was over by 11:00; by the time everything was cleared up and I arrived home it was 11:45. Jim Bussey drove me up because of the rain. Relaxed, bathed; OBLO — c. 12:50.

David’s diary, November 4, 1970

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/11/01/davids-diary-november-1-1970/

1 thought on “David’s Diary – November 1, 1970

  1. davidmadison1942

    “For days I’ve had a pile of papers and desk work to get through.” Correction: should read “for years” !!!
    Richard Cardinal Cushing: he was quite a character. Strong Boston accent, very down-to-earth, excelled at fund raising, was pretty clueless about church politics, and had never learned Latin…really. At the time of the Second Vatican Council, when there was an emphasis on “collegiality” –he was supposed to have remarked, “What’s all this talk about collegiality? If they want to build a college, I’ll raise the money.”


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