David’s Diary – 4 February 1971

Thursday, 4 February 1971

Up between 9:00 and 9:30—after Θ. After eating I got to work at my desk—also did some phoning. Called Lloyd Carr at Gordon—I want to go see him about the Dead Sea Scrolls slides which he has—John Trever’s set. I might be interested in buying a set; I arranged to go see him tomorrow morning. I worked at my desk all morning, i.e., in my room—doing various things. We had lunch about 12:30. Shaved. About 2:00 we went to a used furniture (junk, antiques) shop in Pigeon Cove. Bought two twin beds (i.e., the frames) for $40—we need a new bed for Debbie since the Lewises took their bed back. After we got the beds home, I went out to do some calling. I went to see Lucy Patience—stayed a little over an hour, then I drove over to the Den-Mar to see Esther Longley. About 5 o’clock I came home. Bonnie was just coming to from a nap—we began working on supper. 5:30–6:00 I worked at my desk—preparing post cards to send to the COCU group about time-place for the next meeting. Ate 6:00–6:30 watched CBS news etc. Part of Flip Wilson [1] Then we prepared to go to Patriquins. Got there about 8:00. Watched Ironside with them—then had “mug-ups.” Kay now knows that Bonnie is pregnant—it came out in a phone conversation this morning. We came home about 10:30. Kay had mentioned the new This is Your Life show. We watched it: Pearl Bailey [2] But then headed for bed—ie. Bonnie did—I did some reading: Matthew 3 and Ezekiel 4. Watched news. Bathed. OBLO c. 12:05.

Friday, 5 February 1971

[Top panel: two photos in Mill Lane—while moonwalk was in progress]

Got up about 3:30 in the morning. We turned on TV to watch the landing of Apollo on the moon. i.e., hear it—and everything went well—at least they landed safely about 4:20. Then we went back to bed. I got up again about 6:45. Had breakfast—then went to Magnolia to see Lloyd Carr. He has a set of slides on the Dead Sea Scrolls which he purchased from John Trevor. I wanted to see them—perhaps buy a set. I got to his home shortly before 8:00. Most of the slides were so similar to mine that it wouldn’t be worthwhile to get the set. But I did find 8 that I would like. And Lloyd will lend them to me to have copied when I get permission from Trevor—whom I’ll write soon. I was back home by about 9:00. About 9:30 went down to Patriquins to watch the moonwalk on their color set. Later Bonnie came down—we came home about 11:30. Looked through a pile of mail, then fixed lunch. After eating Bonnie left for work, Debbie went to her room—and I baked bread, i.e., got the process started—using yeast instead of sour dough. Between working with the dough I did paperwork and puttering. Late in the afternoon I napped. Fixed supper and we ate not too long after Bonnie got home. Watched CBS news, etc. Jerry Lewis came over briefly with an overcoat I might want, but it was too big. My main concern for the evening was to draw out the pieces on wood for making the doll house; watched The Odd Couple. Bathed about midnight. OBLO  c. 12:30.

Saturday, 6 February 1971

Up about 9:30. Shaved (2 days worth) had breakfast. I worked in my room before the mail came. After it arrived I went to the dump. After I got home I went to the library to check on 2 books (whether they were in Books in Print)—they were, so I mailed a card to Cokesbury ordering them—2 volumes in OT library series, on Sam + Kings. Also stopped at the church to change the wayside pulpit—the boys were in the vestry practicing—what a racket! I don’t know how they stand the noise. Came home. Read for a while in the play that we’re having for play reading tomorrow. After 12:00 had lunch—actually after 1:00. Watched CBS coverage of the blast-off of Apollo 14 from the moon. After finishing eating I worked in my study. Bonnie went shopping. I was working on compiling the reports for the charge conference. About 3:30 watched the Apollo 14 docking—then turned the TV off. About 3:30 also got supper started—but continued working at my desk. Jim Bussey arrived shortly after 5:00—after I’d made a short trip to Richdales. We’d invited him over for supper. The movers had come today. He didn’t stay long after eating—he had things to do at home. And I had a busy evening. I had to prepare the reports—had a lot of typing and mimeographing. Debbie was so tired at supper that she didn’t eat—and didn’t protest when we put her back in her room. Went to sleep. Slept all evening—wonder what hour she’ll be waking in the morning?! Worked until well after midnight. Bathed about 1:00. OBLO c. 1:15.

David’s diary, 6 February 1971

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flip_Wilson

[2] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pearl_Bailey

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/12/05/davids-diary-4-february-1971/

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