David’s Diary – 28 February 1971

Sunday, 28 February 1971

[Top panel: Ezekiel 31  NT: Luke 2]

Up shortly before 8:00, and feeling pretty droopy—hadn’t slept very well. Practiced sermon before eating and shaving. My class arrived—all 5 today. Lawry worked up in my study—Don went out for a walk. I got to the church about 10:40. Preached on commandments 5 and 7—stressing the theme of protecting the family. After the service, and the choir rehearsal—we all went home (Don received as many compliments on his voice as I did on my sermon!) We went to Oleana’s for lunch—but a long line, so we went instead to Gloucester to Captain Courageous—had a delightful meal—really stuffed ourselves. When we got home—about 2:30—Don and Lawry took off for Lynn—then Bonnie and I napped—Debbie also went down without the least resistance—she was exhausted. Θ —then napped. I got up about 6:00. Worked at my desk until about 6:40 then went to the Congregational church for the “mid-term” COCU meeting—the 3 groups meeting together. It was a good meeting—a lot of expression of gratitude for the opportunities of getting to know one another—also favorable reactions to suggestions about how the three churches could cooperate further. 8:30–9:00—had chat with Ed Nutting. When I got home I called Judge Jodrey on the phone—inquired about parliamentary procedures re: town meeting. Joined Bonnie + Debbie at Patriquins; came home shortly after 10:00; worked at desk—typing up the rules for the rock-group using the church; made notes for next Sunday’s sermon  OBLO 12:25.

Monday, 1 March 1971

[Top panel: telephoned Bishop’s office]

Up at 9:00. Shaved early in the morning, put together my article for the Eagle—both a brief article on Bishop Mathews and my regular church notes. About 11 o’clock I set off on my errands—went to the Eagle office, then to the Rockport Nat’l bank to see Jean Crowell. I wanted her to review the “rules” which I had in draft form re: the rock group using our church. I also showed her my letter from Alice and Alex Marr—she was indignant. Saw Homer and Sarah Orne briefly outside the church. Showed them the rules too. Then drove out to see Gladys Haskell about the rules—and showed her the Marr letter. She literally gasped! Got home shortly after 12:00. Put together lunch. When Bonnie left for work Debbie went down for her nap very soon and slept all afternoon. My afternoon was devoted mainly to desk work—mimeographed the rules—read I.F. Stone’s Bi-Weekly which came in the mail today. I also collected a few thoughts re: what to say about Project NUVA. I had supper ready almost when Bonnie got home; ate supper. Drove to NUVA in Gloucester by 6:00—picked up 5 or 6 hundred fact-sheets on NUVA—stopped at Kramers on my way home to give rules to Steve. Prepared to go to Town meeting—saw first few minutes of CBS news. 7:00–11:00 at Town Meeting—how tedious and drawn out: covered only 6 articles! Home shortly after 11:00; OT reading: Ezekiel 32, NT: Luke 3; relaxed bathed; OBLO 12:45.

Tuesday, 2 March 1971

From my bed untimely ripped—by a phone call from Jack Roberts—he wanted to report that Essex had voted money for NUVA last night. I went back to bed, didn’t get up til about 9:30. Did phone calling, had breakfast, shaved. About 11:30, after more phone calls, went to the Building Center to pick up another of their calendars, to use at the church so that the rock group will always know when there’s to be a church function. Went from there to see Virginia Bate’s apartment to show her Alice + Alex Marr’s letter; stopped briefly at the church on the way home—to see that the heat was off. Didn’t have any lunch. Bonnie left for work. I was feeling rather like I do when I’ve been up half the night working on a paper—so I napped. I wrote a letter to Mrs. Myers, then napped—not really sleeping—2:00–3:00. Then I got to work preparing my “remarks” to Town meeting re: NUVA. Bonnie got home early, so I went to NUVA to pick up the several hundred more fact sheets that had been prepared. Came home, we had supper. About 6:30 I took Debbie down to stay with Kay Patriquin, went directly from there to Town Meeting. (Bonnie came later with Homer + Sadie). The meeting finished Article #6—then forged ahead. We finally got to #25 about 10:15—I gave my speech—several others spoke—we got $1700 for Project NUVA—shortly after 11:00 the meeting stopped—having completed 31 articles. Picked up Debbie. Came home, relaxed, bathed  OBLO c. 1:15.

David’s diary, 2 March 1971

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/12/16/davids-diary-28-february-1971/

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