David’s Diary – 12 March 1971

Friday, 12 March 1971

Up at 9:00. Shaved—2 days worth. Ate breakfast. I worked briefly on the order of worship to be used Sunday. Then before 10:30 I went down to the church. I knew that the heat would be on—for Lois Clapp to practice, and I wanted to get the banners tied—they are on the wires with hooks—just setting on the wires really, and if someone brushes against a banner, one hook can come loose, so the banner swings, hanging at an angle on one hook only—very unsightly. So I tied up all the hooks to the wires. Also got out a lot of old hymn books, dusted them off—placed them in the pews along with the new ones. I got home shortly before lunch, looked through the mail until lunch time. We ate, Bonnie left for work about the usual time. I measured the window in Debbie’s room, which is an advanced stage of disintegration, and ordered a new one by phone from the Building Center. For most of the afternoon I read and baked—i.e., another chocolate cake. Also late in the afternoon began preparing a pizza for supper. We ate as soon as Bonnie got home about 5:30. Relaxed with the paper. Worked more on the order of worship. Watched CBS news, etc. I had intended to mimeo the bulletin stencil, but decided instead to read in Albright, which I did. Took time out 9:30–10 to snack and watch The Odd Couple—an especially funny episode tonight—what a great show that is; Tony Randall [1] is a great actor. Back to reading. Bathed about 11:30. Read—OB; LO 12:30.

Saturday, 13 March 1971

[Top panel: photos of Debbie (black + white) in her room]

Up shortly after 9:00. Shaved, had breakfast. The preparation of the bulletin for tomorrow morning proved to be very time consuming. Very slow going because I departed from the normal ritual—and quite a few things had to be put into the bulletin itself—affirmation, confession, responsive scripture. I had the stencils ready by lunch time. After eating Bonnie went off shopping—to Gloucester to get a turkey for Sunday. I ran the bulletins on one side, then washed the kitchen and bathroom floors—too strenuous for Bonnie. Got phone call from Bishop Mathews—confirming his visit tomorrow, wanting to know driving time, location, etc. After Bonnie returned I finished the bulletins. I went down to Tuck’s pharmacy to buy recording tape, dropped in to Ed Nutting’s office to fold the bulletins on his folding machine—then to the church. I spent some time setting up the tape recorder and getting details tended to. Came home, fairly pooped. Bonnie was putting a casserole together for supper. 5:00–6:00 we tried to get some rest. About 6:00 we had supper. Bonnie spent the evening house cleaning after getting Debbie to bed. We played with her for a while—I took some photos, so that we could get some color film into the camera for tomorrow. I spent the evening working in my study: cleaning up my desk—restoring order all over the room, also prepared the service for tomorrow. Late in the evening relaxed, listened to radio, bathed  OBLO 12:35.

Sunday. 14 March 1971

[Top panel: several photos, color, wayside pulpit, Bishop Mathews, etc.]

Up about 8:15. Had breakfast, shaved, was busy with details, final preparations etc. Went to the church about 10 o’clock. Choir rehearsed in the few minutes before the service. Bishop and Mrs. Mathews arrived about 10:20. It was a marvelous service. Over 200 in the congregation—what a long line of people to shake hands with—the response seemed to be overwhelmingly favorable—so the Joint Church Committee shall have to do some concrete planning in that direction. We were back to the house between 12:15 and 12:30. We rode up to the house with the Mathews. Shortly after we got here the Bamforths and Nuttings arrived. We had a big turkey dinner together—and a nice visit; the Bishop had warned that they couldn’t linger long—but they didn’t really rush off. It was a very enjoyable visit. But I do feel sorry for them—Both he and Mrs. Mathews seemed weary—the “bishop grind” must be frightful—always in demand, always on the go—they left about 2:00 I suppose—we took some photos. The Bamforths and Nuttings stayed until about 3:00. After they’d left I went to the church to get the recorder—the recording is pretty good. Came home, exhausted—but not able to rest. Picked the turkey clean. Relaxed, listened to radio and tape of the service. At 7:00 I went to the church—took the altar plant to the Ornes, visited with them. Home by about 8:20—we went to Patriquins—games and “mug-ups” until about 10:30. Came home, relaxed. Bathed, read briefly in Albright. OBLO, c. midnight.

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tony_Randall

David’s diary, 14 March 1971

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/12/20/davids-diary-12-march-1971/

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