David’s Diary – 18 March 1971

Thursday, 18 March 1971

Waking up between 9:00 and 9:30. Phone got me up at 9:00, but I wasn’t ready to get up—I sat up in bed finally and read for a while. Then about 10:00 I went downstairs, got something to eat, then returned to reading. I got to the stopping point that I had intended in Milik’s book. About 10:30 I turned my thoughts to the window again. I went to the Building Center for the necessary wood pieces, also bought a window catch. Came home, worked on this. But about 12:00 I cleaned up the mess and fixed myself some lunch. Then tried to relax. Shortly before 1:00 I shaved, then prepared to leave for the Congregational church. Stopped by our church first to turn on the heat, then to the Cong. Church. I spoke to the women’s group—gave my slide-lecture on the Dead Sea Scrolls. Generally favorable response. Got home about 4:00—very weary. I just got all stretched out for a nap when Bonnie and Debbie got home from Avon. They had all sorts of interesting items purchased on shopping sprees. The most important of which was a tricycle—which I put together immediately. Then relaxed with the paper for a while before beginning supper. After supper I went to the church to turn off the heat. Came home, watch CBS news. I had planned to work on the sermon tonight, but I was utterly exhausted—so just vegetated in front of the TV—Flip Wilson, Ironside—after which I took my time reading and getting a bath. Read briefly  OBLO  11 o’clock.

Friday, 19 March 1971

Up about 9:15. My main concentration today was on the sermon. After eating, about 10 o’clock, I got to work on it. I had made a good start by noon, in fact about half way done. About 11:30 I let Debbie play out in the driveway on her tricycle. We ate shortly after noon, then I went down to the church to change the wayside pulpit—i.e. put up my sermon title—I’d taken the letters off a couple of days ago. After I got home Bonnie left for work, Debbie retired to her room for playing and napping—mostly napping. I made good progress on the sermon. Finished with the rough draft by about 3:00. I made a selection of records (5) from Pub. Central Bureau catalogue. The latter part of the afternoon was spent writing out the final draft of the sermon. When I stopped to work on supper I was a little over half-way done. Bonnie got home, we ate. Between 6:00–6:30 I went to see Virginia and Aimee briefly (Aimee hasn’t been very well lately), stopped at the P.O. with my record order. Went to Richdales for milk, picked up a copy of Playboy at Cooney’s market. Home by 6:30. About 6:45 the Lewis’ arrived with Chris—we kept him while they went to an organ concert. After CBS news, etc, I looked through Playboy, then returned to working on the sermon. 9:30–10:00 watched The Odd Couple. Then baked a cake and did further work on the service. Jerry + Carol got here about 12:30. We chatted for a while before they departed. I bathed; OBLO c. 1:25.

Saturday, 20 March 1971

Hard time getting up this morning—didn’t make it up til about 9:30. Shaved the first thing—two days worth. Had breakfast. After looking through the paper, I went to the church—to check on how the boys left the place—went then to Tucks pharmacy to buy a new jack piece for the headphones. Was home again about 11:30. Shortly thereafter the Sestos arrived. We visited, had lunch, listened to records—mainly Jesus Christ Superstar. About 2 o’clock I took the tape recorder down to Virginia and Aimee, along with the tape of Bishop Mathew’s sermon. I left it with them. I then went to the leather shop on dock square and purchased some houseshoes or slipons—$11.00. Came home shortly before 3:00—then Bonnie and I left the Sestos and went to the garden meeting at Lewis’—we came home about 4:30. Just relaxed with them for a while, then we had supper about 6:00. Debbie and Ezra bathed together—one moment of excitement when Esten fell into the tub with them! After supper and baths were all taken care of, we viewed 4 boxes of slides. Then the Sestos prepared to return to Brookline. They left here about 8:30. I then went to Virginia’s and Aimee’s to pick up the tape recorder. From there to see Jerry Lewis. He repaired the jack piece on the headphones for me—stopped briefly at the church, then came home; worked on details relating to tomorrow—a busy day coming up. Today was rather hectic with 3 kids underfoot. Bathed—read sermon.  OBLO c. 11:53.

David’s diary, 20 March 1971

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/12/24/davids-diary-18-march-1971/

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