David’s Diary – 21 March 1971

Sunday, 21 March 1971

Up about 8:30. Shaved, had breakfast, greeted my class at 9:30. We got to Jesus Christ Superstar this morning, i.e., part of side one. Got to the church about 10:40. This morning I tried something new—lead the first part of the service from the middle aisle; preached on The Servant Church—mentioned the rock group practicing in our church—and some of them even turned out to church!—I had to depart from my prepared text to avoid embarrassing them. Got home about 12:30. I relaxed while Bonnie fixed lunch—after eating I had to leave for a meeting—at 1:30 had to be at St. Mary’s for JYF steering committee meeting. I left before it was over—about 2:45 to get to the Den-Mar. Picked up Kay, Winnie, Vicky, then went to the nursing home. Saw Esther Longley briefly before the service began. Then when the service was over—about 3:35 came right home. Kay took Debbie, and Bonnie and I went to the Congregational church for a program of brass instruments, 16th–17th century. We met the Fisks as we [were] going, so we sat with them. It was an opportunity for nice chat with Ann. The program was late starting—so we didn’t get out til shortly after 5:30. We picked up Debbie at Patriquins, then came home—exhausted. We prepared supper—but I didn’t have energy for anything afterwards. Til about 8:00 we were in bed—but not napping. I made a trip to the church to check if everything was in order for tomorrows WSCS meeting (i.e. band instruments out of the way)—read for a while when I got home; we bathed together about 10:00. OBLO, c. 10:35.

Monday, 22 March 1971

Up about 9:00. After breakfast I got to work reading in John Bright’s History of Israel. The main thing on Bonnie’s agenda for the morning was to take Sully to the vet. He has been urinating and having movements various places in the house—and obviously is having difficulty doing it—i.e., his behavior is quite abnormal. So she took him in—and the verdict was cystitis—he got two shots and has to have pills. I read while Bonnie was gone—and while Debbie was tied up with Sesame Street. Long letter from my mother—Lea is planning to come out to help when the baby arrives. We had lunch during the noon hour. Margaret Reilly arrived on foot to be given a lift to the hospital where she does volunteer work. Debbie napped most of the after[noon], and I read in Bright—although there was one major interruption—a young man called here, wanting money—a story about a lost wallet. I sent him to Rev. Bamforth who has a discretionary fund. And I let Bamforth be the judge as to whether it was a legitimate case or not. I was in the process of getting supper when Bonnie arrived home. After eating I helped with bathing Debbie—During CBS news, etc. I worked further on the window in Debbie’s room. We gave Sully his pills. Bonnie went to chorus rehearsal—I read in Bright after putting Debbie to bed—and after chatting on phone with Margaret about a letter she’d received from Alan several days ago; snack when Bonnie got home. Wrote to Mrs. Myers (carbon to folks) bathed; read OBLO 12:50.

Tuesday, 23 March 1971

[First day to study at St. Mary’s]

Up about 8:00; shaved, 2 days worth. Had a glass of juice, but had to get down to the church about 8:45 to show off the banners: i.e., the 4th grade from the Tarr school (there were 28 youngsters), for their art class. This took only a few minutes. About 9:00 I walked down to St. Mary’s. I had told Dick Bamforth a long time ago I might want to study there sometime—and so I went specifically to find out about that. He had a nice cozy little place to offer me. I came home, had breakfast. But Bonnie wanted to go to the Building Center, so I was delayed in my departure. And even after she got home there were several delays—so I didn’t get to St. Mary’s until about 10:45. I read til about 12:10. Stopped at our church on the way home to turn on the heat for the rock group. Had lunch when I got home. In the afternoon, after Bonnie left for work, Debbie napped most of the time. I read the C.O.C.U. assignment for tonight, also I. F. Stone’s BiWeekly which arrived in the mail this morning. But I also napped a while. But most of the afternoon was devoted to Bright’s History of Israel. I didn’t start supper til Bonnie got home, because she brought the meat. During CBS news I clipped old New Republic articles. The C.O.C.U. group met 7:30-9:00—after the[y] left I set up the recorder by the TV. Read for a while, then 10:00–11:00 taped CBS documentary rebroadcast, The Selling of the Pentagon—ran out of tape, so couldn’t record Laird, Atair [???] or Agnew—too bad! Watched news (part), snacked, read Bright briefly. No bath OBLO  c. 12:35.

David’s diary, 23 March 1971

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/12/25/davids-diary-21-march-1971/

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