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November 20, 1942 (Gladys) Part I

Lots of little tidbits about local Kentland people in today’s letter:

Floyd E. Hoover was the proprietor of one of Kentland’s filling stations.
Hannah Whitacker was an 80 year old widow who lived with her son John.
John E. “Jack” Kindig was a local dairy farmer.
Curtis B. Kindig was another local farmer, brother to John.
Arthur Voglund was the custodian at the Newton County building. Vivian was his wife.

There were two Kenneth Jones in Kentland on the 1940 census. They were both about the same age and might have been the same person. Both were lodgers. One was a truck driver, and the other was a mechanic at a garage.

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Nov 20 – 1942

Dear Daddy –

I didn’t get my letter started last night, so will have to try and relax a while now and see what I can think of that might interest you. I just gave David his 2 P.M. bottle and he is on one end of the couch kicking and hiccoughing and I am on the other end. He weighed 9 lbs 5 oz this A.M. He seems to be gaining much faster but if he does I don’t believe he will get overweight since he was so small at first. Hope you get the pictures we sent in yesterday’s letter. He seems much more developed than one month ago.

Last night the boys (John & Mark) went to see Fibber & Molly and they had just come home when Floyd & Ruth stopped. They were on their way to Flora [Florida] from Blue Island. Floyd had to go to Brazil today to present his case to the draft board. They will be back thru here Sunday so maybe he will know by then. I told them to bring your Mother back with them if she will come. She is planning to have Kenneth bring her up but perhaps she will come with Floyd & Ruth. Floyd sold his tools to Mr. Zell and is to bring them Sun. He has a moving picture camera. Ruth saved 25⁰⁰ in silver and gave to him for his birthday. He took that and the tool money & bought the camera. I hope they get here in time Sun. to take some pictures of the boys (all three).

I have been so busy all day, haven’t had time to read the papers but glanced at the Enterprize and saw that Jack Kindig died at Watseka & Curtis is very ill in a hospital in Michigan. Also Mrs. Whittaker

[page 2] died from a heart attack.

The reason for being so busy today – washed. Going to Laf. [Lafayette] tomorrow and it is such a nice day wanted to get the washing done. It is still very warm for Nov. Warm enough for me to hang out clothes without gloves on. I suppose in a day or two it will be zero or if not that cold, much colder than now. I know I wasn’t hanging clothes out this late last fall. I have been taking the baby out every afternoon this week. Walked over to the high school and registered yesterday. We have an “A” rating. The rationing won’t begin until Dec. 1. It was to start Nov. 22 but was changed. I am going to keep the tank filled so when it starts I will be that much ahead. Of course there won’t be any place in particular to go but in case I would need to make a trip I will have a little ahead.

Had a card from Jim this morning and he wants to know what to buy the boys for Christmas. I think I’ll write and tell him they are filling 25¢ stamp books and he may buy stamps if he wants to. John says all he wants is an album of records and I have ordered that at the Foster shop. Mark thinks up something new every week or so. The latest is ice skates. Before that it was a tool chest. The other day he came in and wanted me to buy him a pony. I think he had been talking to Floyd Hoover. You can guess it didn’t take me long to nip that in the bud. I told him that was one thing definitely out of the question.

[page 3] It looks like the new post office in the Chev. Building is about ready for occupation.

Yesterday Vivian Voglund saw me and asked if she owed anything. I told her I had a charge but didn’t know if it was right or not. She paid 2⁰⁰ – said she hadn’t paid before you left. I wish a few more with larger bills would pay up. She says Art [Arthur Voglund] is with A.C.B. and is a first class Seaman and will be sent out she is afraid. I see in the paper that Kenny Jones is at sea now.

I haven’t had any letters for three days. I will probably get a bunch tomorrow (I hope). Just hope you continue to get mail and that all those Sept. letters get to you. Ruthie said last night her box wasn’t marked for Christmas so you should get it before the Dec 25th boxes. However it was a pretty good sized box. There was a shirt from your laundry we tucked in to help pad it. It was well wrapped so shouldn’t be in such a bad shape if & when it arrives.

For a few days I put the bank bal down but haven’t done if for a while now. It is still around 700, but will have some Ins to pay in Dec (John Hancock). Of course will have the allotment to add Dec. 1.

I am a little tired and can’t seem to do very good thinking. David is sleeping so think I’ll nap to.

Love Mother

©2013 copyright owned and written by Deborah Sweeney

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