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Hello O’Shaunessy

[Editor’s Note: At this point in the letters, there is no more correspondence between Roscoe and Gladys for 14 months until August 1945. The intervening months can be filled in with letters from fellow officers, family members and former neighbors as well as some Naval documents and periodic entries in David’s baby book. Today’s letter was written by Robert P. O’Donnell, a doctor who served with Roscoe in Wellington, New Zealand, at the Naval Base Hospital #4. Readers may recall that Roscoe wrote of his friend Bob on several occasions, mostly pertaining to his nuptials. This letter features a brief passage written by Bob’s wife Pattie.]

June 14, 1944, p. 1

June 14, 1944, p. 1

Letter transcription:

June 14 – 1944

Hello O’Shaunessy,

Got back to San Pedro on the 23rd of May. Killed some time  in San Pedro until my orders came, and then went to S.F. I got there on June 1st in time to go aboard ship and pick up Pat who had arrived that day by separate ship.

Pat and I were in San Francisco seeing the town until June 6th and then came on here to Rockford where we are dry cleaning everything we own and trying to repair the wear and tear of travel.

I have Great Lakes for duty. Am supposed to report on June 18 plus travel time. I figure that that will

June 14, 1944, p. 2

June 14, 1944, p. 2

[page 2] be June 21 –

Dad and Mother got a swell letter from your wife that helped to pave the way for Pat. I’ll bet you were glad to see the kids again.

Had a letter from the Mayor of Wellington – Comdr. Lentz – He has started home and I think was stuck in Noumea awaiting transportation. I hope we can all get together in Chicago.

I think we’ll stay out here until about the last minute. What is the dope on living quarters? Are we going to be able to get them? If we can’t, can we get hotel accommodations easily for a few days until we have a chance to get quarters? What’s

June 14, 1944, p. 3

June 14, 1944, p. 3

[page 3] the story on gov. quarters – Do they have them?

What kind of duty do you have? Are things in general snafu

In other words – get off your duff and start giving me the word on what gives –

Pat sends her love –

Lt. R.P. O’Donnell
208 Paris Ave.

If you happen to hear of an officer transferring or anything just before I arrive grab onto his apartment

June 14, 1944, p. 4

June 14, 1944, p. 4

[page 4] for me –

Hallo O’Shaunessy –

Is it going to be good to see you again? Please thank your wife for her letter – and we certainly would be grateful if you can help us out on somewhere to rest our weary little heads come nightfall. Incidentally you can see that married life hasn’t improved my old man.

Till we see you in the near future Yeagey –


I have a cousin – John E. Kelly who is in boot came at G.L. got there in last week – Look for him if you’re giving shots –


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