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John is listening to the opera (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Jan 9 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Your letters of Dec 30 & 31 received today – I think I have all the letters you have written and again I will tell you the first letter you wrote came Sept. 22. However I had rec’d six later ones before it came. There is one more box for you to get and that will be all I have sent and by the time you get this you will probably know there has been a restriction put on sending boxes to men abroad, so that settles that. Even if you hadn’t decided you didn’t want me to send anymore. I may send one more before the 15th if I can get some suitable things together.

This being Sat. afternoon John is listening to the Opera so there isn’t much work to be gotten from him till the opera is over, but he will make up for it after it is over and since he enjoys it so much I would feel like an old meanie not to let him listen without interruption. He sent you his arrangement of Star Spangled Banner this week. He went with me to Lafayette yesterday and got a book on Opera he saw while in Loebs. It’s a good thing we went yesterday – if you haven’t the letter I wrote yesterday you won’t understand. It was clear yesterday but we are having weather again today. It has been snowing and blowing and I can’t see very far north or south – there is just a white haze.

[page 2] Driving would be difficult today because the snow drifts so much. Of course the snow plows keep busy. You can look at the Lentz pictures and get a good idea what it has been like here most of the winter. It has been very scenic much of the time but I haven’t enjoyed it as much as I would had I been able to get out more but before Christmas it was too cold to take the baby out then I got the throat & sinus infection which hasn’t entirely cleared up yet – however it is, much better. Just having sinus drainage now – which may last some time.

Again – The uniform money hasn’t come yet. Your ins. policy hasn’t either. I received a notice that it would be sent but to date is hasn’t arrived. Our bank bal to date is around 500⁰⁰ but I have to pay your John H. ins, taxes and all those first of the year things – and I mentioned this before but will tell you again I got a new coat – at Loebs which I put on the acc’t and that will have to be paid next month ($108⁰⁰). It is plain black seal but I like that kind and to get one of different fur would run well into 200⁰⁰ and I didn’t see anything I would pay the difference for. I asked you in two previous what you think about getting a used piano for

[page 3] $100⁰⁰. It has been out 3 years and is like the one Ruth Mutchler has. I mean in size. I didn’t know until it was sold, but I missed getting a good piano last fall. Seems I missed two good buys but I can get this one now if I want to take it. In case you have the other letters don’t think I am “harping” on the subject but since you haven’t rec’d all letters in the past I just repeated for that reason.

I rec’d a long letter from Marie Mace this morning. They probably have written to you about their cows & calves. I can manage two sheets of paper to daily to you but when I try to write as much to anyone else I seem to run out before I get thru. I should write Marie a long letter in return for her’s but I doubt if I will. I owe several letters but with going to Laf. every other day the past week I manage only to get yours out. I did get one to my Mother this week. After I finish this I am going to write to your folks & maybe Ruth M. Haven’t had any word from Floyd & Ruth since they were here last week-end.

– – – Steve McKinley came this afternoon and paid their bill $5⁰⁰ – It was her OB checks. He said to tell you hello for them. They has a boy – born last July – I don’t know whether he had been born before you left or not – Somehow I don’t remember much about it.

[page 4] but in July last summer a lot of things could have slipped my attention.

I am sitting in the den (nursery) and saw Red Foulkes shoveling snow off their driveway – Wish he would come up this way and clean off our walks but after it quits blowing maybe we can get it done. There isn’t much use to try to clean the walks as long as the snow drifts the way it has today. The last snow we had we didn’t get our walks cleaned off good – I mean the first snow way back around Thanksgiving, then it is kept snowing more all the time & freezing and our front sidewalk wasn’t very easy to walk on.

John is getting ready to take this & other mail to the P.O. so must get it finished (Mark went yesterday). I was going to scan over the papers & give some local news but won’t have time now. Will try to do that tomorrow – Maybe I’ll have more time. If there is anything of interest (which I doubt) Will try & get some pictures in next week’s letters.

Love Mother

P.S. David weighed 12 lbs 15 oz today.

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