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Tea Drinkers (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
(St. E. Hosp.)
Sept. 25 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Mark, David & I came to Laf. with Alma Walker. She was on an errand for Les Ford & I had the chance to come with her. We stopped at the Hospital then she took me to Dr. Cole’s office. He gave David his smallpox vaccination and me an examination. Said my trouble was digestive and thought the pressure at present is the cause. After I got thru there Alma brought me back to the hospital & Mother seemed so low I thought I had better stay so Mark & I stayed & Alma & Juanita (Toole) Parr took David home. (Juanita was along too.) Alma is going to bring our car down this evening to get Mark & I. I thought Mother was about as weak as she could be before but today she dozes off every few minutes and sleeps then when she wakes up thinks it has been a long time. When I left to go to Dr. Cole’s I told her I was going to get something from Dr. Cole for Glenn. He gave me two prescriptions, ephedrine & amatol. When I came back, she thought it was the next day & wanted to know if the medicine helped Glen. Her eyes are beginning to look queer & protruding. Glen is feeling rather bad – He is so chocked up – I hope this medicine will help. He seemed to be pretty good until Thurs. eve. He went out into the garden & dug potatoes and there were a lot of weeds around – That may have made him get this attack. Alma was telling me what you gave Billy & said you had him inhale tincture Benzine. Glen smokes a powder – I am going to ask him if he ever tried inhaling steam.

[page 2]  Mark has gone to the café down the street to get his supper. Alma got a sandwich for me to eat but when Mark comes back I am going to go get something more substantial. I need something hot.

I don’t feel very newsy but just happened to think about something – Alma told me Reed is going with Dorothy Kindig (You know Jack died some time ago). I think it’s really serious & Jimmy can’t get used to the idea of Reed having any interest in anyone else. He is so used to Reed taking him places he wants to go when Reed go calling on Dorothy. I said I thought Dorothy deserved a break & Alma says there are glad R. is going with her.

Sister Celerita just stopped in to say goodbye – she is being sent someplace else but doesn’t know where. She has been on this floor a week. I was hoping she could stay – She wants me to write to her. I don’t know whether you remember her but she is very young & friendly. She was in O.B. three years ago.

I must get this finished so I can get a bite to eat & something hot to drink. You know how well I like hot tea – or do you remember – We are quite tea drinkers in the evening – The boys still have their milk at mealtimes however so the tea habit isn’t too bad.

Love Mother

©2015 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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