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It’s too darn hot (Roscoe)

In 1942, Roscoe and Gladys would not have been familiar with Cole Porter’s musical “Kiss Me Kate.” The musical did not premiere on Broadway until 1948. Roscoe’s letter reminds me of the song “Too Darn Hot.”

Letter transcription:

Dec. 14, 1942

Dear Mother,

It’s almost too hot to write but I’m doing it anyway. Here while back when I was writing about hot it just hadn’t started yet and besides that breeze don’t seem to know how to blow anymore. It’s about like that Sunday we spent at Norfolk only hotter if one gets out in the sun and too the humidity seems to be high – Towels don’t dry and unless clothes are hung in the sun they don’t dry and even then it may take some time to get a heavy towel dry.

Seems as if we might be having a little domestic trouble last night. One of the boys started snoring and one of the others got up and went over and poked him and woke him up and he didn’t like it very well. Guess one can do things like that at home but the wife poking isn’t like a stranger. The fellow said I was going um puf – – – but that didn’t bother him so I wasn’t

[page 2]disturbed. Thanks. Seems a shame to awaken one fellow so the other can go to sleep. Hope nothing comes of the whole situation. Don’t believe I would wake anyone even if I couldn’t sleep all night long.

I only got one letter written last night besides yours and that was to the folks. Seems I wasn’t in the mood and when that happens I just as well not try. The next letter I’m going to write will be to the Krulls but I’m not in the proper frame of mind just yet. Getting temperamental don’t you think. May not that – could be just the weather.

A November Reader’s Digest just came into our possession and I’ve practically finished it in the last day or two. Nov. isn’t very late – guess you have the Dec. and possibly the Jan. by now. Or has the subscription run out? It’s up to you now if you

[page 3] want to renew it. We seem to get them here Ok, but a little old but what’s the difference. It sprinkled just a little this A.M. We don’t know if that is the beginning of the rainy season – which is supposed to start sometime this month or whether it’s just another sprinkle. We could stand some rain but I’m afraid when it starts will be wishing for sunshine in a big way.

J. Edward Barce, circa 1960

J. Edward Barce, circa 1960

I never did hear from Ed. Barce while at Moffett Field. I wrote him a letter but didn’t get an answer and of course I didn’t know his address. I didn’t write H. Reinhart either. I just supposed that he probably was gone and the letter would have to be forwarded. Don’t you think that’s a pretty good excuse? The best I can think of on the spur of the moment. It’s a little hard to write when there isn’t much to write about as you will note I’ve been doing the past few days, but writing home is different. I’d be glad to get a letter from you even if

Henry W. Reinhart, circa 1960

Henry W. Reinhart, circa 1960

[page 4] you only wrote the date etc.

Of course, more is appreciated but I know it must be hard for you to compose each day. Even John’s letter was appreciated and about the only thing he told me was that you didn’t have meat for dinner that day. It’s hard for them to write much on V-mail because their writing is large and those pages are small. Hope you have the money letters by now. Seems as if that those letters were the only ones missing from your list when your last letter came.

There was no mail this A.M. but this P.M. delivery may be better to us. We hope. So Solong

Love Daddy

P.S. No mail this P.M.

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