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Beulah (Gladys)

1944-01-26 (GRY)Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – No mail today but yours of Jan. 13 & 14 came yesterday. It is warm and cloudy today. The latest weather report gave the temp 61. It was sunny this morning and I should have taken David out but trusted the sunshine to stay till now, but it is cloudy. However I wrapped David good and put him out in the buggy. He wanted to go bye bye – due to his cough have kept him in lately but thought the fresh air wouldn’t hurt him today because it is so warm. John read a book and wrote a review – He worked too steadily on it and got a severe headache so is home this P.M. I think with this afternoon’s rest from reading, etc., he will be ready to go to school tomorrow. We listened to Fibber & Molly last nite. They introduced a new character “Beulah” – you remember that colored woman done by a man on Tom, Dick & Harry? Fibber has hardly any of the characters on his show that he had when you were home. Mark took some of his model planes to school today. Said several wanted to buy them so won’t be surprised if he comes home without the planes. He was so excited about it when he came home at noon. He made a jeep he got for Christmas that looks like the real thing. I see David has pulled his mittens off so must go out and put them back on. He doesn’t like to have his hands covered.

“Love Mother”

To hear the episode of Fibber & Molly from 25 January 1944 which introduces the character of Beulah, click here.

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