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November 9, 1942 (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Nov. 9, 1942

Dear Mother,

This is the hottest November I’ve ever seen. This morning I believe a thermometer in the direct rays of the sun would have bursted – but this P.M. there is a breeze and that helps considerable. If it weren’t for that we sure would suffer, but the nights are still cool and that helps lots.

So for today no mail but there is a rumor that some came in and it’s still early (2:30) so maybe we still have hopes. The biggest gap is still from Sept. 19 to 26. Then there are a few missing all along the line. The commission hasn’t arrived yet and neither have any of the packages, but it isn’t hardly time for those yet.

Did you ever hear of the sweet young things who sat in the pool of Nova Cain and then became one of the Dead End Kids? Lots of stories float around some new and some old, and after a time the old as well as the new are repeated. Most of the stories have to do with mental intercourse as you might imagine among a group of men who are stranded in strange country with only the past to think about, but

[page 2] on the whole we get along very well with ourselves.

I’m getting about ready to take a shower. It seems about the most fun one can have in a days time is taking a shower and a B.M. Some fun! The water in the shower is pretty warm almost like as if it were heated. The pipes run very near the ground and the heat of the sun warms considerable.

All the above is done plus a little cat nap thrown in. Will have to start work before long and that may last a few hours. So far no mail.

Did my laundry just before noon today and took it down a few minutes ago. Underware, socks and one pair of pants and one shirt. I’ve found that after a few days a shirt looks about as good even if it wasn’t ironed but it does look a little seedy at first.

Right now again it is very warm and not much breeze so that makes it more warm and almost hot. I can see why the people here have their sleepy hours in the middle of the day, but we haven’t

[page 3] suffered too much yet.

Just been up and got a case of beer it seems that does as much good for thirst as anything. The water as I stated is warm and our ice isn’t too plentiful. We don’t consume so much but enough to keep thirst to a minimum and not too much so that I get a beer belly.

I’ll again stop – Now that rounds are over I’ll see what can be done – Got 7 letters one from Mom and the other 6 from you and the boys. I’ll not answer the boys tonight – Must write Wayne. Got the pictures of course those of David are a little questionable but those of the boys and you I didn’t think were good at all. You couldn’t have changed that much since I’ve been gone.

Well, thanks for the pictures and all the information. You told me about the policy coming and that you were receiving your checks and that the mail is coming thru. So all those things help,

So Solong

Love Daddy

©2013 copyright owned and written by Deborah Sweeney

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November 8, 1942 (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Oct Nov. 8, 1942

Dear Mother,

Sun P.M. and things are as well as could be expected. Got your Oct. 17 letter today and another V-mail letter Oct 14 from Ed. Johnson. He told me of the anticipated increase in their family. You said something about Lucille but you didn’t say which one. It was a little surprising to me. Ed said I was a good one to run out on them when they really needed me, but I believe it looks to me as if they waited until I got out before starting things – Guess it wasn’t that way but I’m to write him that anyway.

We had chicken again for dinner – real honest to goodness chicken – one half chick per person. Seconds if we wanted them. I could have taken seconds but didn’t, because one was enough and maybe that would cut things short for some enlisted man. So why make a pig of myself. Of course, we have no rationing on anything – but fresh fruits and vegetables are never seen, only once in a while we have a raw apple to chew on.

This being Sun. we’ll have church tonite at 7:00 P.M. The Chaplin still has to be at another place or two earlier in the day.

[page 2] we generally have a pretty big crowd and things go along in good style. This is also the day for me to write the folks. I got a letter or two from them this week so it makes writing a little different.

Tell the boys we have coke now so they don’t need to send me any at present. It’s a little expensive though 10¢ per bottle. We can’t take the bottles back – I mean back to the States – so that makes the extra cost. It isn’t so good either when it’s tropically warmed with no ice around – Maybe the boys could send a chunk of ice. You probably have that around pretty handy or will have when the old cold north winds start blowing.

Wayne W. gave me a pretty good bird’s eye view of conditions in general back home. Our news around here and abroad seems pretty good, but our tent-mate that had the radio has gone so that cuts out the biggest part of the evening’s entertainment. We are seeing quite a bit of coming and going in the past few days and expect to see more as time goes along. Of our group that originally came fourteen have changed locations. So you see (we/they) do some moving around as was the

[page 3] custom at Norfolk.

So far I haven’t received any pictures that you keeping saying you took – And Lentz keeps asking me if you have sent his. He said he had one of a boat sinking with several at different intervals. I told him you wouldn’t send them until you go the $1.35 but I guess that need not hold you back. Hold on to your money and maybe I can send you enough for the coat. Probably right now coats would be high and quality poor or no? Anyway it’s yours so do as you wish. I don’t care what you buy as long as you use good judgment and don’t open too large a charge account.

I’ll finish later. Wrote a letter to the Folks and one to Ed. Johnson. I still have several letters to answer but couldn’t get to them yesterday had too much to do otherwise. I’m finishing this on Mon. A.M. Everything up and kicking, was a fine night to sleep – will write tonight.

Lots of Love

©2013 copyright owned and written by Deborah Sweeney

Post originally found at: https://genealogylady.net/2013/06/14/november-8-1942-roscoe/

Voices from the Past (Roscoe)

010I want to jump ahead to the future for a little bit. In 1967, Roscoe retired from his medical practice in Kentland. He and Gladys moved to West Lafayette where he continued to practice his trade and teach new doctors. When they left Kentland, Roscoe was given a going away party at George Ade Memorial Hospital. Among my collection of family papers, I have a script of the evening’s events. The festivities were conducted in the style of “This Is Your Life.” Many old friends entertained my grandparents with stories of their life in Kentland. At that point, Roscoe and Gladys had been part of the community for almost 30 years (1939-1967).
Recently my father unearthed an old audio reel which had been buried away in a drawer. It was labeled “Farewell Party, March 12, 1967.” He was able to send the tape to a professional company that specializes in transferring old mediums to digital formats. Today, he received the CDs in the mail. I have been told that the sound quality is wonderful. The only disappointing detail is that my grandparents are not heard on the recording, only their friends telling their stories. I had hoped to hear their voices again. And now I just have to patiently wait for my copy to arrive in the mail.

Letter transcription:

Nov. 7, 1942

Dear Mother,

Received 4 letters today – 3 from you and one from Wayne W. It took Wayne’s letter 13 days to get there and it took eleven days for an answer to come back so all in all that is pretty good time. Our mail is sure coming thru in much better time now but I didn’t get the commission yet. You stated you had sent it but as yet it hasn’t arrived. So far there is no packages but I’ll expect them from now on until Christmas. And you also stated what the bank account amounted too so that was a help. After next pay day I’ll send some more. I’m going to send each of the boys – all three some Christmas money and you also. I’m telling you now so you can expect. It will be the 15th before pay day so don’t expect for some time yet.

Wayne told me it had been 19° above zero. That sure sounds cold

[page 2] in our tropical weather.

In your letter today you said the boys had received their V-mail letters. I don’t remember when I wrote those but they were a long time getting there. Your letter this time took only 11 days, both were postmarked Oct. 27. That really is going some. That means only 10 days for one is lost coming over the date line. Your letters are coming now just fine and I think all the questions I’ve been harping on and ranting about are gradually being answered.

I should have told you not to send me any clothes or food for Christmas because food will probably spoil and clothes are just an excess. Most of the boys are sending things home – In the clothes line. I believe I have only the bare necessities so will hang on to them for some time yet.

I think the babies schedule is about what it should be so keep it going. In

[page 3] fact I’ve forgotten all about baby feeding. One forgets very fast I’ve found even to names of people at home. So don’t use initials as I might not know who you are writing about. It’s not so bad but one sure does forget those names rapidly.

There is no boxing show tonite so will have to put on our own. In other words it will be – The news – a few beers and then to be [bed] – quite an enjoyable evening don’t you think.

Well, I’ll try to do better tomorrow. I’ll have to put forth more effort on the next

So Solong



©2013 copyright owned and written by Deborah Sweeney

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