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A Good Excuse (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

July 21, 1943
Lieut. R.S. Yegerlehner USNR
Navy 60 F.P.O. San Fran Calif.

Dear Mother,

Along with your letters yesterday came one each from Harry Storm, Wayne W. and Ruth M. Ruth of course told me of the boys visiting and yours telling of the visit – both came the same day. The finances as you described them will be bolstered by the check I sent on the 17th of July. That last part was just a way of me telling you that I had sent the check.

So far today I have had no love tangles or problems to give advice on. Maybe won’t have anymore because those things always run in pairs and spells.

I’m out in the yard again where the flies are bothersome but won’t be long because it doesn’t take Cartwright long to do what he has to do.

You said you had seen John Krull – seems like he has only been in the forces for a short

[page 2] time but I guess long enough for leave. Maybe like the short leave I had just about one year ago. You haven’t mentioned Jim for some time. The last time you said he was expecting a leave and intimated he might be getting ready to light out for some place. I never did write to him because all address I got were so far behind I always felt he would be miles ahead of where I’d write – A good excuse don’t you think? And I’m really thinking up lots of excuses these days because after writing one person I forget what I wrote the last time and I’m afraid or repeating. Of course I know I repeat a lot to you but we understand.

I’ve been writing this now for about 3 hours with this and that coming up to cofe confuse so I really can’t be expected to be romantic but by trains of thought being broken into frequently so I just say

Lots of Love

Russell Islands  Image by Kelisi at Wikipedia.com (Wikipedia Commons license)

Russell Islands
Image by Kelisi at Wikipedia.com (Wikipedia Commons license)

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No Remarks About My Looks (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
July 8 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Yours of June 8 – 11 – 14 – 15 – 17 & 19 – (the postmarks were these dates) came today – That about catches up the back mail – I was glad to get them because I learned you had rec’d pictures. And about the seed I sent them air mail but can’t understand why it took so long. No remarks about my looks. If that’s the way you feel I won’t send any more pictures of myself – if you

[page 2] don’t know what I am referring to – you said your commander’s wife looks like me – then added “poor woman” – The last picture I sent of myself was blurred, John shook the camera when he took it – so that’s for your remark.

It is cool today and quite windy. After all the rains we have had since last Sat. our weather has changed from being so hot & humid. I am glad for Mother that it is cooler – She won’t be so uncomfortable in the hospital. I am to go down tomorrow to see her and get a report. I would go today but Dr. Cole may not be around this being Thurs.

[page 3] and I want to talk to him when I go. Also I am getting short of gas. By taking the boys to Wilmington & going after them I used a little more. I still have on ticket (4 gal) to run on till July 21 – and I may have to make several trips down.

You mentioned in one letter John Simons & A. D. Washburn – I never learned Mr. S. trouble, but they are back home – have been for some time. I think Mr. W. is about the same. I saw him sitting on their porch one day not long ago. Helen has moved from San F. & lives someplace – I think Nebraska, but not just sure. She was home once this summer but I didn’t see her.

[page 4] Had a letter from Watsons – Wayne’s mother has had a stroke and they have been busy helping take care of her.

Had a letter from Jim. He has finished his training he had to take when he was promoted to C.P.O. and is waiting placement. He thinks he will get a 10 day leave and come home but I don’t know when but I wouldn’t be surprised to see him any time – Thelma is going to go back to T.H. Jim is sure he will be sent out soon.

Had to go & get Mark started hoeing – The ground is just right for such today. I think we will soon have potatoes to eat – corn, beans, tomatoes, carrots are all coming along fine. I love to work out in the yard & garden but haven’t time today.

Don’t worry about the double bike riding – J. & M. ride separately.

Love – Mother

YEG1943-07 Gladys, Mark & David

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The School Teaching Game (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

May 24, 1943
Lieut R. S. Yegerlehner USNR
Navy 60 F.P.O. San Fran.

Dear Mother,

This will probably have to be a little short due to the fact that I’m – you might say in the school teaching game – That is I have to give an examination to boy to be passed on to a higher rating. It means $10-$15 per month more for the kid and the honor that goes with it.

A lapse of about 1 ½ hours – The exam is over and that is that. He passed.

Went shelling yesterday P.M. again and had pretty good luck but I think I’ll stop for a while

[page 2] because the stink of the shells around don’t never end if a few are brought in each day, and I’m also getting scared because practically every rock has a sea serpent or crab or numerous other forms of marine life – some slick and slimy looking and some just plain repulsive. The way we get the shells is to wade in the water about one foot deep and turn the rocks over. So you see if one of these animals swim against my legs I do lots of splashing and spattering.

Had a real treat yesterday. Real French fried potatoes.

[page 3] some how some one brought in about one peck of good old Idahoes and what a treat. We also had cutting meat but the potatoes were the real prize. I think you can gather from my letters what we consider the most important food. And you would be surprised at the number of conversation that are dominated by food.

Received a letter from Wayne Watson today it was written back in Mar. If I remember correctly I haven’t answered his last one but I just can’t keep the letters going like I used to do.

[page 4]so you will have to set lots of people right and also give them the news from here which is poor news as far as news is concerned not much.

You may get a letter from a lady in Reno N. some day – Mr. Howell said he would have his wife send you some copies of newspapers she has.

Well, I’m all written out again – Love Daddy.

P.S. got a letter from H. W. Reinhart (Hicky) yesterday – I think he is following me just like Dr. Joe is doing.

P.S. again – My full name on this envelope is a mistake OVER
I just slipped.

Russell Islands  Image by Kelisi at Wikipedia.com (Wikipedia Commons license)

Russell Islands
Image by Kelisi at Wikipedia.com (Wikipedia Commons license)

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Oboes and trumpets (Gladys)

1943-04-21Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – No letters so far this week but had several last week. After all the wind rain & snow of yesterday it is sunny today and not much wind. I have a line of clothes soaking up some vitamins (I hope). Hadn’t hung anything out so far this week – due to cloudy and rainy weather. I looked over our garden this morning and we have some radish lettuce & onions peeking through. I have more potatoes to plant when the ground dries enough. The neighbor children are out playing – we have quite an assortment now. Bobby has on his overshoes. He always manages to get in the mud puddles. He is as cute & clever as ever. I intend to go to T. H. one day this week or next to get Mother. She is coming up to stay. I am going to find someone to go with me. I don’t want to drive that far alone. Servies go down quite often and I am going to see if they want to go. I will see Watsons when I go. John is to play an oboe in the band. Carol Josserand had it and decided it was too hard to play so gave it up and Mr. Webster wants John to take it. I had to buy a reed for it – (1.50) I told John that was pretty high but he doesn’t spend much on shows, tec. Mark is to play a trumpet solo Thurs nite at the Jr. Band concert. I am going to either have his horn rebuilt or get him a better one. I can take some pictures of David today – Have 3 more of this roll to take. He is about to go to sleep – after his bath & vegetables – he takes them instead of cereal at 10 – and potatoe at 12. – then cereal at 6 P.M. 18 lbs now will be 7 mo Fri (23).

Love – Mother

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

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The Motherlode (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Mar 21, 1943
Lieut R. S. Yegerlehner MC USNR
A.P.O. 43
% P.M. San Fran. Calif.

Dear Mother,

Mail came this A.M. and we spent much time reading and re-reading. 18 letters, 4 papers and two packages. The letters were from: Statons, Allgood, Sykes, Mom, Boonie (2), Wayne W., C. J. Easley, Bob H., The Earl park Walkups, The packages from Dr. M. and Floyd. I snitched this paper from the office and will try to answer a few providing I can get some stamps and envelopes. Your letters were of the latter part of Jan and the first part of Feb. So the letter I got the other day dated Feb. 19 is still the latest. Our mail has to be

[page 2] re forwarded and that always takes time. Your Valentine missed St. Pat’s day 5 days so you weren’t far from wrong right.

My letters may have been interesting but anymore there is nothing to write about. Description is out – Traveling is not as extensive as the last place and activities not for publication are more numerous. So the letters to  in answer to those today will be short and not very “ready.”

The newspapers were all the Newton Co. E. so I was able to catch up on a few things. Jim sent a Norfolk paper dated Sept. 23, so that was pretty old reading. I hate not to write

[page 3] all those people but if I see I’m going to be caught short I’ll just skip them.

All writing has to be done in the daytime because each night there is a total blackout and even the lighting of a smoke has to be done under cover. So you see there isn’t as much time to write as before.

I’ve ceased worrying or even thinking of the taxes but and wish I could get some extra money home but that is impossible at present – Maybe later that can be arranged.

I’ll try a few letters to others now after writing the folks
So solong Love Daddy

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The groundhog’s shadow (Gladys)

1943-02-03Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – If there is anything to the ground hop seeing his shadow we are realizing it today. It was clear all day yesterday (Feb. 2) and just like spring – but today it is typical of what we have had all winter – instead of now it is raining & blowing – Just finished with D. – bath, pablum, etc. He has gone to sleep with his left thumb in his mouth. 14 lbs 9 oz this a.m. The telephone rung about 8:30 and frightened him – he was asleep – I said that wouldn’t have happened if you had been home – he would be used to the telephone any and all times. Arlene and I planned to go see Lucile this P.M. and take our babies but I am sure we won’t walk if this weather continues. I mailed a valentine to you but you probably won’t get it on time. I remember last valentine day – I was a little on the nausea order. Had the flu, etc. This little fellow is worth all the discomforts. You will say so when you come home. Will get our pictures today and send out. I am getting the den floor finished – moving out the piano and making a real nursery. I am sure I can dispose of the piano if I get another one. Will inform you if and when we get one. The uniform money hasn’t come. Had a letter from Watsons – Ethel told me Mark Wayne’s grades so I’ll have to write her about J & M. Mark’s A+ in band and spelling was all he thought necessary. They got your letter and will answer with valentines. The two I got yesterday were dated Jan 26 & 27 – good time. Bank bal at present is around 300⁰⁰ but will have to pay boys ins this month. I didn’t get a Jan. bond so will have to get two this month – Haven’t a safety dep. box yet. Haven’t figured the 42 tax yet.

Love Mother

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A Momentous Decision (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Dear Mother,

Our cool has continued and it is really comfortable – Just got thru taking a bath in the open air shower and reall got cold. I came back and Fred & Dr. P. asked me how it was and I said fine – let them find out for themselves.

I saw an income tax blank today and the surtax starts at 2000 with $260. So try to cut ours below 2000. I believe if you take all the deductions it will cut it below 2000. Don’t forget the insurance – malpractice car Ins etc. All that runs for a year payable in June or July and I left in May so that was that would be 10/12 or what ever the fractional part of the year.

[page 2] I would like for you to figure it whether or not you pay it. Next year the total amount will be 2400 or less and that won’t cost much. So much for that – Only if you do figure it don’t the drugs. The interest – to the insurance co. Interest on house payments. Interest to E. Buck Dave Ream etc. If you have time send me what you can figure the deductions would be. I believe you aren’t interested much in the tax situation but that has to be paid in 3 mo. after we return and that is why I’m interested. And if you haven’t made those other two payments on last year please do because those will all count up.

I’ve explained how these letters are dated several days after writing

[page 3] so that is why the letter you referred to was written on the 29th and stamped on the 31. You see we write one night – passes thru the censor next day and to our P.O. next day and then to the other P.O. so it’s here for a few days before leaving. And I haven’t been able to figure how your comes this way – very seldom comes – I just heard today that all you will be able to write is V-mail. Really I don’t care if it is V mail just so it’s regular and not too old. However. I ‘m not sure that is only hearsay, but I did hear that there would be no more insured pkgs and no more registered letters.

Now – after the show and while sitting on the hill before the show starts – we always go about 1/1 hour early in order to get a good seat. Any-

[page 4] way while sitting there I made a momentous decision – and this is it. Don’t pay this past years income tax. I mean 1942. As I said before pay the other installments of ’41 but forget 1942 and put the money in bonds we can always cash them in and pay the tax. So forget about the income tax period.

Your letter of Jan 4 came today and I sure was glad you could attend Rotary – wish I could have been there – wasn’t that silly – or was it?? John’s letter of Jan 6 came also as well as one from Wayne W. and one from the Walkups at Earl Park. They seem to be real faithful in their letter writing.

Hope your sinus trouble is better and yes the coat – If you are satisfied I see no reason why I wouldn’t only you didn’t use all

Gladys modeling the black seal coat & new hat - January 1943

Gladys modeling the black seal coat & new hat – January 1943

[page 5] the money I sent but that isn’t any of my business. You said you were going to send me a financial statement after the first of the year. I hope you include the number of bonds etc. and whether or not you got a strong box – probably you have already written those things but they haven’t come thru yet. I’ll be looking forward to a picture of you in the coat – and THE HAT.

Hope you and D. are better by now and everything is getting along OK. Please don’t worry about me and don’t get fussed up at anything – Don’t drive the car anymore than is necessary because of the tires etc.

Well, I hope our mail will be half-way regular again and I can hear from you often –

Lots of Love

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A Heck of a Long Summer (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Jan 19, 1943

Dear Mother,

About the middle of the P.M. and the weather a little cooler – we have had a few clouds and the wind is blowing so that helps, but it sure was hot before that. I’ve just been thinking that this has been a heck of a long summer. When I reported in at Norfolk in May it was very hot and here it is 8 or 9 months later and still hot of course we have had some warm cool weather but mostly hot. Really I don’t think I’d like to live like this all time – I mean the warm weather – a change to the cold winds and frosting mornings is most desirable.

[page 2] In other words buckets of snow would be good or maybe acess to snow would be better. Several years ago in Indianapolis along about this time it was so cold – The heating plant in Elmer D. house froze up when you were up to see me and all those troubles – Remember. Well skip all those things.

Even our mail censoring job has fallen off. Just too hot for fellows to write. I thought I’d write others yesterday – but yours is the only one I’m able to get out each day. Sweat just pours out and gets the paper wet and the old thinking apparatus don’t work. It’s Thundering now. The second time I’ve heard that

[page 3] since leaving Norfolk. The other time is rained for 6 days straight – Hope it doesn’t do that this time.

I’ve taken five pictures all together. Fred and Dr. P. don’t know it but I’m taking candid pictures of them. Just started today and it’s a little hard to get one that the other don’t know it. I’m just trying to surprise them. Oh Yes. I’ll get some of myself on one or two to send you also. Those that I take of them are something of camp life.

I feel like working on some shells or something so I’ll finish later after the P.M. mail time – You notice I didn’t say after the P.M. mail.

Yes the mail has arrived. One letter for me from Wayne W. dated Dec. 14, so while it wasn’t a complete black out it wasn’t exactly what was expected. Of course I wouldn’t

[page 4] tell that to Wayne – but I’d much rather hear from you. So far we aren’t sure about a show tonite because it’s trying to rain and this is before the show so it may not be started. It is now 7:15 and the show generally starts at 7:45. Even with all the thundering etc. It didn’t rain much this P.M.  just sprinkled now and then.

There is one thing I forgot to tell you and that is to file to mortgage exemption. I’ve forgotten what time of year to do that. It may be too late now. Ask Link or Ira or Boonie. Funny how one forgets those things but it sure happens that way. Guess it’s the continuous summer time.

Well, I’m thru for today except for lots of Love –


P.S. went to the show after all. It rained but rain coats were in order.

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Letters received (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Dec. 21, 1942

Dear Mother,

Just back from the show, 52nd Street, A musical comedy. I really didn’t enjoy it very much because in the open air the sound doesn’t carry very well and the plot wasn’t good so it was about a total loss as far as I was concerned.

I received your letter today of around 17 and 18 of November. There was three in all and there are some things there I want to comment on. First, I don’t remember about the septic tank. That is I don’t remember you mentioning it. Anyway those shouldn’t be cleaned out yet and possibly will never have to be unless as you say Monroe connected

[page 2] the sink to the tank and even at that I don’t believe they are due to be cleaned out yet. I really believe there isn’t enough grease to cause those not to work. Anyway the worst thing that could happen would be for them to stop up and then they can be cleaned out without much more trouble than if they aren’t stopped up. There are two and I don’t believe they would both go out at the same time so you can use the other until someone can clean the stopped up one.

I’ll be glad to get John’s song for I believe I can get someone to play it. So if he hasn’t sent if have him do so.

I also received Floyd & Ruth’s

[page 3] box today. It was in very good condition. The peanuts really were swell. One can gone already but the only trouble is I’m about half “ga ga” since eating so many. I’ll save the other two cans a few days until I get over this can. Of course, I shared this can with 5 others so maybe I didn’t have too many.

I also received a letter from Wayne Watson – A V-mail but he had put an air mail special so it came thru just like it was. A V-mail also came from Sykes. So you see I have several letters to write but not tonight.

In your letter today you told me of the flash light batteries

[page 4] in the candy bar but I found them yesterday and wrote you about that. The shirt was in the box. Thanks. Wow I wish you had sent the whole of the laundry in Their box.

We all enjoyed the comic books haven’t started on the puzzle books yet nor have we played checkers. Probably won’t play any either.

I guess I told you but if I did or didn’t. I wrote Joe R. but haven’t heard from him yet. Our latest mail is still Nov. 27 so I’m really expecting mail now any day which will be later.

Well, I hope I’ve answered everything – So Solong
Lots of Love

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Post originally found at: https://genealogylady.net/2013/09/08/letters-received-roscoe/

Just a week until Christmas eve (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Dec 17 – 1942

Dear Daddy –

Just a week until Christmas Eve. Seems like it is getting here rapidly and I still have some things to do. If we don’t go to C.C. (which I doubt our going) I will have to make some preparations for Christmas dinner, etc. Since Ruth & Earl can’t come here & Ruth & Floyd are going home we will probably have no company. I had a letter from Mother today and she said Thelma is going to Norfolk for Christmas. I haven’t heard any more about Jim coming home in Jan. I sent him two gifts last week and one to Thelma. I rec’d two boxes from her today. Jim’s came last week. We have been getting boxes every day and since the mail is so heavy we have to go to the P.O. to get packages. I couldn’t imagine where the two today were from. I didn’t expect any from Thelma since Jim had sent each of us gifts in his box.

The weather I wrote you about

[page 2]  this morning changed somewhat. The blizzard stopped and by noon the sun was shining and all was quiet. This afternoon the snow began to thaw and I went to town in the car and the streets were getting very slushy. There is quite a wind now but I think it isn’t a cold wind.

Arlene called a while ago and said she was coming up for a little visit. I went to town this afternoon and did a little shopping for her. Louise wasn’t there and she couldn’t leave. She said Donnie weighs over 16 lbs now. David weighed 11 – 4 today.

John is taking his turn being sick. There wasn’t any school today due to the blizzard this morning and the boys were home. By noon John said he didn’t feel so good. He was hungry and ate quite a good lunch. After eating I waited a while and took his temperature. It was 100 – I gave him ½ and at 6:30 ½. His temp. went up to 101 but he doesn’t seem to feel so bad. He drank a glass of orange juice for supper. I hope I can elude that little “bug.” I am trying to be careful so maybe I will be able to get by.

[page 3] I took a roll of pictures of the baby to try and get one to put on Christmas greetings. Out of 8 I got one that will do. I found some greetings at the variety store that the picture will fit in so will send a few to our close friends, Maces, Watsons, Mutch’s, Dolores, your Mom & mine and one to Mrs. P. After Christmas I am going to have the photographer make a picture of David and also one of myself for you as you requested.

Fri – John is much better but I didn’t allow him to go to school today. He is getting restless and that is a good sign. He is hungry so that is another good symptom.

The pictures are the ones Mrs. Zell took the morning I wrote about how beautiful & scenic it was. I was out of film that morning so didn’t get any with our camera. To get the full beauty one would have to take pictures with a movie camera.

The papers came today but have been too busy to read. Hume Sammon’s funeral was this afternoon. The Puetz have a baby boy – born Dec 13 – weight 6-9.

[page 4] After all the varied weather yesterday there was a little freeze and it was slick on streets where there isn’t much traffic. I went to town but drove very carefully and slowly. There wasn’t many cars on the streets so didn’t have much traffic to encounter.

I am going to the class party tonite and Dorothy is coming out to stay with the family. It was her suggestion. I wouldn’t ask anyone to do that but she offered her time. I have Clara M. engaged for Mon nite – the band concert – Arlene is having a party Sun nite so will have to get someone to come then – I haven’t been out much and it seems like everything is coming together. After Christmas there won’t be much going on so will stay home. I am going to take Bobby Funk to the concert Mon. nite. Arlene’s bridge club meets and she can’t take him so I told her Mark & I would take him. John of course will play in the band. It is about time for Mark to come home so will get this ready for him to take to the P.O. Helen W. Knollin has been here but is leaving Sun. She & her husband are in Chi. Now but will be back here tonite & tomorrow.

Love Mother

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