Roasting Weiners (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
July 18 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Another lazy Sunday afternoon – John & Mark are playing croquet with the Zell girls. David is taking a nap. He got so he didn’t want to eat so I decided to change his eating times. I gave him a bottle of milk at about 8 this morning (the first) then at noon gave him mashed potatoes, apple sauce, custard and a little milk. About 4 I will give him some milk and at 7 cereal and put him to bed. He is slow about drinking out of a cup but I think he will come along by the time he should get along without a bottle. Donnie Funk gets along without a bottle

[page 2] now, but he has to hurry, with a new baby coming there in Dec. He has developed so fast. I think he will soon walk, but he must have known he had to hurry to make way, for maybe a little sister. However Arlene says she won’t be disappointed if there is another boy.

Mother is still in bed. She ate a piece of chicken, a cup of custard and a piece of cake for dinner. I put some mashed potatoes & gravy on her plate but she didn’t eat much of them. It is hot this afternoon so she may not get along so good. The heat makes her feel worse.

The rain we had over the week-end helped a lot. Link sprayed part of their back yard to kill out the crab grass and it looks like all the grass where he sprayed will die out. I think I won’t worry about our grass. We will just

[apge 3] keep it mowed and let it grow. I am going to take some more pictures in the back yard so you can get an idea how much the shrubbery is growing and see some of the flowers. Some of the spirea has grown up until they are almost 5 ft. The rains this summer have made everything like that grow so good.

There is an army program on this afternoon – there has been a lot about the invasion of Sicily. I wonder if you by any chance heard the Fibber program when they talked about Sicily – They were so excited & Molly asked what the excitement was about – Fibber said that was the first place he could pronounce – Then he pronounced it wrong, putting the accent on “silly.” – said anybody could pronounce “c-silly.”

I have been taking some pictures of David but don’t know whether they will be good. Our camera seems to have one sight broken.

[page 4] and I can’t see thru the other one. I want you to see how he stands up in his buggy – just wonder what you would say about that – probably spank him.

— I went to get Mark at Funks, he had run an errand for Arlene then stayed. They were roasting wieners and wanted me to stay and have one. They had Donald’s pen in the summer house so we put both babies in and I stayed long enough to eat a “dog’ then came back to feed David & put him to bed. When both babies are in the pen Donnie doesn’t see much larger than David. Being almost a month older he gets around the pen a little better, but David does alright. Donnie would pinch David and pull his hair. David didn’t seem to mind but Bill slapped Donnie’s hand – Donnie jabbers back when they scold him or slap his hands.

I am sleepy so will try to get to bed – getting up time comes around so soon.

Love – Mother

YEG1943-06 David #1

David standing in his buggy

©2014 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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1 thought on “Roasting Weiners (Gladys)

  1. davidmadison1942

    LOL “Then he pronounced it wrong, putting the accent on “silly.” – said anybody could pronounce “c-silly.”” Still funny 🙂

    Wonder what it meant that one sight on the camera was broken.

    “I want you to see how he stands up in his buggy – just wonder what you would say about that – probably spank him.” Boo hiss 😦


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