Peaches (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Aug. 27 [26] – 1943

Dear Daddy –

8 P.M. – just finished trying to seal (2 didn’t) 11 qts. peaches. There was a truck around today from somewhere with peaches and I bought a bu[shel] (4.25) believe it or not – They are 8⁰⁰ in some places. In figuring the cost they cost around the same as canned (tin) we buy in the stores but I could save pints. Peaches were 24 pts. A can or half a month’s points for one person. I put seven qts. in the oven and 4 in hot water. Mrs. Zell was canning corn and would have brought the cooker home but I told her wasn’t necessary to pressure peaches and it is for corn. I prepared 12 cans for the locker and got over there to find the place closed (Thurs. P.M.) This I figure is the last Thurs. for the summer our stores will close for the afternoon. Mark went to town and stopped at the P.O. and yours of Aug. 17 was there. If you remember you were discussing other people’s vacations and certain persons being bothered about the draft.

[page 2] I agree with you about both cases. Some people haven’t yet found out what things are all about – guess I had better change the subject – it gets pretty deep sometimes. No use spoiling our letters with stuff like that.

Mrs. R. came last night for a few minutes. She had some pictures Joe sent – they were all working in the pictures, digging, etc. I suppose you know all about such things.

I had sent Glenn a night letter telling them to come and hadn’t heard from them in over a week – I sent a tracer after the wire and word came back that Glenn had started east Aug. 23 so I am looking for them anytime. Juanita has been here since Tues. but is leaving tonight on the 12:16 train – however she is coming back to see Glen (& family if they all come). I was looking for some word from them so I could send Jim a wire. He thinks he can get time enough on a week-end leave to come for a few hours.  I think he is taking a risk because he may not get flying accommodations back and he would have to fly to Indpls. & back from there. I am not going to send him any word until I get some definite word from Glen.

I took a roll of film and had some pictures of your Mother & Dad – and the negatives came back with no prints. I could see the pictures – I sent them to Laf. I had used a smaller film and sent them

[page 3] down there to have them all enlarged. I am going to send them to Hubert and see if he can print them. I couldn’t get film to fit our camera so haven’t taken pictures yet for David’s 11th month. David is changing so much I think since his front teeth show up so good. His smile is contagious and he usually has one. We were eating supper and he was in his play chair and started to climb out onto the ironing cabinet so I slapped my hands together and said “David” rather loud – he sat down and tried to cry but couldn’t. It is so cut to see him pucker up his face in an attempt to cry –

It has been cool today but Mother seems awfully weak. The heat yesterday afternoon was so hard on her. She didn’t eat much today – never does – but seemed less today. I thought possibly Dr. Cole would be up today but no doubt he was tied up at hospitals. Mrs. Roberts says the Sr. Dr. is so busy too. He hardly has time to stop and see her and the children. I am to take Mark to Fowler tomorrow to have the clamp taken out of his hand. I think his cut is healing – but you know how he likes to pick at things – keeps wanting to put new bandages on.

I have been writing this in competition with John, Mark & Juanita.

Love – Mother

©2015 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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1 thought on “Peaches (Gladys)

  1. davidmadison1942

    “but I could save pints” should read “points”

    “Some people haven’t yet found out what things are all about – guess I had better change the subject – it gets pretty deep sometimes. No use spoiling our letters with stuff like that.” Feelings ran deep about not pulling one’s weight in the war.

    It is so sad to read of her trying to deal with Emma and coordinating the family visiting.

    “It is so cut to see him pucker up his face ” should read “cute”


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