Glenn’s First Wife (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Sept. 18 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Wind, Sand and Stars (1939), a memoir by French aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Yours of Aug. 28 – 31 & Sept. 8 came today – I think you will be able to write a book by the time you come back. I remember reading a book written by a French aviator or some similar rating and I didn’t think it was as interesting as your letter of Aug. 28. Yours of Aug. 31 was answering my letter telling you what Dr. Cole had said about mother’s condition. I was down to see her yesterday & Cole didn’t have much to say about her condition – that is he didn’t seem very hopeful about her recovery – Of course I know or feel that she won’t get well and we can’t do much about it now. Dr. Cole is still giving her Betalin by hypo every day but it doesn’t pick up her appetite any. If I had only known sooner and could have had surgery done – but I didn’t know and it’s too late now for that. Her abdomen is distended so much – Dr. Cole says she is full of fluid.

Glenn is washing the storm windows and the frames – Is going to take down the screens and put the storm windows up. He is going to clean the furnace too. Pauline is cleaning the upstairs. Cleaned Mother’s room and

[page 2] the boy’s room – Is working on our bathroom today. She is a worker. Her parents came from Poland & she is very strong and likes to work. She enjoys doing housework. She & Glenn haven’t much yet in the way of worldly goods – When he got a divorce from Norma he didn’t get anything but his clothes and with the baby coming, haven’t got much ahead. I told them they could have the old washing machine & rug I took out of the den. Glen is going to see about shipping the washer out by freight if it doesn’t cost too much. Glenn has been in pretty good health since living in Nevada and has had steady work but lived with the wrong woman too long to get anything saved. I believe Pauline will take better care of his money. She says she wants a home & their own furniture. I think he & Norma had their furniture but Norma got everything. Glenn doesn’t care to talk much about things but did tell me he should have left her long before he did – she ran around with other men. Pauline said she (Norma) was going with a man whose wife was an invalid, while she & Glen were still married and after Glen & Pauline were the invalid wife died so naturally everyone thought this man & Norma would be married, but after he was free to marry again he married someone else. A little complicated but maybe you can make it out. Elida has been married six times. Now is married to an Ensign in the Navy. Margaret Ann is married to a boy in the Army but Pauline says she doubts if it lasts – M.A. seems to be like her aunt & Mother – enough about such people.

[page 3] David & James L. are both taking naps. I took D. to Laf. yesterday but Dr. Cole was so busy I didn’t get him in to see the Dr. I was starting back to the car & saw Dr. Cole coming back from the Home hospital and talked to him out in the yard. David seems to have the same thing John has – an allergy – maybe Hay fever – maybe something else – One day he has it then the next day its gone – however John’s just stays. I took John to Van Buskirk for his eyes last Sat. then had him go over him for this cough & Van said John didn’t have a cold but some kind of allergy. When Jim was here he said how would John have hay fever – I said he had plenty of bla back ground for it. I have some good pictures of Jim & Glen & I with the babies – will send you one when I get more made. – Just had to stop & put the babies out in the sunshine – They are watching Glen & Mark washing windows.

John has been washing dishes and it’s time for me to do something – as if I haven’t been busy – but had to take time out to write my daily letter. Pauline wanted to know what I wrote about every day – I said just what happens around here. Haven’t had time this week to scan the paper for local news. Bob Hufty called me to invite me to Rotary Mon. eve.

Love – Mother

P.S. – Enclosing a picture of D. & me.

YEG1943-09-14 #6 Gladys & David

©2015 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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3 thoughts on “Glenn’s First Wife (Gladys)

  1. davidmadison1942

    Gosh…so many books, so little time: Antoine de Saint-Exupéry wrote other stuff too!

    “She enjoys doing housework.” Well, there’s a mystery for you. 😦

    “Elida has been married six times.” WOW

    “enough about such people.” HA HA. Priceless. 🙂

    “Pauline wanted to know what I wrote about every day – I said just what happens around here. ” …which was a lot!

    Such a great photo mother holding me. 🙂

    It’s nice to read what Janet Burge Schuh had to say.

  2. Janet Burge Schuh

    Your grandmother is very pretty! I really don’t remember her well. Maybe by 1953 and on Doc . Had others helping him in the office! I remember plenty of shots! He always said ” this won’t hurt me at all”! – by the time I figured his statement out ,the injection was done!! Well, someone inspired my sisters and I to become RN’s, I think he inspired us!!-3 of us!

    1. Genealogy Lady Post author

      Thank you! I think she was very pretty too. Luckily they took lots of pictures.
      I wish my grandfather had been around when it was time for my kiddos to have shots. They hate them to no end! Even had a nurse trick the older one once (and not in a good way). I’ve never forgiven her. I think she is one of the reasons why the kids hate shots so much


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