Soup & Ice Cream (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Sept. 21 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Back from Laf. today. I talked to Dr. Cole. He said he quite giving Mother the Betalin shots because she wasn’t responding any. He talked to Baylee and B thought the ammonium nitrate would take that fluid down in her abdomen but Cole said he didn’t think it would help much. Baylee said to give insulin to make her eat so they are going that now. She gets weaker every day. So weak she can hardly feed herself, and today complained of pain in her bowels. The Dietitian came up to her room and asked her what she would like to eat – she had a nice supper tray and did eat some soup & ice cream but as soon as she started to eat complained of the gas bothering her. Glen & Pauline are talking of going home the end of the week. He has to get back to work and hates to leave here with Mother so bad. He got all the storm windows hung. There was a pane broken in the French doors & a basement window & he is going to fix them tomorrow. Also going to paint the

[page 2] Taylor Tot for David and do a few other odd jobs around. Pauline has cleaned all the upstairs, stairway & Nursery. She really cleans & never seems to know when to quit working. We have to wash at least one tub of clothes everyday and she hangs the thing out if it’s chilly because of my hands. I told them to take that old washing machine & the rug I had rolled up in the attic. Glen is going to see about shipping the washing machine & if the freight isn’t too much will send it. I think Bun Loughridge has forgotten he was supposed to take it because it has been here almost two years now or is it three? No guess two is correct. Bun hasn’t changed. I took the sweeper down and after two weeks or more went down and got it still not fixed. The band broke but I can still use it for suction.

My throat has been sore so went in to Dr. Ade today & had a treatment. I have been hacking & spitting all evening. Will go in for another treatment the next time I go down if it persists in being sore. I told him I didn’t like starting in the fall with a sore throat but I believe the strep I had last winter left my throat in a weakened condition. Dr. Ade wanted me to take sulfa but I told him I am allergic to it and having had such a severe attack of allergy so recently am afraid to try sulfa now. Maybe when you come home & if necessary I can have tonsils out but

[page 3] will try to get by without that little “ectomy.”

I mailed a letter in Laf. today I wrote last night, with two pictures. I am enclosing two more in this letter.

Dorothy couldn’t go shopping for David’s birthday gift so had me buy something for him. I got him a pr. of red corduroy overalls and a red & white t-shirt. He has his red snow suit jacket so will be a red bird with all those things on. He trys to say John. He really attracts attention wherever I take him. He turns on the personality and has everyone looking at him – or is his Mother just imagining things? Yesterday Glen went to town with me & we took D. along. We went into Nick’s and David got a lot of attention. Glen said something about the fuss everyone made over David.

John & Mark went to a football game tonite & Mt. Ayre won. John is still having headaches & Van Buskirk says his glasses are correct. I wonder if his age hasn’t something to do with his headaches. His face is a sight – worse with pimples & blackheads than ever.

It’s past 10:30 so I must get to bed. David has a habit of waking around 7 so if I don’t get to bed in time to get my sleep out by 7 a.m. I just miss it.

Love Mother

©2015 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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2 thoughts on “Soup & Ice Cream (Gladys)

  1. davidmadison1942

    “He said he quite” should read “quit”

    I can’t imagine shipping a washing machine from Indiana to Nevada…before the days of UPS and FedEx.

    “He has his red snow suit jacket so will be a red bird with all those things on. ” Oh that there could have been a color photo of that!

    “John & Mark went to a football game tonite” LOL Can’t imagine John going to a football game. He outgrew that fast!


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