A Nap Today (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Oct 5 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Yours of Sept. 27 & 21 came today. You mentioned giving the 4th person money to send me flowers in time for my birthday – well I have rec’d 16 beautiful roses over a week ago – so that is one to make off your list. You also mentioned a white baby in a picture. Of course we wondered about it – It did look conspicuous there.

It is a beautiful fall day – warm in the sun. I put David out for a little ultra violet but he isn’t liking it by himself. He got used to having James L. around. Also he just woke up & not in a very good humor – his arm is red around the vaccination – It is taking good but not too hard. I think that is why he has been a little touchy lately. Doesn’t want to drink his milk so well as when he took it from the bottle but I think he will drunk when he gets hungry enough. At breakfast he drank a cup of milk besides a large serving of cereal but at noon didn’t want much milk but ate plenty of think chicken soup. It had vegetables of several different varieties in it. When he woke up I beat an egg up and put that with this milk and added a little sugar but he didn’t want much. Yesterday however at 3 he drank a cup of egg & milk. Mark is going to a wiener roast at Taylor’s farm. All the 5th grade is invited. He wanted to ride the bike but I told him I didn’t think you would approve so he finally gave up the idea after John expounded on the

[page 2] idea that he would be too tired to enjoy himself after he got there also would be awfully tired after riding home, etc. John, as I have said before gets more like his Daddy every day in his logical reasoning. I think Mark goes the other way. He gets a “screwy” idea, then I have to talk him out of it, then he sees my way. Sometimes it takes quite a lot of talking to change his mind but when he changes he is just as convinced as if it had been his idea all along. He has been leaving his bike out by the sidewalk & I told him if he didn’t put it in the garage every time he has thru with it I would take it away from him. Today when he went back to school he didn’t ride it because they are riding out to Taylor’s with John Krug. I found the bike in the front yard just where he left it when he came in to lunch – I hid it in the garage – he won’t get home till nearly dark and won’t think about it – He is going to awfully surprised when he gets ready to go to school – I run the bike in back of the screens (storm windows are all one – Glen put them on). I haven’t been to the hospital since Sun. (This is Tues.) I intend to go again tomorrow. I called Dr. Cole today & he said there was no drastic change but that Mother is gradually getting weaker. He isn’t giving her anything now but sleeping medicine. Said she has quite a lot of distention of abdomen.

I took a nap today while D. slept – the first time I have done that in a long time. I couldn’t manage it while I had company. I feel pretty good and don’t’ always feel like I need a nap but the urge was so strong today I dropped right off to sleep. When J. comes home from school we will go to Sheldon for meat. I’ll be glad if & when they get the locker built here. I suppose it will be several months yet because of the red tape they have to go thru to get the materials to build with but it will be worth waiting for. I have been sitting in the garage door by David to keep him quiet since I started writing. He certainly isn’t like J. & M. were in respect to sitting still – even with sitting here by him he

[page 3] isn’t satisfied. I have a strong urge to use a little hand power on his seat. He keeping wanting everything I have – paper, pen, etc. I brought out toys for him & he threw them down. – I just scolded him & he is crying –

Well this is an “off” day so will have to overlook his disposition – It is usually pretty good –
Love Mother


Some beautiful roses…

©2015 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2015/03/24/a-nap-today-gladys/

1 thought on “A Nap Today (Gladys)

  1. davidmadison1942

    Hey, page 3 is a palimpsest–almost! 🙂

    “to make off your list” should read “mark off”

    “I think he will drunk” probably should read “will drink”

    “think chicken soup” should read “thick chicken soup”

    “put that with this milk” should read “with his milk”

    “gets more like his Daddy every day in his logical reasoning.” LOL 🙂

    “Mark goes the other way. He gets a “screwy” idea, then I have to talk him out of it, then he sees my way.” LOL 🙂

    “Storm windows are all one” should read “are all on”

    “and don’t’ always” should read “and don’t always”

    When she writes that she is sitting in the garage door I have a very clear picture of where that was. Poor Gladys and my poor disposition!

    Very nice portrait of the two older brothers! 🙂


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