Doctor’s Orders (Gladys)

1943-11-19 (GRY)Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – Just returned from Laf. Had my eyes re-checked and had a nose & throat treatment. Dr. Ade said my throat looked better. Hope this warm weather helps me to get it cleared up again. John went with us and got a new pair of shoes. I think he has larger feet now than you have. He has trouble getting shoes that feel right. I hope these do better than the last pair ($4.50). I have mentioned a woman living at the Kent apts. – whose husband is in the Navy – She had a baby (9 mo. old). He had been sick and last night they took him to the hospital and operated but he didn’t survive. I don’t know many details but understand the baby had been ill several days. I think Dr. Rumkorf was called yesterday and he evidently took him to the hospital. The mother called me yesterday and wanted to know what to do – I told her to follow the Doctor’s orders – she had had Dr. M. a time or two. I suppose she thought I would tell her something to do but I told her to do as the Dr. told her – take the baby to the hospital. I have been trying to write this in competition with the radio – from one play to another. I called Lucile this a.m. and Ed was home with a stomach ache – There seems to be several cases around. I think Mark got a little bug – He threw up after I got home – but feels better now. Didn’t have a temp. He is asleep now. David tried to say button & pretty today.

Love Mother

©2015 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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2 thoughts on “Doctor’s Orders (Gladys)

  1. davidmadison1942

    Well, this is a pretty grim letter. Chances are, with what is known and can be done today, the baby could have been saved.

    1. Genealogy Lady Post author

      True, but it sounds like the family’s religious feelings were a factor in the decision to seek medical treatment. That still happens these days. Oops…you have not heard that part yet.


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