Planes Overhead (Gladys)

1943-12-11 (GRY)Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – No letters today but one yesterday of Dec. 3 – also the day before rec’d Dec. 1 & 2. Had a letter from your Mother and she is having flu. Seemed to be having it pretty hard. None of us have had it so far during this epidemic – David has a little cold yet but no temp. Your Mother said Gerdie Harden died. I knew she was ill – had cancer in her stomach or bowels – at any rate I think she was taking treatment from a “quack” – He gave her medicine that was going to remove said ca[ncer] without surgery. I didn’t make any comment on the treatment when I was down there in Oct. but didn’t believe she would recover – from Faye’s account of her condition. John has been listening to opera and Mark has been working on a plane for Bobby. David is in his pen wanting out. I don’t like for him to roam around when I am trying to write – he finds so many things. J. & M. can make out so many words he jabbers – I think they are imagining most of them. It is very cold today. I hung some white clothes out and they hung frozen for a long time, but finally dried. This is hard on our coal pile – just hope more comes in soon. I hear a plane going over – they go N., S., E., and W. every day.

Love – Mother

©2015 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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1 thought on “Planes Overhead (Gladys)

  1. davidmadison1942

    Well, she got a lot into this letter!

    Gerdie Harden: another person probably lost to history probably, except on a census roll somewhere.

    “J. & M. can make out so many words he jabbers – I think they are imagining most of them.” 🙂


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