Christmas is Coming (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.

Dear Daddy –

Your five letters of Dec. 4 to 12 came today and your Christmas cable. Thanks. Also several other greetings and one Ins. notice. Those keep coming right along with greetings. Two of your letters contained pictures – you look good in all of them. Mark was quite impressed with the Darby boys. I think they all look very English, am I right?

I addressed greeting [cards] last night and have more to do today. I am placing greetings received on the mantle, standing so they can all be seen. The tree stands by the S.E. living room window. David goes to it and jabbers, or just goes oooh!

[page 2] If we say, “David, where is the Christmas tree? He will go right to it. I was busy in the kitchen this a.m. and he got busy with the packages. No damage done, I got to him before he could open anything. He has never cared for orange juice – you remember he couldn’t take it until he was about a yr. old and hasn’t yet cultivated the taste as he should. I usually have to insist on him finishing his daily cup, and it is a job. Sometimes I am tempted to dispense with the juice and give him Vit. C in tablet form, like I did for so long. What’s your opinion? David is asleep now and when he wakes up I want to take him out in the sunshine which is really bright today. He enjoys his buggy rides so much. Had a card from Art and he is in Bethesda, 14 Maryland. National Naval Medical Center.

[page 3] You might want to send him a greeting. He said after a few weeks there he will go to the Pacific. Said there was more gold braid there (Md) than corpsmen.

John went back to school this morning. Dr. Glick was there examining all who had been out or had colds in the past two weeks. He didn’t examine John very closely when he told him he didn’t have a cough. There are cases of chicken pox around. Not worried about J. & M. bringing that home to D. This epidemic that has been around hasn’t been flu, but milder. However, it was prevalent enough to necessitate closing some schools. Some people think an open winter causes epidemics, but I have never yet been able to get the point. Personally, you know I like the milder weather, and think I am more apt to get flu, etc., in the sub-zero weather.

I saw Bobby out today but didn’t get to ask him about Arlene. I

[page 4] am wondering if she will get her wish about having a baby on Christmas day.

Just had to answer the phone – Chet Van Scoyck just called to tell me he was sending over 2 ton of good coal. I didn’t tell him I got that much last week, but figure I had better take it when we can get it. There is a lot of difference in the way the furnace has operated since getting the better coal last week. Mr. Monroe was out this a.m. to check things & oil. He comes every 60 days regularily. He came a few times off schedule when the pins broke every few days.

Zells are going to take Virginia for an X-Ray today. I do hope she doesn’t have a fracture. She is much better today than she has been.

I am afraid this warm weather will spoil Mark’s sport – skating – He was over there all afternoon yesterday. I’ll remind him to write you this evening. He has started spending the $10⁰⁰ – wanted to get Virginia something nice so bought her a $1⁰⁰ bottle of cologne.

Love – Mother

©2015 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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1 thought on “Christmas is Coming (Gladys)

  1. davidmadison1942

    The description of me and the Christmas tree is priceless!

    “Some people think an open winter causes epidemics, but I have never yet been able to get the point.” Yes, the folk wisdom can be baffling.

    “He has started spending the $10⁰⁰ – wanted to get Virginia something nice so bought her a $1⁰⁰ bottle of cologne.” Hysterical! 🙂


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