David’s Diary – September 23, 1968

One of many interesting things that history teaches us is things are not always as they seem. Today, my father is a happily married man. My parents divorced in the mid 1970s. My father’s soul-mate is also a man. They have been together since 1978. Over the years, in conversations with my father, he had always known he was gay. It was just not socially acceptable to be gay in the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s, especially in a small conservative town in Indiana. Warning: Content is Mature in this week’s annotation of the entries.

Monday, September 23, 1968

My 26th birthday; Bonnie brought my gift out of hiding right after we woke up. I unwrapt it while still in bed: a drawer to be attached to my desk. The baby woke up—I took her downstairs, had my breakfast and read while Bonnie got some extra sleep. Had to make significant progress in Schweitzer’s book—by 2 o’clock was to pg. 180. Had lunch at 2. Package for Debby came from Chris + Dave.[1] Took time out from studying in AM to install the drawer, and to read part of IF Stone Weekly + the New Republic—Nixon victory seems very likely. Spent afternoon reading in Schweitzer, finished book before supper; watched CBS evening news—their survey gives Nixon 31 states with c. 330 votes, HHH only 4 states + D.C., and Wallace 4. After supper, back to work on Paul D.S.—read in E. E. Ellis, Paul + His Recent Interpreters; Mrs. Myers[2] phoned to wish happy birthday around 8 pm; continue reading; around 9 pm began to write report; phone call from H. Orne + from mom +dad; 12:20 finished typing report; bathed, off to bed at 1 AM.

Tuesday September 24, 1968

A very tiring day. Up at 7:30 – took 8:15 train to Boston; subway to Harvard, to Widener library. The book I wanted wasn’t there—but I renewed my stack pass + borrowing privilege. Subway back to BU; Greek at 11:15. Lunch with Tod Hitching. Chatted briefly with Hobart Farrell. Larry Carter told me he cannot come to preach on the 13th—he also told me that he and Marva are engaged. I told Larry McGee that he was not hired for youth leader. I got the address from Sam Hedrick of a Florida DS to write concerning Rip Hannibal’s daughter. Had Paul Directed Study from 4:15 – 5:15. Oliver agreed to adjust downward the reading load. Next meeting will be in two weeks. Left BU at 4:20, caught the 4:55 train for Rockport—home at 6:00. Had supper + watched CBS news; relaxed (after not doing too well trying to feed Debby some applesauce)—began desk work about 9—bath after 10. 10:30 to 12:10 read further in Bright’s Jeremiah Introduction. 12:10 off to read in bed if I can keep awake; Bonnie is still awake, working on Debby’s baptismal dress.

Wednesday, September 25, 1968

Still awake last night at 2 AM, so was still in bed as about 10 when phone rang—Hazel Brady saying that she would be late for the Bible Class tonight. Light breakfast, continued reading in Bright’s Jeremiah, Introduction. Finished before having lunch around 12;30; shaved, left Debby with Hazel Lord[3] (Bonnie was off shopping), changed the Wayside Pulpit, picked up Bible maps from St. Marys Church, home by 2:15. Continued preparations in Jeremiah for Bible class; read Hyatt article on Peril From the North, made historical chart. Read Bright’s commentary on chapts 1 + 2 in Jeremiah. Chatted briefly with Barbara Lord shortly before supper. Supper around 6:30—watched CBS evening news—Walter Cronkite. Final preparations for Bible Class; people began arriving around 7:50; 10 altogether. Seemed to be rewarding all the way around; over by 9:30. Returned to studying for D.S. tomorrow; quick trip to the Post Office—mailed order for Bible map, Cokesbury; further study; snack; off to bed 1 AM.

Thursday, September 26, 1968

Up at 7:45; 8:15 train to Boston; went to Bank to withdraw savings account: $2553—then to BU. Greek class 11:15 – 12:15 – John chpt 3; lunch with Larry Burton and Dr. E. K. Brown. Chatted briefly with Larry Carter. Spoke with Dr. Richardson about next week’s assignment: Skinner’s: Prophecy + Religion. Went to Cokesbury to get same. Saw Hobart Farrell briefly—arranged to take a book to Lloyd Carr. On way back from Cokesbury, ran into Kenneth Klaristenfeld—I hardly recognized him—he’d lost 65 lbs. We talked about Dr. Beck[4] + Jeremiah studies—agreed to send him Beck’s European address. Went to Jeremiah DS, 2-3—discussed date of the book and J.P. Hyatt’s theory; after this session I got Beck’s address from E. K. Brown, and ran into Alex.[5] I was rushing to catch the train so we didn’t talk long. 4:15 train to Rockport—studied German. Home by 5:30. Letter from David Watson + Noth’s book[6] from Blackwells; supper; off to Gordon, stopped in Manchester on way—Lloyd Carr’s—home by 10. desk work; relaxed; read in Tillich; bath; desk work; off to bed 12:40.

Friday, September 27, 1968

Up about 9:15 – Home Orne and Lawrence Swan arrived 8:30 to measure for the new radiator. Bonnie took care of them. As soon as I was dressed I took the $2,553.35 check and deposited it in the Rockport National Bank. Took Bible maps back to Rev. Bamforth—told him we Methodists would cooperate in joint Thanksgiving service. 10:15 – left for Dr.’s office—Bonnie’s appointment. Afterwards stopped briefly to get stencils from Jim Bussey; picked up electric typewriter from repair shop in Gloucester. Stopped in and had lunch with Hazel Brady at the Captain Courageous diner. Everyone ooed + awed over Debby. Home again; napped; wrote letter—long one, two pp. single space to Helen Correll[7]; to D.S. in Florida; ordered stencils; to G.B. Harris for Gerry’s address. Chatted briefly with Hazel Lord; Bonnie at work on Debby’s baptismal outfit; late supper—after CBS news in fact;…[omitted]…desk work; ran off the bulletin for Sunday, back page (announcements) remains to be done; off to bed at 12:45.

Saturday, September 28, 1968

Up at 9:30; big breakfast; finished the bulletins; burned trash; mowed lawn—in record time—much didn’t have to be mowed because of the lack of rain—finished about 12:15—Grandma + Emil arrived at 12:30. They had already eaten, but Bonnie and I had lunch. Around 2 o’clock I went over to see Alvina and Anna. Ornes had told me they were upset that the church had been used by the Concerned Citizens—I got an hour + a half lecture on communism in Rockport. I didn’t even try to argue—they are too old, bring too many feelings to the situation, have suffered greatly. I think I was successful in convincing them that I am not a communist—we still have a good relationship. At 3:30 went up to see Rip Hannibal; after four went to the hardware store—no luck finding right doorknob—home by 4:30, fixed doorknob—short nap before Bonnie + folks arrived home. Supper after 6. Desk work; studied Greek: Eph 4:1-8; worked on morning service; hair cut; off to study German in bed 11:55. [margin: Ordered Jeremiah for Anne Jewell; had a nice chat with her on the phone.]

Sunday, September 29, 1968

Up around 9; shaved; small breakfast – helped prepare things for lunch; 10:15 left for the church. A good service—Uhlinger gave good sermon. It was a baptismal sermon, yet he managed to include points on racism—even mentioned the Kerner Report. Also one remark about Vietnam. Debby behaved very well—no crying at all. She yawned while Uhlinger was saying the Trinitarian baptismal formula—she reflected my feelings very well! 45 [49?] in church—I sang in the choir again. Had Uhlinger up for lunch. Grandma + Emil too, and Jim Tanner, new youth leader. Open House began at 2:30—rather disappointing turnout—only about 13 adult church members. I wonder how much this reflects resentment with me for allowing concerned citizens to use the church. By 4:30 it was pretty much over. Busseys dropped by + Forrest Clark; tried to nap—had supper; took bath, tried to study in bed, but legs aching and I’m very exhausted—read New Republic article on 4th party—looked at Sears Xmas book; lights out 10:30.

[1] Did I meet Dave at IU or BU? A hunk, very handsome—I really had the hots for him.

[2] Elderly woman in Kentland—I used to take her to movies (she used a walker, was essentially housebound).

[3] She and her daughter Barbara lived in an upstairs apartment next to the parsonage.

[4] My beloved Old Testament professor, one of the finest men I’ve ever known.

[5] Name changed to protect privacy. One of my great pals in seminary; married to a horrible shrew—and shrank from friendship after I came out. Alex once came on to me. Once on a snowy night when he stayed over with Bonnie and me at our apartment in Boston, I walked into my study to find him naked in my bathrobe, with a hard-on, legs spread. I gave him the closest thing I had a the time to porn (no pics) to beat off to. I left the room. I mention this episode in the Prologue of my book, without naming names.

[6] No doubt one of the books of Martin Noth about the Old Testament, in German.

[7] My high school English teacher.

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/04/25/davids-diary-september-23-1968/

2 thoughts on “David’s Diary – September 23, 1968

  1. davidmadison1942

    Well, you’ll learn a LOT about your father in these diaries…especially as we move into the mid-seventies. Maybe too much. But why bother with censorship? Never a good idea…except to sometimes changing the names, as you have done. 🙂 I guess my life is now an open book!

    “She yawned while Uhlinger was saying the Trinitarian baptismal formula—she reflected my feelings very well!” 🙂 🙂 🙂

    I’m glad I included so many details about the times we were living in.


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