David’s Diary – October 7, 1968

Monday, October 7, 1968

Up about 10—a cold, windy, rainy, dismal day—the cat stayed out only about 10 minutes. Began reading again in Munch. Took a break to read I. F. Stone’s Weekly when the mail arrived, but finally finished Munch’s book at 1:15. Had lunch; desk work; then tried to get started writing report on Munch, but really wasn’t too inspired. By supper- time had written two pages. Helped with supper, started at 5:30. Watched CBS news. Their survey gives 1 state to HHH, 31 Nixon, 7 Wallace, rest too close to call. Election 4 weeks from tomorrow. So Nixon win seems very likely, unless some dramatic development changes things. 7 o’clock, back to my study to work on Munch. Bonnie was out for the evening for choir practice—Rockport Community Choir, practicing for Xmas program: Messiah. I babysat, Debby relatively good. Finished writing about 9:30, finished typing around 11:30. Took bath. Had call from George Gabin early in evening, about 9—Concerned Citizen meeting Sunday evening. Off to study Greek in bed, 12:30.

Tuesday, October 8, 1968

Lights out last night around one. Trouble getting to sleep. Up at 8—caught 9:20 train to Boston. Greek class from 11:15 – 12:00. Lunch with Todd Hitchings + Hobart Farrell. Hobart and I had quite a conversation on St. Paul’s eschatology. Led into a discussion of God and God’s action in history. We, of course, are polls apart—even in what we think about God. Spent a good deal of time trying to find Bob [1]—no luck. 2:15 – 3:00 dozed in Oxnan lounge—very exhausted. 3:15 – 4:00 – Paul directed Study. Took Whiteley’s book on Paul out of 2 in library. Caught 4:55 train to Rockport. Home by 6 o’clock. Had supper, watched CBS evening news. Tried to just relax. 8 o’clock, Official Board meeting here at parsonage. 13 members present. This was over by 9:30. Very tired afterwards, no energy for study. Read a little in Life magazine article on the church, took bath, fixed french-fries, listened to news—George Wallace got a big crowd in Boston; off to bed at 11:30.

Wednesday, October 9, 1968

Up about 8 – Home Orne + Lawrence Swan came about 9 to begin work on putting in radiator. I didn’t feel like driving myself today. Desk work this morning, read in Newsweek. Lunch about noon. After noon, shaved, did plastering behind where the washing machine usually is. We got some more snapshots of Debby. About 1:45 I took them the film to the post office. Stopped to look at the painting at the church (it has been covered ever since I’ve been here); Official Board asked me to hang it where I wish; its not really great, but is could be much worse. Came home, finally got to work translating 1st chapter of Jeremiah. Toward end of the afternoon, helped Homer + Lawrence put machine back in laundry room. Back to translating Jeremiah—also preparing for Bible Study (Bright). Took only half hour for supper – 6:30—7:00 watched CBS evening news too.—studied (translated) 7:00—7:45. Bible study 8—9:30. 7 attended. Afterwards had cup of coffee. Made phone call to Stoners in Schenectady, N.Y.; they’re coming Friday evening. 10-11 studied (trans.) Hebrew: Jer 1. Took bath; 11:30—1:15 translated John 17, most of 21; off to bed 1:20.

Thursday, October 10, 1968

Up at 8:30; big breakfast; caught 9:20 train to Boston. Greek class 11:15-12.  Had lunch with Dr. Richardson + Bob. Made arrangements with Bob for their visit on Saturday. 1-2, studied Hebrew—Jeremiah ch. 1. 2-3 directed study with Richardson. Read the Hebrew during the hour. Got Dr. Beck’s address from Dr. Brown. Immediately went to catch trolley, was in North Station early enough to buy 12 trip ticket. Bussey was in the station, we rode home together. Home by 5:15. We had supper immediately; from about 6 to 6:30 studied German (had studied this too on the train). 6:35 off for Gordon. We didn’t accomplish too much in German class. Mr. Kohl got off the subject with his views on youth + child raising—has a very strict German point of view. Left a little before 9. When I got home, went over to Patrick Quins where Bonnie was with Debby. Home around 10—read New Republic. Bathed, watched news; 11:30 – 12 special CBS program on tomorrow’s space shot. Off to bed at 12:10 –

Friday, October 11, 1968

— Debby 8 weeks old today
—1st manned Apollo mission

Up about 10. Coffee for breakfast, tried to get a sermon idea, watched CBS in the hour before launch of Apollo – lift off shortly after 11. We ate at about 12.  After 11:30 I started working on getting the windows fixed—small gap above the storm windows in the bedroom upstairs + my study. After this job was over, I began painting the side of the garage—other two sides done last May (or June)! Actually started painting at 1:45—finished by 3:15. Then  painted three birdhouses red; did more work here + there on windows. Took bath; shaved. We had supper around 6:30, watched CBS news. Mr. + Mrs. Stoner[2] arrived just a few minutes before 7. Visited short while, but I had to be at meeting at 7:30 at Busseys—planning for C.A.M.P. Fall loyalty Dinner. Got home from that about 9:45. Sat chatting with Stoners. Had ice cream; took bath. Stoners too are upset by probable Nixon victory. To bed by 11:30 — ISN[3]; baby slept til 5 AM –10 hrs!

Saturday, October 12, 1968

Up about 9:30. Big breakfast; shaved—worked in study, started working on the bulletin; mail came, with photos. We prepared a package of these to be mailed to Bonnie’s folks. Around noon I took this to the post office, changed the way-side pulpit. Came home, worked further on the bulletins. Had lunch, Peeks came—Bob + Nancy. We (Debby, Bonnie, Nancy, Bob, Dorothy Stoner, me) went walking down on Bearskin Neck. 2:30—Nancy + Bonnie came on home to feed baby, others went to T-wharf to greet Joe home from fishing. He caught several; after Stoners left, we (Bob + I) hung the painting at the church, came home, chatted. Around 7 had supper, visited. Peeks showed us their camping equipment, told us many tales of camping—sounds very exciting. They left for Boston around 9; we decided to go to Europe next summer—camping. Will we do it?[4] With thoughts of Europe dancing through my head, I was still able to write my sermon. Off to bed at 1:30.

Sunday, October 13, 1968

Up shortly after eight; breakfast, finished preparing the service, shaved. Church from 11 – 12; 34 in attendance, preached on “perils of worshipping.” Home by 12:30. Our minds were very much occupied today with thoughts of our trip to Europe. I was very tired after getting home from church. We looked at an atlas after lunch.  2:40 Winnie + Kay came over—we went together to the Den Mar nursing home for a short afternoon service. I led this, 3 – 3:30 about. Returned home; we then went for tea with Alan Frederich. We told him of our European plans. He helped give us some idea of costs and lent us road maps. Debby had to be fed, so we came on home. Had a late supper after visiting with Barbara + Hazle Lord. After supper we looked over Alan’s maps—at this point we like the idea of following the Rhein through Germany. Evening spent in desk work + study, back working on Skinner’s work on Jeremiah. Not a strenuous evening, however. Bathed, looked further at the map. Off to read in bed at 11:35. ISN.

[1] Last name omitted for privacy. Always wanted to see Bob —a totally gorgeous man, a total turn-on.

[2] Paul McGraw’s in-laws.

[3] My code for having sex. What the letters “ISN” stood for—if anything—I cannot recall. Nor do I remember why I felt the need for a code.

[4] No, we didn’t.

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/04/27/davids-diary-october-7-1968/

1 thought on “David’s Diary – October 7, 1968

  1. davidmadison1942

    “Hobart and I had quite a conversation on St. Paul’s eschatology. Led into a discussion of God and God’s action in history. We, of course, are polls apart—even in what we think about God.” As I recall, he was the flaming fundamentalist, and I was the alarming liberal.:)

    “Stopped to look at the painting at the church (it has been covered ever since I’ve been here); Official Board asked me to hang it where I wish; its not really great…” Gosh, I wish I could remember what that was….if only I’d had a cell phone! 🙂

    “fixed french-fries” At that hour? Gone are the days… 🙂

    “6:35 off for Gordon. We didn’t accomplish too much in German class.” Ah, so that was the class I took at Gordon.

    Great video clip of Apollo!

    “With thoughts of Europe dancing through my head…” BUT the day WOULD come! 🙂

    “preached on “perils of worshipping.” ” Many years ago I threw away a fat folder of my old sermons. I’m kicking myself now! 😦


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