David’s Diary – November 18, 1968

Monday, November 18, 1968

Up about 10. Went right to work on II Cor.; read it and most of Kümmel’s commentary by noon. Stopped for lunch, watched noon news, shaved. Finished Kümmel on I Cor. Went to post office, mailed letters to Mrs. Myers, Folks, Paul + Marty. Went to Gloucester Daily Times office—they gave me the negatives from the pictures they took of me. Went on to the hospital; saw Karen Haskell, she agreed to sing on Sunday before Christmas. Called on Gazella Dodd at her home. Came on home package for Debby arrived from Mark + Shirley, Lee + Mary Lou Weber. I got back to studying—Romans. Bonnie went over [to] the Ornes, to borrow a pattern. Debby woke up, she sat contentedly while I read. Earlier this afternoon—before I made my calls—she rolled over by herself for the 1st time. I was scared because I thought Bonnie was trying to tell me that she’d rolled off something. Worked in Romans; supper after 6; CBS news; repaired wallpaper in kitchen (water damage from recent rain); Bonnie left for choir practice; Mrs. Myers called from Indiana; worked on Romans, Phillipians, Colosians; WORKED ON GREEK (LK1) off to bed at 1:45.

Tuesday, November 19, 1968

Up at 8:30—felt ghastly from staying up so late. Caught 9:20 train to Boston, dozed on the way. 11:15 – 12:00 Greek class. Lunch with Bob Peek—we hadn’t gotten together since the election. Very tired after lunch, hard to study, but did get a little done. Directed Study in Paul, 3:15 to 4. Mike Miller offered me a ride to North station; train home, read Playboy on the way. Home shortly after 6. Supper, shaved (used only the electric this AM), Office Board arrived at 8. Only 5 attended beside Bonnie  + myself. Over by 9. Made sign for Gospel Acc. to St. Matt. film, wrote + mimeographed the pastoral Thanksgiving letter. Our slides came today of New Hamp. trip + more of Debby. Most of them very good. Bathed around 11:30. Had to sign all the Thanksgiving newsletters—I forgot to sign the stencil! Debby was doing quite well at sitting alone this evening—not for very long. Off to bed at 12:10.

Wednesday, November 20, 1968

Up around 10. Desk work; Bonnie did the folding of the Thanksgiving newsletter. Worked in Bright’s Jeremiah, straightened up my desk somewhat, called Whittemores to order Bulletins for the Joint Thanksgiving Service. We had a late lunch. Worked more in Bright; Bonnie + I made selections of slides to be enlarged as color prints for Christmas gifts. She went off on errands with Debby—delivered newsletter to Mrs. Cooney, took sign + tickets for Dane [Dave?] to sell. More work in Bright. Also worked on Directed Study material (Jeremiah) for tomorrow. Called Ethel Leary—her birthday (72nd). Called to supper about 6:30. Watched CBS news. 7:30 began work on Greek for tomorrow. continued until Bible Class started arriving. 7 in attendance this evening; did chpters 31, 32, 33, 34. Over by 9:15. Had cup of coffee, back to Greek. Bathed, continued to work on Greek (Luke chapter 1, and chp. 10:25ff. ISN about mid-night. Not really prepared for tomorrow; will be glad when this semester is over—the load is too heavy; off to bed at 12:45.

Thursday, November 21, 1968

Up about 8:35. Phone call from Lucille Cressy wanting details on Gospel According to St. Matthew for newspapers. Caught 9:20 train to Boston. 11:15 – 12. Greek class. Lunch with Bob Peek; 1 – 2, tried to find copies of Funk’s Language, Hermeneutics + Word of God for Paul directed study—some reviewing for D.S. in Jeremiah. Dr. Richardson half-hour later; had a long chat with Snag Ho Lee. Had short meeting with Dr. Richardson. Discussed my term paper topic—will compare Jeremiah 20 with Job 3. 3 o’clock, caught ride home with Jim Bussey. We helped his neighbor on rt. 128 with flat tire; didn’t get home until about 5. Had supper, studied some German. Off to class about 6:30. Home shortly after 10. Went down to Patriquins, where Bonnie + Debby had spent the evening. We come home about 11. Took bathes. ISN; Bonnie fed Debby. I glanced through German NT which I got tonight; off to bed at 12:55.

Friday, November 22, 1968

5th anniversary of President Kennedy’s assassination

A wasted day. Up before 8. had to go to a meeting of the Rockport Clergy for planning the Thanksgiving Union Service next Wed. Was home by 9:30. Put the crib together that we’ve borrowed. Took our crib downstairs and adjusted it into a playpin. Not feeling at all ambitious today. Had lunch around 12. Had some of Jay Patriquin’s clam chowder and I ate too much of it—my stomach was mildly upset. Tried to nap after lunch; about 2 we all went over to Alan Frederick’s apartment. Listened to records, visited. Came home around 4. Again tried to nap briefly. Felt like doing something out of the ordinary tonight, but really too tired. We had supper around 6:30—and then spent the whole evening—until 1:30!—working on a picture puzzle (instead of going to a movie.) Bathed, off to bed around 1:40…..a whole batch of photos came back today. Bonnie’s efforts with B+W 35 mm proved fruitful.

Saturday, November 23, 1968

Got right up when the alarm went off at 7:50. Felt lousy. Ray Lee was supposed to arrive to look at the car. After I dressed, I dozed on the bed downstairs. 8:45 I got a cup of coffee. Roy finally arrived, diagnosed the car’s problems. I continued to work on the puzzle. So did Bonnie + Roy joined us. This was another day of little accomplishment. We had an early lunch. I shaved, changed wayside pulpit, mailed negative (for my portrait) to Mail-away. Visited Ethel Leary and Grace Harris (+Louise Rich). Worked on sermon outline. Finished puzzle. We (Bonnie + Debby + I) went over to Roy’s house to visit—and get the Playboy magazine he’s giving me. We came home around 5. I took a nap. Got up for supper. Relaxed. Worked on sermon. During a break we sorted photos to be sent to my folks, Bonnie’s folks + Mrs. Myers. About midnight ran off the bulletin; worked more on sermon. Finished about 12:45. Bathed; off to bed at 1:50.

Sunday, November 24, 1968

Up around 8:45. Again—felt lousy. Worked on the order of service, practiced the sermon. Off to church about 10:35. Nice crowd: 48.  Preached on “The Eye of the Needle.” Challenged the idea that American abundance is a gift from God. Home about 12:45. Visited with Hazel + Barbara Lord who were cleaning out their car—a mild day for this time of year. Had lunch, but was extremely tired. Went to nap after lunch. Put in my ear-plugs and was out for the afternoon. Up again about 5. Had supper. Went to St. Mary’s church to see Jim Tanner about preaching for me in December. Must check with Ed Nutting. Home again, relaxed before going to Methodist Men. After this was over, went to Alan Frederick’s apartment. We are lending him the VW tomorrow. We talked about the sermon + religious questions.  Home after 10. Phoned RSY to wish him happy birthday. Bathed; fed Debby; off to bed for ISN at 12:10.

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/05/05/davids-diary-november-18-1968/

1 thought on “David’s Diary – November 18, 1968

  1. davidmadison1942

    I had forgotten all this study of the apostle Paul I had to do. Probably only reinforced my disgust with him.

    “Had to sign all the Thanksgiving newsletters—I forgot to sign the stencil!” The good old days…NOT.

    “tried to find copies of Funk’s Language, Hermeneutics + Word of God for Paul directed study” My guess is that was not a page-turner!

    “Roy finally arrived, diagnosed the car’s problems. I continued to work on the puzzle. So did Bonnie + Roy joined us.” !!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


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