David’s Diary – January 13, 1969

Monday, January 13, 1969

Hard to get up this morning—can’t even remember what time it was. I didn’t move too fast today. In the morning I called Ornes to tell them that we’d gotten back—and Homer came over with a check for us. Completely unloaded car—and visited with Hazel next door. After lunch I had to take a nap. Slept solidly perhaps more than an hour. About 2:00 Bonnie woke me up so that she could leave Debby to go get groceries. I worked at my desk—tended to mail. This took a good part of the afternoon. I helped fix supper, which we had around 6:00. We watched TV until 7:30—Bonnie dozed. I caught a short nap too. After 8:00 we went down to the Patriquins. We came home after 10:00. I did more desk work + tried to get ready for class tomorrow. Bathed; off to bed after 12; ISNθ, lights out about 1:00.

Tuesday, January 14, 1969

Up about 8:00; breakfast, shaved, caught 9:20 train to Boston. Ordered slide projector but it is out of stock. Arrived at BU shortly after 11:00. I found my last semester papers in my mail box—A on Greek paper; A- on Jeremiah. I got my grades to[o]—same as paper grades, with an A- in St. Paul directed study. Had lunch about 12:00—visited for a while with Hobart Farrell. Has class from about 1:00 to 2:30—archaeology. Was free for hour + half. Relaxed, talked with Jim Bussey, got books. 4:00-6:00 Fr. Kings class on Isaiah—should be an interesting semester. Caught the 6:40 train home, got here about 8:00. We had supper, I played with Debby, got to work at my desk. Made phone calls, wrote letters to Harrell Beck + to the Houstons; read magazine; bathed; off to bed at 1:00 AM.

Wednesday, January 15, 1969

We were not in any rush to get up this morning. Finally made it out of bed after 10. I busied myself at my desk—ordered bulletins, wrote a couple of business letters. About noon I shaved, we had lunch, I made a stop at the post office on my way to the train station; I took the 1:15 train to Boston. Got to BU about 3:00; finished registering and paying…just in time to make it to the 4 o’clock class—“Messiah in Ancient Israel.” I got some books then headed to North station; caught the 6:40 train home. Got here about 8:00, had supper. Called Roger Smith about Friday meeting. Shortly after 9:00 we went down to the Patriquins—I wore my new sports coat which Bonnie made. We watched TV with the Patriquins and came home about 11:00. I bathed—took some books to bed; Lights out about 12:20.

Thursday, January 16, 1969

Up about 10. θ+ before arising. This morning I wrote a letter to David Watson, made out an order for a book to Cokesbury. Just about noon I took these to the post office. Went over to Ornes to give them a pamphlet on the Fund for Reconciliation Crusade. Came home, had lunch—very sleepy, took nap. Bonnie went on errands, I stayed with Debby. I made progress in G. E. Wright’s Biblical Archaeology. Bonnie came home, I read a copy of the pamphlet I gave to Ornes. Had supper, fed Debby, about 8:00 pm went over to see Roger Smith to talk about the fund crusade. Home shortly after nine. Phone call. Didn’t get much studying done. Bonnie and I discussed going to Europe. We think we’ll wait until Sept 1. Bathed, off to read in bed at 12:30.

Friday, January 17, 1969

We stayed in bed late. Weren’t up until after 10:00. We had a large breakfast; I worked at my desk, trying to get the clutter cleared away; I made a list of the contents of my wallet. We didn’t have lunch until late. I tried to do some more reading in Wright’s Biblical Archaeology but I became sleepy. Napped a good part of the afternoon—both Bonnie and I; we got up about 5:00. I fixed supper. After supper I shaved, got ready to go; at 6:30 Roger smith picked me up; we (Home Orne too) went to Malden Center Church for a meeting launching the Fund for Reconciliation Drive. We saw a play. “The Insurance Company”—weak in places, but had an impact (included a vivid riot scene); Rockport church is asked to raise $2670 in 4 years. Meeting was over about 10:00; home before 11:00; snack; read in Wright; lights out 1:10.

Saturday, January 18, 1969

We were dragged from bed about 10:15 this morning by a phone call from the Whitfords—who wanted to make sure we’d arrived back safely from Indiana. I worked at my desk after getting dressed. No breakfast. Tried to get sermon under way. We had our lunch around noon, and I worked on the sermon. I was left to baby sit; Bonnie went shopping with the Lords. I finished the sermon and did the bulletins—finished by about 5:00. I then read briefly in Wright until Bonnie got home. Helped fix supper. After supper we visited with Barbara + Hazle—listened to some of their new records—came home about 8:30. I was very sleepy—had a cup of coffee. Read in Wright for a while; bathed; worked on tomorrow’s service; off to read Wright in bed; lights out shortly after midnight.

Sunday, January 19, 1969

Up about 8 o’clock; breakfast, shaved, practiced sermon: “Methodism Responds to a Crisis”—about the Fund for Reconciliation. Read for a brief time in Wright. Off to church about 10:30. 34 in attendance. Home about 12:30. Neither of us felt like having lunch—so we went for a walk, to the grocery store and then to 11 Granite Street to see Barbara + Hazle in their new apartment. They are fixing it up—haven’t moved in yet. We rode home with them; had our lunch. Then relaxed—I dozed briefly. At 3 o’clock Alan Frederick arrived for a visit—stayed 1½  – 2 hrs. told us of his desire to pledge $200 to the Fund. After he left I read + did desk work—napped briefly. At 8 o’clock I went over to Ornes to fill out a form with Homer. Home about 9:30. We had supper; then both of us took our baths; I got some more read in Wright; —in bed too; lights out 12:20.

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/05/14/davids-diary-january-13-1969/

1 thought on “David’s Diary – January 13, 1969

  1. davidmadison1942

    “I found my last semester papers in my mail box—A on Greek paper; A- on Jeremiah. I got my grades to[o]—same as paper grades, with an A- in St. Paul directed study.” 🙂 🙂 🙂

    “the 4 o’clock class—“Messiah in Ancient Israel.”” …..wait…there was more than one?

    ” I worked at my desk, trying to get the clutter cleared away” 49 years later…it has never happened! 🙂


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