David’s Diary – March 24, 1969

Monday, March 24, 1969

Such a tiring day yesterday. Didn’t get up until almost 10:00. Found it hard to get to work—too much on my mind re: the church and the Marrs. Finally did get down to work in Simon’s book on Jerusalem. Had lunch after 1:00. Got some solid work done in Simon in afternoon. Also read some in Kenyon’s book Jerusalem, and began to get a clearer view of Late Bronze Age Jerusalem. Worked until after 6:00. Had supper, watched CBS news. After 7:45 dropped Bonnie off at community chorus practice—went with Debby over to Haskells to talk about last night’s meeting and to ask Karen to serve on board + on worship committee. Home about 9:00. Got back to work on archaeology preparing for tomorrow. I plan to invite youth group to hold dance in our church; off to bathe about 11:45; off to bed; lights out 12:35.

Tuesday, March 25, 1969

A tiring day; up at 8:00; shaved, breakfast—caught 9:20 train to Boston; worked on German on the train. Got to North station, but the trolley service was shut down—not electrical power. No bus service to BU—so started walking to BU. Finally on Beacon St., a block or two before Kenmore Sq. finally caught a bus the rest of the way—arrived about 11:40. Had lunch with Bob Peek—then Charlie Whitford. Worked getting ready for class—archaeology, from 2:00 to 4:00. Isaiah from 4:00 to 6:00. Left class a few minutes early. Got to N. station in plenty of time. Caught 6:40 train home. Got here about 8:00; had supper; shortly before 9:00 went over to see Bob Dawson, then to see Phil Parker about a dance for the teenagers in our church vestry. They both agreed to it. I got home by 10:30. Bathed, prepared for bed; today I got word that I have received Edmund Beebe $1000 fellowship; off to bed, lights out 11:41.

Wednesday, March 26, 1969

Up by 9:30. Had a big breakfast; wrote 3 letters: to Worship Commission, to Motive mag, and to Engage magazine—for resources to help the worship committee I’m getting together of the young people. Wrote letter of acceptance to the Bebbe Fellowship. The mail man brought our slides—and we were quite pleased with them. Had lunch around 12:00—shaved, then caught the 1:15 train to Boston. Arrived about 2:30, went to Jordan Marsh, bought a shutter-release cable and a record, went to BU. Ran errands, went to class from 4:00 to 6:00; really a rather dull seminar—not worth the time; good training in ways not to conduct a seminar—will keep in mind for the future. Caught 6:40 train home—arrived about 8:00. Had supper, then at 9:00 went to see Henry Coty and Carol McDonald—will be marrying them in a couple of weeks. Home by 9:45—we went to Patriquins to show our slides; home by 11:00; bathed, took a picture of Bonnie; off to read in bed; lights out after 12:30.

Thursday, March 27, 1969

Up about 9:00. Had small breakfast. Went over to see Homer + Sarah Orne—to tell them about my plans with the youth; i.e., dance, helping in Sunday worship—they weren’t too enthusiastic—but are willing to see if I have success. I hadn’t planned to stay as long as I did—didn’t get home until after noon—was rather depressed. Very weary too. Tried to nap after lunch, and to work on Bible lesson for tonight. About 3 o’clock I got ready (shaved) to go see Ethel Leary—she got a birthday plate for Debby. Some kids were out in the yard; I helped them get their kite up. After I got back from seeing Ethel, I worked on Samson story for tonight—until supper time; watched CBS news. Got projector ready to show slides tonight. Bible class began to arrive about 8:00; 7 in attendance besides Bonnie + myself. Did Samson story; Judges 14 ff.—then showed slides; broke up about 9:30. Desk work—tried to plan work for next two weeks; off to bathe about 10:15. Read in bed; lights out at 11:15 θ+.

Friday, March 28, 1969

Up shortly after 8:00. Wanted to get to work on my Psalm 110 paper. Bonnie didn’t get up—turns out that she’s sick—upset stomach, fever later in the day, I took care of Debby today—that is, fed her lunch + supper, bathed her. Bonnie spent the day in bed; I brought her medicines and what meals she wanted. I spent the better part of the day working on the Psalm paper—made good progress. Stopped shortly after noon for lunch. About 12:50 on radio hard of Eisenhower’s death. Turned on TV from 1:00 til 2:00 watched special Eisenhower documentary (CBS); worked on paper in afternoon. Late afternoon made a trip to store for milk, ice cream, coke; fixed supper for Debby + myself. Back to desk; took picture of the cat on my books; during the evening took picture of outdoor lamp. Worked on the paper til after 11:30. Stopped to bathe. Got Debby’s bottle ready for morning; relaxed, read in bed; lights out 12:50.

Saturday, March 29, 1969

Up by 9:30. shaved, had small breakfast; tried to get sermon idea—not too inspired. Read the mail when it came; fixed a light lunch for Bonnie + myself. Early in the afternoon I went down to see Lucy and John Patience—took the slides along; they seemed to appreciate it. Home by about 3:00. Got to work on the sermon—but not very satisfied with it. Worked on getting supper—Busseys arrived about 6:30. They have just bought a very good camera—over $200. We showed them our slides. We put up our tent in the living room, visited and took pictures of one another. I still had not finished my sermon, however—and neither had Jim. The[y] left by 9:30. Spent some time on the phone with Winnie Gamage—then finally finished sermon; did the bulletin; haven’t put things off so late in a long time; off to bed at 12:55.

Sunday, March 30, 1969

Up about 8:00. Worked on getting the service ready, after bathing. Shaved about 10:00, dressed, headed for the church. Bonnie stayed at home, still not feeling up to par. 55 in church; preached on “The Discomfort of Following Jesus.” Home by 12:30. Helped Bonnie with lunch. Prepared the scripture readings for the Den-Mar service; relaxed for a few minutes. Off to Den-Mar at 2:45. Home by 3:40. Committee meeting here at parsonage at 4:00.—Committee to study the future of our church. This broke up about 6:00. Helped Bonnie with supper and cleaning up the kitchen. Had to take a nap before trying to get work done; went to the post office with report on Fund for Reconciliation: $3,958.00. Home again, got to work on Psalm 110 paper again. Much longer than I had anticipated—I would enjoy it more if I weren’t so pressed for time. Stopped about 12:00 to prepare for bed. Fed the cat; off to bed, lights out 12:23.

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/05/27/davids-diary-march-24-1969/

1 thought on “David’s Diary – March 24, 1969

  1. davidmadison1942

    Alex & Alice Marr…oh how they hated me. 😦 Old and set in the very conservative ways.

    “Also read some in Kenyon’s book Jerusalem, and began to get a clearer view of Late Bronze Age Jerusalem.” A lot of good that ever did me!

    “today I got word that I have received Edmund Beebe $1000 fellowship” 🙂 🙂 🙂

    “really a rather dull seminar—not worth the time; good training in ways not to conduct a seminar—will keep in mind for the future.” 🙂

    “i.e., dance, helping in Sunday worship—they weren’t too enthusiastic—” Homer and Sarah Orne were also very conservative, but they were nice people, unlike the Marrs.

    “on radio hard of Eisenhower’s death” should read “heard”

    “I still had not finished my sermon, however—and neither had Jim.” On Saturday night! Shame on us.

    “preached on “The Discomfort of Following Jesus.” Oh how I wish I had a copy of that. I could give a major lecture/seminar on that today! 🙂


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