David’s Diary – March 17, 1969

Monday, March 17, 1969

Up at 6:00. Had breakfast, packed briefcase, shaved, caught 7:10 train. Arrived at BU in time to get the library books in by 9:00. Spent the rest of my time at BU working on Debir—reading articles of Stratum C. Had lunch about 12:00. Ate with Mike Miller + John Waters. Did some xeroxing—continued working on Debir—more material than I had thought, didn’t make as much progress as I had hoped. Left BU about 3:30. Caught the 4:10 train home; dozed on the train. Home by 5:30. Until 6:30 I made phone calls for Wesleyan Fellowship meeting—about 15. 6:30–7:00. Ate, watched CBS news. 7:00–7:45 visited with Mr. + Mrs. Haskell at their home. She will accept office + will come to the meeting on Thursday. Home before 8:00; Bonnie went to choir practice, I translated German + stayed with Debby. Bathed after 11:00; off to study in bed. Lights out, 12:13.

Tuesday, March 18, 1969

Awake before 8:00; θ before arising. Finally got up about 8:20. Had breakfast, shaved. Caught the 9:20 train to Boston; studied German on the train—caught the trolley from North Station, arrived at Klugman’s at 11:00. Worked on German until a little after 12:00—headed for BU. Had lunch with Charlie Whitford. Worked during the afternoon on Jerusalem archaeological assignment. Relaxed, talking with Walter Aufrucht from about  3:15 until class at 4:00. (Isaiah) Left class about 5:50 to go to North Station; was there in plenty to time—was on the train by 6:20. Worked on German; translated almost a page on way to Rockport; home by 8:00; had supper, Bonnie went down to Patriquins, I prepared 2nd newsletter on the Fund; talked with Alan Federick on the phone while folding + stuffing the letter; after 11:00 bathed; off to bed; lights out 12:15.

Wednesday, March 19, 1969

Up at 8:45. Prepared for the Bible Class—after having breakfast and completing the mailing for Mrs. Cooney. Shaved about noon, had lunch, caught the 1:15 train. Went from North Station to Sears, picked up the tripod, then went to BU. Did a few errands and then went to class at 4:00. Read a paper on Psalm 110—although the final form of the paper is yet to be written. I left class early, shortly after five, in order to catch an early train home. Got here about 7:00. Had supper; then set up the camera and the tripod; took two pictures of Debby. Bible class arrived, and Debby certainly entertained them. We read the book of Haggai. Then talked about prophetic religion in general. After Bible Class I drove the car over to Lee’s; Sue drove me back and took the car home—after a chat. I took a photo of our lamp in front of the house. Wrote a letter to Harrell Beck (with news that the Dempster was fouled up); bathed; off to bed; lights out.

Thursday, March 20, 1969

Up around 9:00. Spent time today trying to prepare for the meeting tonight. Ran off some sheets describing the new structure, and prepared my presentation. We didn’t have lunch until late. Alan Federick was over twice today to borrow and then bring back the vacuum cleaner. After lunch—and after finishing preparing for tonight—I went to the post office to mail letters—including one to Beck. Late in the afternoon I worked on German; did this until time to go to the meeting. Covered dish supper, followed by discussion at the church on the future of the church. There was frank and open discussion—and several proposals. Two committees appointed to come back with proposals—generally an encouraging meeting. Didn’t get home until about 10:30. Took Hazle Lord home; bathed; worked briefly on German; off to bed; lights out 11:50:  θ.

Friday, March 21, 1969

Up about 9:00. Very small breakfast; went over to Ornes to tell them about last night’s meeting. Was home again by 10:30. Read the mail when it came, but I worked some in the morning on my sermon. Also made some progress on it after lunch and after shaving.  At 2:00 Bonnie + Debby + I left for Melrose. We arrived at Uhlingers at 3:00. Had a talk until about 4:30—about the church and our plans. Left for Rockport, stopped briefly to see the Busseys. Home shortly after 6:00. Helped with supper, watched CBS news; took a picture of Bonnie + candles. Got back to work on my sermon—on the 23rd psalm. Bonnie did [not] want to sit at home all evening, so she went to Patriquins. I finished sermon. Typed up the bulletin, then worked on German until about 12:45. Stopped to bathe; Alan Federick’s lady friend Pat arrived from England today; Relaxed; off to bed; lights out 1:35.

Saturday, March 22, 1969

Up about nine—but weary. Had a small breakfast and got to work preparing for the Annual Meeting tomorrow. Had to go over to Homer + Sarah’s to get some figures—we got into a conversation on COCU. [1] Sarah is against it; was home before or about 1:00. Had lunch, back to work on the reports. Had to do phoning; after 3 o’clock went to see Mr. + Mrs. Patience, then went on down to see Kay Patriquin to get figures. Bonnie came down after I’d been there a while, but we shortly came on home and had supper. I went upstairs to nap. By about 7:00 I was up again, working at my desk. I had to cut about 3 stencils + run some material off for the meeting tomorrow. About 10 o’clock I went through the service for tomorrow; then set to work getting my desk straightened up. Finished about 11:30, then stopped to bathe. Bonnie joined me in the tub; she went to bed to read; I studied German about an hour; off to bed; light out at 1:00.

Sunday, March 23, 1969

Up about 9:20. Breakfast, shaved, dressed and off to the church. Had a good attendance—over 40; preached on the 23rd psalm—more pledges came in; by the end of the afternoon we had pledges for $3,648.00—136% of our Fair Share Goal of 2,670.00 Had lunch when we got home from church; got to work making final preparations for the charge conference. Stretched out for a few minutes around 4 o’clock. Off to the church about 4:15. About 20 at the meeting; Alex Marr was quite upset over suggestion in the air to sell the church building—it became a heated meeting. We didn’t break up until about 7:00. We came back to the parsonage with the Uhlingers. Had supper; they rushed on to the meeting at Riverdale. I went over to wee the Crowells—who seemed to be upset leaving the meeting tonight. We had a chat for about 2:00 hours. Came home—Bonnie had gone to the Patriquins—so I went down there too. Home about 10:00; bathed; off to bed; lights out about 11:40.

[1] COCU: Consultation on Church Union: talks that dragged on for years, aimed at merging major denominations. A colossal waste of time, dubbed “cuckoo” by many.

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/05/26/davids-diary-march-17-1969/

1 thought on “David’s Diary – March 17, 1969

  1. davidmadison1942

    A week of church bureaucracy busy-ness! 😦

    “..was on the train by 6:20. Worked on German; translated almost a page on way to Rockport.” I eventually passed the German reading proficiency exam. Unlike French, however, I let it slide. Not one of my favorite languages–although I do like German opera. 🙂

    I wish I still had that sermon in the 23rd Psalm. Sigh. My thoughts on it today are probably oh so different. 🙂


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