David’s Diary – March 10, 1969

Monday, March 10, 1969

A full day; up about 9:00, got to work immediately working on Fund newsletter. This occupied my morning; mother offered to take us to Captain Courageous restaurant for lunch—with Hazel Brady. We left here shortly after noon. We had a nice time with Hazel. When we got back home I got to work on the newsletter—it took more time than I had expected. Bonne + Mother helped stuff envelopes, fold, etc. When they were all finished I took them over to Mrs. Cooney. Was home around 5:00. Had a 7-Up, got to work straightening up my desk. Glanced through books for preparing for tomorrow. Had supper at 6:00. Bonnie went to the community chorus, I worked all evening on archaeology. When I finished that I turned to German. Had a snack—mom + I conferred on [Gumson?]. Bathed; off to study in bed 12:15; lights out c. 12:35.

Tuesday, March 11, 1969

Up shortly after 7:00. Shaved; breakfast; left at 8:30—taking mother to the airport. We arrived at Logan about 9:30. Said our good-byes and I headed for Flugman’s. I  was there by 10:00. An hour early. Luckily he had the hour free. I left there about 11:00; went to Sears, picked up the movie-camera light—headed to BU. Arrived shortly after noon. Had lunch + a nice visit with Bob Peek. I was under the impression that archaeology class was supposed to meet today in Richardson’s absence (he’s in Israel!)—but we didn’t—so I did work on my seminar presentation for tomorrow. Went to Isaiah class at 4:00. Left during the 5 o’clock break. Was in Rockport by 6:30. Had supper, relaxed, did some work on seminar report; at 8:30 we went to Loyd Starretts home to arrange our wills; home by 10:00. Worked on seminar; bathed off to bed, lights out, 12:10.

Wednesday, March 12, 1969

Today we had cats hanging around the house; ours is in heat.

Up shortly after 7:00. No breakfast. Went to work preparing my presentation for seminar this afternoon. This took all morning—although I didn’t have to rush.  Had lunch about 12:30, shaved. About 2:10 I left for BU—made good time—was there by 3:15—and found a parking place right in front of the school. Until 4:00, worked in the library. Seminar from 4:00 til 5:45. I didn’t get to give my presentation, since we ran out of time. Got some library books, then headed home. Stopped at Bussey’s in Gloucester to get materials, then came home—arrived about 7:20. Had supper, fed Debby, worked at my desk—wrote letter to [Rev Blaising?] in S. Indiana Conf. about my ordination. Very weary this evening; bathed 10:00—off to bed, θ+!!!; lights out 11:20; more θ !!!

Thursday, March 13, 1969

More cats around the house today; the cat should be pregnant! Didn’t get up too early—around 9:00 I suppose. Wrote letters to people at Gordon about organist; called Pamela Van Twuyver to see if she’s ready to be our organist again—no. Wrote to Mrs. Myers. When the mail man came we stopped to look at our slides—again a very good roll. We had lunch around noon—watched the live coverage of Apollo 9 splashdown. Shaved after eating. At 2 o’clock went for my doctor’s appointment. Waited for an hour—but I had a book with me. He took the stitches out of my arm. Filled out my physical exam form for ordination. About 3:30 I left; Dr. Clapp gave me figures on my eyes—we (his wife too) chatted about music + organists. Home before 5:00. Desk work; contacted Dr. Alton [Bymon] at Gordon about organist. Supper, CBS news. Looked at our slides again. Desk work; about 9:00 we went to Patriquins; home about 11:15. Bathed; off to read in bed; lights out 12:30.

Friday, March 14, 1969

Θ+ before getting up. Finally out of bed about 9:00. Had breakfast. Desk work, more phoning about organist, worked a little on Sunday service. I really didn’t accomplish too much this morning. At noon listened to President Nixon’s news conference—his announcement to build a limited ABM system—too bad he didn’t junk it altogether.  Went to the church, changed wayside pulpit, came home, had lunch. Finally got a slow start actually writing the Psalm 110 paper. Didn’t make very much progress before we had to get ready to go to Burtons. We left here about 5:30. Ran into slow traffic in Boston; arrived at Burton’s about 6:45. Had supper, visited, showed out slides, played Tripoli—and took some pictures, two of a group of candles. Left for home about 11:00. Got here about 12:00. bath. Off to bed, lights out about 12:30.

Saturday, March 15, 1969

Up by 9:30. Had no breakfast—got to work immediately working on the bulletins—did phoning about organist. Margaret Kerr called me from Gordon—(I had written her), and agreed to come in the afternoon to see the organ. Had lunch around  noon—after getting the bulletins all done. In the afternoon did calling. After working for a while on the service, meeting Miss Kerr at the church for a few minutes—went to see Esther Longley and then up to Rip Hannibal. Showed our slides at both places. Stopped briefly to see Barbara + Hazle Lord. Was home about 6:00. Had supper, helped bake pie, dusted off our slides. At 8:00 Alan Federick came over to see the slides; he left at 9:00. We had snack. Then I got back to working on the service, listen to radio briefly—bathed. We took several slides today. Very weary after bath; off to bed; lights out 12:13.

Sunday, March 16, 1969

Up about 8:30. Had breakfast, worked on the service, shaved—left for the church about 10:40. Service didn’t begin until 11:15, since we had to wait for the organist to come from the Episcopal church. 36 in attendance; preached on “Judge not…” took $2,840 in pledges for the Fund For Reconciliation. Home before 1:00; had lunch; went to work at my desk preparing for the nominations committee tonight—didn’t get too much accomplished—the afternoon really vanished. Had supper around 6:30. The nominating commit arrived around 7:30, the meeting lasted until almost 10:00. We discussed more than nominations; talked about the meeting this Thursday night to discuss the future of our congregation. Very few people are willing to spend the time necessary to keep the church going; bathed after they left, off to bed; lights out 11:18.

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/05/25/davids-diary-march-10-1969/

1 thought on “David’s Diary – March 10, 1969

  1. davidmadison1942

    “Had a 7-Up” Gosh, I really don’t remember drinking that stuff…SO much sugar.

    “Today we had cats hanging around the house; ours is in heat.” I covered all the news!

    “Had a snack—mom + I conferred on [Gumson?]” I just looked at that text again–still can’t figure it out.

    “I didn’t get to give my presentation, since we ran out of time.” 😦 😦

    “Esther Longley” I think she was the woman who had never left Rockport. Not once in her life–and was proud to be able to say it!


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