David’s Diary – March 3, 1969

Monday, March 3, 1969

Debby is getting into sitting position well—and doing better at crawling.

Up about 7:00, shaved; while shaving phone call from Dr. Brown canceling my 9:00 AM appointment because of the snow storm. To be tomorrow at 8:00. After breakfast, I got to work on translating French. About 9:00 I got sleepy, so took a nap. Got up by 10:30. Worked the rest of the morning on the French. Took pictures of Debby. After lunch went to the Post Office—sent another roll of film to Mail-away and sent the Debby poster to Bonnies folks. Spent the afternoon after this on the French article—for the most part. Stopped about 6:00. Helped with supper, watched the news. 7:30 back to the French. At about 8:00 I went to Alan Federick’s apartment to check my translation. Home by 9:30—had a snack, but then got to the translating again. About 11:00 stopped to bathe while listening to the news; back to my desk for brief period; off to bed; lights out 12:00 —θ+.

Tuesday, March 4, 1969

Up at 6:45, shaved, slight breakfast; walked to 5 Corners, where Barbara Lord picked me up and took me to the hospital. Right at 8 o’clock Dr. Brown started working on my arm—removed two lipomata. He was finished by 8:30. Bonnie arrived at 9:00, so I was home early for a morning of study. Also took pictures outdoors. Worked on trans. French. At 12:00 I was in need of a nap and the pain killer was fading. Tried to nap, got up at 1:00 to fix lunch. After lunch worked on French. At about 4:00 the mail man came with our tent! Finally! Ordered more than 3 months ago. After we got it up in the living room, I got back to worked, finished the French article. Succeeded in napping from about 5:30 until after 6:00. Got up, had supper, watched news; desk work. About 8:45 Alan Federick arrived for dessert + to check my French. We visited; he left after 10:00. Bathed; off to study in bed; took 6 aspirins today. Lights out 11:50.

Wednesday, March 5, 1969

Up before 9:00. Had a hearty breakfast, began work at my desk trying to get clear in my mind the new church structure. Late in the morning Bonnie went off on errands. Debby became fussy, so I fed her her lunch, changed her, and put her to bed just as Bonnie got home (also earlier took some pictures of her in the playpen). Bonnie had purchased a board to cover the fireplace to keep Debby out. After out lunch I continued work at my desk, did more on material to show the decline of the church for a meeting on the 20th. Late in the afternoon I burned trash + helped Bonnie stain the board. Prepared for the Official Board meeting. We had supper around 6:30—watched CBS news. A little after 7:00 I left for the church. 13 at the meeting—no opposition to the Fund for Reconciliation. Home by 9:00; had coffee, worked on German—Bonnie busy with patterns + watching TV movie; bathed about 11:00; back to German. To bed about 12:00.

Thursday, March 6, 1969

Wasn’t up too early this morning; it was after 9:00 I believe. My day was spent largely in preparing for this evening’s Bible Class. In the morning I worked on Habakkuk with the Interpreters Bible. We had a late lunch—weren’t finished until about 2:00—and I got back to work. Went from Habakkuk to Zephaniah. About 3:00 Bonnie went on a trip to Gloucester, I stayed home studying—Debby slept the whole time. Mother called to tell me her arrival time tomorrow; Fr. King called to tell me he approves of my paper topic. Bonnie got home after 5:00. I stopped to watch 6 o’clock news. We didn’t have supper until 7:00. I sorted + counted buttons for Bonnie while watching the news. 8 o’clock, Bible class; 7:00 in attendance besides Bonnie + I. Over by 9:30. Alan Federick stayed for coffee and consultation on German. After he went, worked on German; about 12:00 bathed; German in bed; lights out about 1:03.

Friday, March 7, 1969

Up at 9:00. Worked in study, trying to straighten things up. Debby was crawling around into everything. Worked on letter to members of the Wesleyan Fellowship. After the mailman arrived we had a late breakfast. Shaved, got ready to go to Boston. Left here shortly after 1:00. Arrived BU about 2:10. Got needed books, arranged to get refund check. Left for the airport shortly after 3:00. Arrived about 20 minutes before the plane was due—but it was delayed. Finally mother arrived about 4:40. I shot a few feet of film of her walking away from the plane. Got her luggage + headed home. Arrived Rockport about 6:25. Had supper—then Debby got up from her afternoon nap—during the evening we viewed slides, played with Debby, visited—took some pictures. But we were all—mother especially—pretty tired. Took bath about 10:30; off to read in bed; lights out 11:15.

Saturday, March 8, 1969

Up about 8:45. Had a large breakfast. Got to work getting the service ready for tomorrow—started working on the sermon. The mail man brought both boxes of slides—so we were delighted and threw them on the screen immediately. On the whole we were very pleased. Mother went to the beauty parlor about 11:00. After she got home + had seen the slides, and after I’d shaved—we had lunch. In the afternoon I worked on the service and made a trip to the church. Tried without success on the phone to get an organist for tomorrow. About 7:00 we had supper—I had finished the sermon. Worked on bulletins. At 8:00 we went to Patriquins to show slides + visit. Came home about 10:00. I finished bulletins—we listened to Tom Lehrer, visited, bathed; did more preparation for service; off to bed; lights out 12:55.

Sunday, March 9, 1969

Up at 8 o’clock; had to finish working on the service, and get the record player down to the church. Had a small breakfast, shaved, left for the church in the car about 10:00. About 10:30 I had everything set up, then took the car back to the house—rushed back to the church. A good service—44 in attendance—preached on Marion Anderson and played 2 of her songs. After lunch I got to work at my desk, worked on membership list; took it to Mrs. Cooney. Prepared Wesleyan Fellowship letters—this occupied me until supper time. After supper went to the church—shortly after 7:00—for C.A.M.P. meeting, about 9 went to see Roger Smith for his signature. Home about 9:30. Relaxed, visited, had cup of coffee. Wrote Sen Brooke for books, took pictures. Had my arm dressed; bathed, composed pastoral letter on the Fund; off to bed, a busy day—but got no studying done! θ+ lights out 12:15.

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/05/24/davids-diary-march-3-1969/

1 thought on “David’s Diary – March 3, 1969

  1. davidmadison1942

    “After we got it up in the living room” I do remember that–or at least the photos we took.

    “I got back to work. Went from Habakkuk to Zephaniah” Hey, exciting stuff. NOT

    “7:00 in attendance” should read “7 in attendance”

    “I shot a few feet of film of her walking away from the plane.” Gee, on my iPhone? 🙂 I wonder if that footage survives anywhere.


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