David’s Diary – July 7, 1969

Monday, 7 July 1969

Up around 9:00 as I recall; had a small breakfast of toast and coffee. Had no fever today, but my bowels were still very runny, so I ate little—broth + toast, ice cream, jello, coffee. Spent the whole day on German again. Didn’t spend all my time with Noth, but managed to get two lessons done in the grammar book. Had to take a break in mid-afternoon—to avoid a headache. Bonnie went shopping early in the afternoon. We had supper around 6:30—watched CBS news. Went back to German, arrived at a stopping point about 8:30—at which time we took pictures—tried to get family portraits; took about half a dozen. Then I got back to work. Allen called from Canada in a.m.—won’t be back till late tonight. I stopped studying about 12:30; bowels much improved. Bathed; snacked; off to bed; lights out 1:30.

Tuesday, 8 July 1969

Up about 8:45 after Θ. Had breakfast; greeted Alan when he arose—he arrived home about 2:00 AM. A slow morning. I walked to the post office—but felt winded and weak because of my weekend illness. Relaxed for the most part in the morning, although on towards noon Alan + I did get down to German. We had lunch on the table outside. After lunch we began going over my translation of Noth. After a while Alan became sleepy. He nap[ped] while I translated. About 4:20 (after I had relaxed for a few minutes) he woke up, drove to P.O. +  to Gloucester, then when he got back we went back to work on German until supper; watched CBS news; about 7:30 to 8:30 we worked on German, then he went to write letters; I translated until about 9:30 when we went to Patriquins. Showed some slides (box 18). Home about 10:30; bathed; worked on German until about 12:15; off to bed; lights out 12:25.

Wednesday, 9 July 1969

About 8:30. After breakfast Alan and I worked on German out in the yard—that is reading my translation for him to check. The morning was marked by the departure of two of our kittens. Bonnie took them to the Animal Rescue League in Gloucester ( to be adopted).  But we hated to see them go. After lunch I shaved, then got back to work on German. Alan was waiting for Pat Harry [???] to call from Kennedy Airport in NY—she did about 3:00—she was catching plane for Boston. Alan left for Logan. Bonnie, Debbie +  I went to Gloucester to make our travel reservations for Europe. Back home I wrote letter to David Watson. Had supper, then Bonnie + I went to the show, “Closely Watched Train”  at Little Arts Cinema. Afterwords picked up Debbie at Patriquins, headed home, wrote letter to Gary Myers—phone calls from Alan, Diane Nancekevill, Don McGaw; worked on German more; bathed; off to bed; lights out 12:30.

Thursday, 10 July 1969

Gladys holding Debbie, March 1969

Stayed in bed rather late this morning; wasn’t up until after 9:00. Shaved immediately after breakfast. Wrote letter to the chairman of the Divinity faculty at Cambridge requesting permission to attend lectures. Went to post office and to the bank, to give Jean Crowell $50 check for Fund For Reconciliation. Came home, begin fixing fire in outdoor fireplace—began cooking chicken. Relaxed; Allen and Pat didn’t arrive until 12:45—at which time we ate. After lunch Bonnie + I left them alone in the picnic area. I tried to nap some, wrote letter to Mrs. Myers. Then we all had tea + pie together; after they left I was utterly exhausted. But I got to work on German; at 6:30 watched CBS news; had a snack supper. Got to German again after 8:00. Spent most of the evening on it with some interruptions—but made good progress. Bathed about 12:15; off to bed, lights out 1 AM.

Friday, 11 July 1969

I’ll today at 9:25 went to work immediately on German without breakfast. Interrupted only briefly by the mail man. About 11:30 Allen called—he and Pat would arrived [sic] in about an hour. I shaved, then returned to German. When Alan + Pat got here we had lunch, I went back to German then for a while. Then Alan and I went over my translation. This was done by about 3:00; Bonnie +  Pat had gone shopping in Gloucester. Alan napped + I took Debby on my back and went to visit Grace Harris [?] + Mrs. Rich. Home about 4:00. Chatted with Bonnie + Pat. Shortly after Alan left, Bonnie got supper while I worked on German. After supper we went to the show at Little Arts Cinema: “Stollen Kisses.” This was out a[t] 9:00; picked up Debbie at Patriquins. Home again; read for sermon; then back to German; stop to bathe; off to bed; lights out at 12 after Θ.

Saturday, 12 July 1969

Up at 7:50; got a cup of coffee and went right to work on German. Worked pretty steadily until mail man came; he brought slides, which we viewed. I then shaved; went to the church then went to Patriquins to borrow the slide screen. Came home, had lunch. After this went to work on sermon; had to do some reading; finished this about three. Went down to see you Mr. + Mrs. Patience. Home by 3:45. Went back to work on sermon until finished. Typed first side of the bulletin stencil; fixed supper, watched NBC news (Sat.) + other show. Then went to see Rip Hannibal. Took slides up to show. Was there for about 2 hours. Home by 10:00. Then we went to the Patriquins; showed them the new box of slides; had a snack, visited. Shortly after 11:00 came home, called Don McGaw about preaching next Sunday; finished bulletin; worked on service; bathed; practiced service; off to bed, lights out 1:38.

Sunday, 13 July 1969

Felt Debby’s first tooth today   Up about 8:40. Very weary. Shaved, had cup of coffee. Went to the church. Almost 40; preached on Second Isaiah. Home about 11:15; helped with lunch. After lunch Busseys came over briefly to get water. After they left I tried to nap successfully. Played with Debbie for a while. Rested more. About 4:00 I finally got to work on German.—but I didn’t do very much—too weary. Tried to nap again; had more success.  Up about 6:00; Don Magaw called with his sermon title, hymns, scripture for next Sunday. We had supper, then I typed up most of the bulletin stencil. About 8:20 Lloyd Starrett came over to confer on our wills + trust fund, copies of which he had sent us through the mail. He left about 9:30. Then we set about preparing to leave tomorrow. I finished the bulletin + attaching directions; cleaned up my study; packed briefcase;  packed suit case; bathed; off to bed, lights out 12:30.

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/06/14/davids-diary-july-7-1969/

3 thoughts on “David’s Diary – July 7, 1969

  1. davidmadison1942

    As I recall the intensive German study went on through July, at least.

    But at least we took time out to see movies. 🙂


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