David’s Diary – September 8, 1969

Monday, 8 September 1969

Up about 8:00; had breakfast, shaved, caught 9:20 train to Boston. Went to Symphony I theatre and saw “I am Curious (Yellow)”, a Swedish film; not particularly a great film in itself, but does represent another step in liberalizing film treatment of sex + nudity. After leaving the cinema went to BU; had time for brief lunch before going to class. The German class is beyond me—most students in it are advanced German majors—prof lectures in German –I’ll have to drop it; tried to find Beck after the class but no luck. Left for North Station, caught 4:10 train home. Bonnie not well today—in bed when I got home—dizzy spells. I fixed supper after relaxing. Then went over to Addison Gilbert Hospital to see Becky Bussey (she had her baby this afternoon: Matthew James), Jim was there too. Also saw Florence Hannibal. Came home, baked a cake for Bonnie—read—have read today in Books of Samuel. Hurricane headed our way  Bathed, OBLO 11:53.

Tuesday, 9 September 1969

Didn’t get to sleep easily last night—so was sleeping late. About 9:30 Bonnie asked me to get her a doctor—called Stelluto’s office—they called Dr. Mann’s office—they called us. After eating, and feeding Debbie (Mrs. Paradis stayed with her) we went to Mann’s office in Gloucester. He couldn’t find anything wrong with her. Recommended rest. We came home about noon. Watched weather report—hurricane headed our way (G[??]). I went to town to get prescription filled. Came home, got lunch, fed Debbie, cleaned up kitchen. I was tired—relaxed—then in the late afternoon napped. Got up about 5:00, shaved, then tended to getting supper. About 7:20 left for the church for the Board meeting. They agreed to pay parsonage utilities. Meeting over 8:30—chatted until 9:00. Came home, wrote letter regarding attending a meeting in Oxford, Mass this Saturday. Ordered the magazine Interpreter. Bathed. Off to bed to read; (the hurricane headed out to sea), LO 11:35.

Wednesday, 10 September 1969

Didn’t get up til after 9:30, and I was tired. Had breakfast, made a lunch, shaved, then caught the 11:15 train to Boston. Arrived BU around 1:00. Ran several errands and managed so see Beck briefly. Saw Walter Aufrecht [sp?] again, we had a chat before he went to class at 3:00. I walked with Dr. Beck to his car as he left for Logan airport to meet friends. He asked me to hand out syllabus at seminar if he didn’t get back in time. We decided on my dropping German course + picking up directed study in OT. I gave out the syllabus when Dr. Richardson brought phone message from Beck that he couldn’t be back in time. I caught trolley to N. Station—road with Dr. Brown. Caught 4:55 train—arrived home shortly after six—suggested to Bonnie that we go to a movie. So we ate, left Debbie with Patriquins, went to see Funny Girl—pretty good. Picked up Debbie; home about 11:00; bathed; OB.

Thursday, 11 September 1969

Up by 9:30. After breakfast began tending to desk work—Hazel Brady called reminding us that we said we’d dine with her this noon at Captain Courageous restaurant. I didn’t get much desk work done in the morning. I had to help Bonnie move the rug in the bedroom—i.e., turn it. This required moving most of the furniture out of the room. Mail man brought slides—we viewed them—a good batch. I shaved about noon, then we went to the restaurant. Had a marvelous rare roast beef dinner. Afterwards I left Bonnie off at the hospital for her to visit—and I went with Debbie over to see Alan + Pat. Got back to the hospital about 3:00—we came home. I napped. But Bonnie went back to Gloucester shopping. I went sound asleep. When I got up I got to work on letters to Bible Class members. When Bonnie got home she sacked out. I fed Debbie supper. About 9:00 we went to Patriquins—showed slides. Came home at 11:00; bathed; OB about midnight.

Friday, 12 September 1969

A full day. Up about 9:00; after breakfast got to work on my sermon—and made good progress. Stopped when the mail man arrived to look through the mail—snapshots came from mail-a-way. ^pictures of D. in box^ Many good ones. Went back to work on sermon—shaved—we had lunch around one, then I was able to finish the sermon and to type the Bulletin stencil by 3:30. Then I went over to see the Ornes about the presentation I’ll be making tomorrow on behalf of C.A.M.P. After chatting with them I went up to see Rip + Florence Hannibal—she’s home from the hospital. I stayed until about 5:00, then came home; wrote letter to Bonnie’s folks—also included 17 pictures in the letter—then around six started on supper. Watched CBS news. About 7:30 went to Gloucester to confer with C.A.M.P. treasurer. Home by 8:30—worked on what I’ll say tomorrow—did some desk work. Bathed, off to study in bed, LO. Θ+

Saturday, 13 September 1969

Up at 6:30. Had breakfast, shaved, got my lunch together, left about 7:50. Beautiful weather. Had to go to Oxford, Mass. out by Worcester. Took 128 + Mass. turnpike. No problems, got there in plenty of time—almost an hour early. The committee was a few minutes late in seeing me; I presented the basics of the Cape Ann Methodist Parish. They asked me a few questions. Dr. Uhlinger was there and also spoke for C.A.M.P. I was able to leave shortly after 11:00. Stopped at Whittemores in Needham for Bulletins. Ate lunch in car. Stopped in Gloucester to buy masking tape. Home about 2:20. Tired; napped. About 4:00 I had revived enough to go visit Lucy Patience. After I got home took Sunday School materials to Phil Parker—Bonnie + Debbie went along—we stayed only briefly—then came home and had supper; I spent the evening in my study + at desk—practicing sermon + preparing service; bathed; OBLO 12:45.

Sunday, 14 September 1969

Up shortly after 9:00; had breakfast, shaved, practiced sermon, left for the church about 10:30. Preached second sermon on Elijah (I Kg 18). Was home by 12:30. Had lunch then got to work on Hebrew. Haven’t worked on Hebrew in a long time—so pretty rusty. Worked all afternoon. ^took pictures of Debbie in rocking chair^ Had supper around six. By 7 o’clock had done 1st assignment in long hand. Want to type it tomorrow—do a thorough job. In the evening we went over to Riverdale Church for the farewell reception for Forrest Clark. Stayed about 30-40 minutes. Then we went up to see Alan. Pat Harry is still there. They have been doing painting and insulating Alan’s porch. We have agreed to get together for celebrating of our birthdays—Alan’s is 25th. We didn’t stay too long. Came on home—I did some work but am very weary. Got ready for bed shortly after 10; OBLO 10:25.

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/06/28/davids-diary-september-8-1969/

1 thought on “David’s Diary – September 8, 1969

  1. davidmadison1942

    ” The German class is beyond me—most students in it are advanced German majors—prof lectures in German –I’ll have to drop it” Truly, that would have been scary!

    ” They agreed to pay parsonage utilities.” A small victory!

    “went to see Funny Girl—pretty good.” Indeed, an iconic film. 🙂


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