David’s Diary – September 15, 1969

Monday, 15 September 1969

Up at 9:15—had breakfast, then got right to work on Hebrew translation—in book of Deuteronomy. Interrupted briefly by the mail—but kept right on working. Stopped for lunch around noon—took breaks once or twice during Hebrew during the day to read articles received by Promoting Enduring Peace—Paul McGraw had put me on their mailing list. Read Clark Clifford’s article on Vietnam—his correct realizations are too late + his defense of our original VN involvement stupid—ignores Geneva Accords of 1954. About 3 o’clock took a study break. Bonnie, Debbie + I walked out to the end of Bear Skin Neck. But I got back to work when we returned. Put fish in the oven at 5:00—the[n] worked until about 6:15. Watched CBS news—more troop withdrawals announced. Bonnie went to a community chorus meeting in evening—I worked on typing my translation—paying close attention to variants; stopped to bathe around 11:30; OBLO—read in Winthwein [?]; LO 12:25.

Tuesday, 16 September 1969

Debbie 13 mo. old.  Started keeping diary one year ago today. Got up about 8:40—had breakfast, shaved, then got to work doing more typing of my Deuter. translation. Worked on this until about 10:30. Then got ready to go to Boston. Caught the 11:15 train. Read some further in II Sam. on the way in. Got to BU about 1:00. Ate my lunch on the steps outside—a beautiful day. 2 o’clock Aramaic class. We met the full hour—Richardson gave brief outline of some of the features of Aramaic. After class ran into Pat Holmes outside CLA—we chatted for a few minutes. Caught the trolley. Took 4:10 train to Rockport. Arrived about 5:30. Napped until 6:30. Watched CBS news with supper. 7:30—took pictures of Debbie—then got to work typing translation. Finished about 10:00—then put Aramaic grammar into binder; straightened desk; bathed, read in bed in Aramaic grammar; LO, 11:40.

Wednesday, 17 September 1969

Wasn’t in a hurry to get out of bed this morning—since my day doesn’t end up very early. Got up about 9:30. Breakfast, shaved, read more in Aramaic grammar. Got ready to go—caught 11:15 train to Boston—got to BU about 1:00. Again had lunch outside on the steps. Then had Aramaic class at 2:00; at 3:00 had a meeting with Dr. Beck. Proposed doing Hebrew translation as part of my extra DS hours. Beck OK’d this. We made tea together. Class began about 4:00. 7 altogether—an enjoyable 2 hours. Beck drove me to N. Station (within 2 blocks) when class was over—he was on way to airport. On the way home it began raining. I had started walking home from depot when Bonnie met me in the car—with Debbie. We had supper. I played with Debbie—then we went down to Patriquins. Saw Apollo 11 movie; came home shortly before 11:00; bathed,  listen to news; OBLO 11:55 Θ+

Thursday, 18 September 1969

After Θ+ last night we were awake a while had a drink—so we slept late—didn’t get up till after 9:00. After breakfast I went down to the P.O.—ordered Driver’s Deuteronomy—changed wayside pulpit. When I got to work I read in Samuel in preparation for tonight. Read in Newsweek when it came with mail. Had a late lunch, shaved; then we all went to the camera shop in Salem where we had bought our camera last February. We bought 3 lenses for close ups, a [???] glare filter, a shutter release cable. We left home about 2:00—got back about 4:00. I worked further in Samuel. Relaxed briefly. Then we had supper; watched CBS news. Finally straightening up. Bible class met at 8:00; 6 in attendance—besides Bonnie + myself. Did the first 4 chapters of I Sam. Over by 9:00. I took a couple of candle photos, translated Hebrew until about 11:30. OBLO 11:47

Friday 19 September 1969

Didn’t make it out of bed until after 9:30. After breakfast I got to work immediately on Hebrew translation. Bonnie went grocery shopping, and I was able to make good progress. Debbie napped. We had a late lunch after Bonnie got home. I made a short trip to return some Sunday School materials to a woman from Wesley Church. Then I spent quite a a while again on Hebrew. About 4 o’clock we all went for a walk—Debbie on my back—we went down to T-wharf. I took several photos with the new lens + with film speed setting on 100. Hope to improve the pictures of sky + sea. We stopped to see Dru  Patriquin. She showed us their new apartment. Came home, put fish in oven, then got back to work on Hebrew until about 6:30. CBS news, ate supper. Then worked on sermon til almost 10:00. Then typed Hebrew translation til past 11:00; bathed; read briefly in bed; LO 12:25

Saturday, 20 September 1969

Up about 8:40. Had breakfast, shaved; about 10:00 worship committee arrived: Sue Lee + Karen Haskell. We conferred about an hour; ^received letter from Diane Nancekevill—marriage to Allan is off^ after they had gone, I got back to my Hebrew. By 1 o’clock I had finish[ed] typing what I had translated long-hand. Went to market for grape-juice; had lunch; then went calling; took communion to Ethel Leary. Then called on Anna + Alvina, Virginia Bate, Mrs. Martin + Mrs. Parsons. Came home, then went down to see Lucy Patience—took her two pieces of pie. When I got home I got back to my desk. Did the bulletins for tomorrow, then did a little work on my when Bonnie called me to supper. After supper I got back to work on the sermon. Finished it by 8:15  Then prepared the service; stopped to bathe about 10:30. Worked on Hebrew trans. OBLO 11:43.

Sunday, 21 September 1969

Up about 8:15  Had breakfast, shaved, practiced sermon. Got to the church about 9:50. I had announced an adult Sunday School class—but no one showed up—I came home, did a little Hebrew. Then returned to the church about 10:35.  34 in the congregation; preached the third sermon on Elijah. Got home about 12:30. We had lunch; then I went to see Lucy Patience—took her several picture puzzles. Also took photos of a tree in her yard and several close up pictures of individual blossoms. Home by 2:00. Tried to work on Hebrew—but very weary. Napped until about 4:30—at least tossed + turned. Then worked more on Hebrew. About 6:30 got ready to go to Alan’s—Left about 7:00. We all watched The Royal Family on TV—viewed slides—took pictures. Came home around 10:20; Bathed; took pictures of cat in washing machine; Hebrew; OBLO 11:45 Θ

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/06/29/davids-diary-september-15-1969/

5 thoughts on “David’s Diary – September 15, 1969

  1. davidmadison1942

    “I had announced an adult Sunday School class—but no one showed up” !!! But I did hold the weekly Bible study at the parsonage.

    The German was required because Germany has long been a primary center for theology and Biblical studies. Karl Barth was Swiss, and wrote his 8,000-page work on Christian theology in German.

    1. Deborah Sweeney Post author

      While David was in the graduate programs at BU, he had to take several languages so that he could read scripture and other ancient texts in the “original” language. I forget the rationale for the German.


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