David’s Diary – September 22, 1969

Monday, 22 September 1969

Up at 9:15. After breakfast, got to work on Aramaic—that was my main concern most of the day. We didn’t have lunch until late—then Bonnie went to WSCS. I stayed with Debbie—she was content to play by herself. I worked on Aramaic until Alan + Pat arrived about 3:30 for tea. Bonnie got home after they’d been here a few minutes. They left about 5:00; then we had an opportunity to chat some more with the young man who’s just moved into the apartment  next door. Then back to Aramaic until 6:30. Had supper, then back to studying. During the evening I got a phone call from Jean Crowell—there’s a rumor going around that FFR money is being “misused”—I will have to publish info. on funded projects. About 10:00 turned to Hebrew and worked on this til past 12:00. Then stopped to bathe. read briefly in bed, LO 12:48.

Tuesday, 23 September 1969

27th birthday. Before we got out of bed, Bonnie gave me to [sic] packages—one was a hammer, the other another sports coat—almost done. We were up by 8:30. Had breakfast, did some straightening at my desk, worked on Hebrew, shaved; Bonnie took a couple of pictures of Debbie + me in the yard. I caught the 11:15 train to Boston. Got to BU around 12:50. Had lunch outside ^*phoned bishop’s office about FFR^ —tended to getting books. Had Aramaic at 2:00—After 3:00 xeroxed  an article (noted damage from a small fire in the stacks at the library). Left BU about 4:15 with Jim Bussey—he had the car. We arrived in Gloucester about 5:30. I called Bonnie—she came over to get me at Busseys. We had supper around 7:00. I phoned Jean Crowell about what I’d learned from bishop’s office. Went to Concerned Citizens meeting at Glouc. Baptist Church from 8:00-9:00—came home—distress in lower tract—diarrhea; weary; bathed; OBLO c. 11:15 Θ

Wednesday, 24 September 1969

Up about 8:30. Had breakfast, then got to work typing my Hebrew translation. I was occupied with this until about 11:00. Mail man brought Newsweek magazine (which I took a few minutes to glance thru) and post-card from Paul. Thanked me for sending him my few back copies of South Af. Digest. I shaved, bundled up three more, wrote him a brief note, then went to the Post Office—also changed wayside pulpit. Had lunch, caught the 1:15 train to Boston; got to BU about 3:00. Chatted with Dr. Richardson about what version of LXX [1] to buy; had brief talk with Beck before seminar. 4:00-5:45 seminar, caught 6:40 train—got home about 8:00, had supper. We left Debbie at Patriquins about 8:30 then went to Gloucester to see Midnight Cowboy—an excellent film. Picked up Debbie shortly after 11:00, came home, bathed, read briefly in Newsweek; LO 12:10.

Thursday, 25 September 1969

Up about 8:45. Breakfast, then got to work on 3 brief letters—to Mass. Bible Society for LXX, to Abingdon for replacement of vol. 2 of IB, to gallery in Buffalo re: Hofmann’s exuberance. Then I got to work on Hebrew. Took time to read IF Stone Weekly when it came. We had a late lunch when Bonnie returned from shopping. Shaved before lunch; afterwards went to P.O. with roll of film. Then got to work preparing in I Sam for Bible study. Shortly before 4:00 Alan + Pat arrived for tea. They then left around 5:00. I went back to I Samuel. About 5:45 went down to the church to get set of maps. When I got back I helped with supper. Watched CBS news. Worked on Hebrew briefly before Bible Class members arrived at 8:00. 6 in attendance—covered I Sam 5-9. This was over by 9:30. Had a snack, then worked on Hebrew til shortly after 11:00. Bathed; read, LO, 12:17 Θ+

Friday, 26 September 1969

Up at 9:00. Had breakfast, then got to work immediately on my sermon. Looked thru Life magazine when it arrived in the mail. Had a late lunch, and was able to get my sermon done by about 2:00. Bonnie went off on errands. I typed the bulletin stencil; Bonnie got back—we had a caller—a woman asking money for the new hospital wing. I don’t think we’ll be able to contribute. I then ran off the bulletin. About 4:00 I made a trip to the dump. The rest of the afternoon—read, glanced through the Life Art book which arrived in the afternoon. Read a few more pages in Wurthweins book on OT text. Played with Debbie a while. Had supper about 6:00. Got back to studying about 7:30. Worked on Hebrew all evening. Bonnie went shopping; bought carpet tiles; stopped to bathe about 11:00; then back to Hebrew, OBLO 12:22.

Saturday, 27 September 1969

Found ourselves still in bed at 10:00. Got up, had breakfast, then got to work on Hebrew. Didn’t have lunch until I had finished the 8th chapter of Deuter. Shaved. ^took photo of Deb. in rocking chair^ After lunch went calling; took communion to Grace Harris + Louise Rich. Then went to see Hannibals—Bonnie dropped Debbie + I off there. Then I walked home with Debbie on my back—Bonnie went shopping in Gloucester. I put Debbie to play in her room, then I took the top off the picnic table, put it in the basement. Then I went to see Mrs. Patience—took her communion. Got home about 5:00. Then got to work on mowing the lawn—the last time for the season. While mowing I found a baby (I presume) frog or toad in yard. Took it down to the mill pond after I stopped mowing, with some still to do. Had supper, made phone calls, prepared the service for tomorrow, practiced sermon, then turned to typing my Heb. trans. (Bonnie at Dru’s shower this evening) bathed about 11:30;  OBLO 12:28.

Sunday, 28 September 1969

Neither of us slept too well last night, and we had to be up shortly after 7:00—we both felt lousy. But we got breakfast and got ready; were at the church by 9:00. Bonnie has a Sunday school class. Debbie is in the nursery. I took her home at 10:30, Carol Gabin [?] sat with her. Preached on I Kg. 21—last sermon on Elijah. Home about 12:30. Put chicken in oven; we napped. Had lunch near 2 o’clock. I then straightened up the car anticipating someone coming to see it (who called yesterday)—but never showed up. Read in Wurthwein. Shortly before 4:00 a fellow showed up to be interviewed for youth leader; committee arrived. After the fellow left we discussed until 6:30. They left, we had supper. Went to Wesley Church at 7:30 for Meth. men; 9:00 committee picked me up—went to Manchester to see other fellow—didn’t get home til 11:30  Bathed; OBLO c. 12:45.

[1] LXX is the common abbreviation for Septuagent, the ancient Greek translation of the Old Testament.

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/06/30/davids-diary-september-22-1969/

1 thought on “David’s Diary – September 22, 1969

  1. davidmadison1942

    “glanced through the Life Art book which arrived in the afternoon” I still have that whole set of books, right beside me now!

    “Preached on I Kg. 21—last sermon on Elijah.” I hope it wasn’t as dull as it sounds.


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