David’s Diary – September 29, 1969

Monday, 29 September 1969

Stayed in bed rather later. Finally got up after Θ about 9:40. After breakfast did a little reading in Wurthwein and in Life Art book about Velasquez. But didn’t get to work on Aramaic until after the mail man came. I went through the lesson on nouns once before lunch. After lunch I finished mowing the yard and took down the TV antenna from the chimney above the kitchen. Then I got back to studying—again in Aramaic—had a call from Walter Aufrecht about tomorrow’s lesson. Got distracted—put in a few storm windows that had troubled Bonnie. We had supper about 6:30—watched CBS news. After supper I went through Aramaic again—did the exercises. ^HAIRCUT^ Then shortly before 10:00 turned to typing Hebrew trans. + notes. We talked with Leona Mitchell on the phone about Bonnie working part time at the hospital. Stopped to bathe about 11:30. Then back to typing Hebrew; OB read in art book, LO 1:17.

Tuesday, 30 September 1969

Up at 9:00. Shaved immediately, had breakfast, then went down to vote—for Michael Harrington. Changed way-side pulpit, then came home and got to work typing Hebrew translation. Then packed my brief case + prepared to leave. Caught the 11:15 train. Got to BU about 1:00—shortly before. Had lunch with Dr. Richardson + Walter Aufrecht. Between 1:30-2:00 Wally + I chatted, esp.  about Aramaic. 2:00-3:00  Had Aramaic class. Then had chat on the sidewalk with Larry Burton. Caught the 4:10 train. Read art book on way home. Relaxed after arriving back. Did some phoning re: youth leader for fellowship. Rested; had supper about 6:30—CBS news. Much of my time in the evening was taken on making phone calls about use leader. We still aren’t ready to hire. ^Puss cat seems to have had encounter with skunk^ worked on Hebrew. At 11:00 got news of Harrington win—back to Hebrew til shortly after 12:00; bathed; read in art book in bed: LO 1:12.

Wednesday, 1 October 1969 

Up about 8:45, had breakfast, then got to work on typing Hebrew translation. About 10:30 I called Gordon [1] to let them know we won’t be hiring Nigel Scotland. Hurriedly shaved—(Bonnie had left Debbie next door—went to hospital re: her new job)—mail man brought slides; I looked through them quickly; then caught the 11:15 train. Got to BU about 12:50. Had lunch outside; read some in Bright on King Josiah. Had Aramaic at 2:00—we did nothing; talked about Ph.D program and theses. From 3:00 to 4:00 did various things for Beck, including starting the tea. 4:00-5:45  Deuter. seminar. Got to N. Station in plenty of time, caught 6:40 train, worked on Hebrew on way home. Had supper when arrived; then viewed the slides. Then took time to date them. Then we had des[s]ert—after which I got to work on Hebrew again—translating; stopped about 10:45 to bathe; read about Velasquez ; LO, 11:48.

Thursday, 2 October  1969

Rockport parsonage

Up shortly after nine after Θ; had breakfast then worked on Hebrew translating. This took my morning + early afternoon. Bonnie went shopping—didn’t get home til after 1:00. I helped put the groceries away, then we had lunch. After lunch I got to work preparing for the Bible study tonight. Prepared chapters 10–14 of I Sam. This took a while. Then I set to work putting my study in order, getting books arranged. Then 6:00-6:30 spent on Hebrew translating again. Had supper—CBS news. Then from 7:30-8:00 (almost) worked on Hebrew; the Bible class arrived: only 5 besides Bonnie + myself. We got up to the middle of chpt. 14. After they had gone—about 9:30—Bonnie and I had sherbert, then I got back to translating; stopped to bathe shortly  after 11:00. Read in bed—later than planned, in the book on Velasquez. Lights out 1:17.

Friday, 3 October 1969

Up about 9:00. After breakfast I wrote two letters—one to Bob + Nancy Peek and one to David Watson. When the mail man arrived I took time to look through Newsweek + Life. Then I got to work typing Hebrew translation. After lunch shaved, then we got ready and went to Beverly for the final stage in getting our Mass. Driving Licenses—we had to have our photos taken. This didn’t take long—we were back home and I was working on Hebrew again by 3:00. I wanted to get all my longhand translation + notes finished by supper time and I did. I helped get supper. We ate around 6:30. CBS News. Then early in the evening I paid a call on the Haskells—but was home about 8:30. Worked on ^finished^ sermon. Made some brownies. Then did the bulletins. Then bathed about 12:30. OBLO 1:02.

Saturday, 4 October 1969

Up about 9:00, had breakfast, then slowly—rather weary—got to work translating in Deuteronomy. Later part of the morning Bonnie went to Busseys—I stayed home and studied. Played with Debbie a while, before putting her down for her morning nap; she didn’t stay in crib, but finally ran down + slept on the floor. We had a late lunch, ^took picture of Debbie from ladder ^ then I went calling: took communion to Rip + Mrs. Hannibal, then to Esther Longly. Then I visited briefly with Lucy Patience. After seeing her, I worked on getting our antenna set up in the attic. Stopped for supper about 6:30. Watched a program on Rembrandt. Then back to work on antenna. Had trouble getting lead-in wire through living-room floor; got it hooked up + reception still poor. Went back to studying; finished book on Velazquez. Prepared service for tomorrow; bathed; practiced sermon; OBLO, 11:56.

Sunday, 5 October 1969

Up shortly before 9:00—very groggy. Had breakfast, shaved, practiced sermon. Went to the church about 10:30. Got everything set up for communion—had a crowd of 35. Was home by 12:30. After lunch had to fight to stay awake. Bonnie coming down with a cold. About 2:30 got to work translating Hebrew. There were several interruptions and distractions during the afternoon, but I made progress; we had supper about 6:00. Then we got ready for the CAMP meeting. Did more translating for a few minutes after 7:00. There were 11 in attendance besides Bonnie + myself. Dr. Uhlinger came; after the meeting we showed him the newly carpeted areas. The meeting was over by 9:00. Then I tried to get to work again. But I was rather weary—read some in my art book on Rembrandt. Bathed about 11; OBLO, 11:15.

[1] Gordon College in Wenham, Mass.

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/07/02/davids-diary-september-29-1969/

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