David’s Diary – January 4, 1970

Sunday, 4 January 1970

Up about 8:30. Had breakfast, shaved—prepared to greet my class. But Billy called that he couldn’t come (had to shovel the new-fallen snow) and Karen didn’t show up. So I relaxed, practiced sermon—and changed a very messy diaper on Debbie. I left for the church about 10:35 when Vicky Gamage got here. Not too many out to church—less than 30. Communion Sunday, I preached on “The New Covenant”—began with Jeremiah 34. After we got home we had lunch, then I got to work immediately on Debbie’s “gym”—sanding. Then I finally got to the painting, and this took most of the afternoon. But right after lunch I popped a batch of corn and put it out for the birds. After finishing the painting (the white undercoat, i.e.) I went upstairs, joined Bonnie, ended up seducing her, although this hadn’t been on my mind; napped. Jim Bussey called; they just got back from Indiana. We chatted for a while. I then dressed—we started thinking about supper. I went to Gloucester to the Kentucky Colonel for chicken. Then I did some desk work; phoning; about 8:30 we went down to see the Patriquins. Stayed until about 10:30. Drew gave Bonnie a wig—and since we’ve returned home she’s been experimenting with it; I got back to the desk work; wrote 23 cards to Admin. Board members; prepared film to mail in; wrote to Dr. Brown; OB,LO 12:55.

Monday, 5 January 1970

Up around 8:30—a phone call from Alan Federick; he is back and wants his mail—I told him I’d bring it over tonight. I had breakfast, then went to the post office. When I got back I went to work painting on Debbie’s gym—began putting on the yellow. Late in the morning Cameron and Ezra Sesto came over; I did some desk work. About noon we all had lunch together. When they left I had a bath and shaved, and then went for a 2 o’clock appointment with Dr. Clapp re: a new pair of glasses. I selected a wire pair; returned home, then while Virginia Bate sat with Debbie I went to see Esther Longley—who is now confined to bed for the most part—arthritis. I spent an hour with her—left about 4:00. Returned home, Virginia left, I did more work at my desk, then got back to the painting, putting on the blue—I quit about 6:30. Watched CBS news, worked on supper—got Debbie from her nap about 6:50. When Bonnie got home she reported that she remembered that tonight she had a Community Chorus meeting; Kay agreed to baby sit—we rushed around getting ready; Bonnie couldn’t get her wig back on; we left Debbie at Patriquins—I dropped Bonnie off then I went to Gloucester Baptist Church for my meeting—Concerned Citizens; left Alan’s mail with him; came home, painted more blue (finished); then OBLO, LO 12:10.

Tuesday, 6 January 1970

Up at 8:45. After breakfast I started painting—put the red on Debbie’s gym. When Bonnie was fixing lunch she noticed that the refrigerator was not working properly. So she started calling for repair service. We had lunch, then she took our frozen food over to Cameron Sesto and to Mrs. Paradis. She then left for work (now on a schedule 1:00-5:00, on Mon., Tues., Frid.); a repairman called me while I was shaving—agreed to come right over. I then got lunch for Debbie. Bonnie is now beginning the toilet training; she had left training pants on Debbie and she was soaked. The repairman came while Debbie was still eating; his diagnosis—we need a new refrigerator. So I did some calling—including to Homer Orne. The rest of my afternoon was spent preparing for Bible Class, feeding popcorn to the birds—also Becky Bussey dropped by to leave Bonnie’s old sewing machine. Bonnie got home about 5:20. I worked on Bible lesson til about 6:00; then helped with supper; watched CBS news. Call from Margaret Rielly—Alan didn’t show up for supper. Homer and Sarah—and Winnie arrived to discuss the refrigerator. Bible Class met from about 8:15–9:15; 8 in attendance, besides Bonnie + myself; then I called Margaret Rielly; drove over to Alan’s place—stood on a table to see in his window; he was asleep. I came back to Rockport, stopped to see Margaret; home in time for 11 o’clock news; bathed; OBLO 12:02.

Wednesday, 7 January 1970

Up about 8:15—had a small breakfast. About 9:00 we left Debbie with Cameron Sesto, then picked up Winnie Gamage and Homer Orne and went to L. E. Smith’s to look at refrigerators. We found one to meet our needs; came on home—I finished a very small amount of painting that needed to be done on Debbie’s gym. For the most part my day was rather lethargic; I had meant to get desk work out of the way—but got almost nothing done. About the middle of the afternoon the refrigerator arrived. Upon getting out of bed this morning I broke my glass frames again—the glue didn’t hold. So I had to spend some time getting them glued again. Late in the afternoon I prepared my revision for the plan of study which I submitted to BU some time ago. Typed some copies—then I shaved. We got ready to leave—again deposited Debbie with the Sesto’s. Left here shortly after 5:30 (?)—went to Lexington to Dr. Beck’s home. The members of the Deuteronomy Seminar were gathered together. We had a great meal prepared by Mrs. Beck, who is Egyptian. After the meal, Donald Kellogg showed his slides of Iran. We left for home about 11:30. Picked up Debbie when we got home; relaxed, prepared for bed; OBLO c. 1:10.


©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found:  https://genealogylady.net/2017/07/21/davids-diary-january-4-1970/

4 thoughts on “David’s Diary – January 4, 1970

  1. davidmadison1942

    Well, that was fast action getting the new refrigerator. 🙂

    Whatever happened to the colorful gym?

    “Upon getting out of bed this morning I broke my glass frames again—the glue didn’t hold. So I had to spend some time getting them glued again.” I needed Hermione!

    ” Left here shortly after 5:30 (?)—went to Lexington to Dr. Beck’s home. The members of the Deuteronomy Seminar were gathered together. We had a great meal prepared by Mrs. Beck, who is Egyptian.” Dr. Beck was a remarkable man, much loved and respected.


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