David’s Diary – January 23, 1970

Friday, 23 January 1970

Got out of bed about 9:00. Had breakfast; my main concern for the day was the sermon—and I wasn’t much in the mood to write it. The first step was to re-read Hosea. When the mail came I took time to glance through it, including Life magazine. Then I went down to the church to change the wayside pulpit—also dropped in at St. Mary’s to tell Dick Bamforth the title for my Lenten series of lectures: “Light from the Ancient Past: Five Hebrew Prophets.” Came back home—worked further on the sermon til Bonnie called me to lunch. She went to work at 1:00—I continued on the sermon, Debbie played in her room. Cameron Sesto came over to borrow applesauce and baking-powder; I fed two batches of popcorn to the birds. I made substantial progress on the sermon; then I helped with supper when Bonnie got home—watched CBS news. We were playing with Debbie after supper in her room—she suddenly vomited—several gushes—but didn’t seem phased [sic!] by it. When she was settled Bonnie went to see Winnie Gamage; I finished sermon, did the bulletins; read briefly in Finkelstein: Pharisees; bathed; OB, read, LO 12:15.

Saturday, 24 January 1970

Up about 9:15. Had a quick breakfast, then got to work at my desk and in my study—restoring order and getting things taken care of. We got a letter from the Webers—announcing their hope of visiting us in February—bringing a 44 lb dog along! Our cats won’t appreciate that! Late in the morning I got to reading, in the last section of John Bright’s History of Israel. Stopped for lunch; as we were finishing Carol Lewis dropped in. While she and Bonnie chatted I shaved, prepared to leave to do calling. I went to Gloucester and bought mimeo paper—stopped at Mals and at the grocery store. Then went to see the Hannibals. Then spent time with Esther Longley and Lucy Patience. My calling was over about 5:15. Came home; Bonnie was napping, but then we started on supper. She baked a cake while I made the beef stroganoff. After supper I did some more reading in Bright—made the frosting for the cake. Then I prepared the service for tomorrow; I loathe writing the pastoral prayer—an irrelevant exercise if ever there was one. Then turned again to Bright’s HI; stopped to bathe about 10:30.

Sunday, 25 January 1970

Up before 8:30. Shaved—had only juice for breakfast. Practiced sermon; my class arrived about 9:30. We read the first 3 chapters of Amos. Then I left for the church—bigger than usual crowd—41. Preached on Hosea. We got home, had lunch, then I was able to relax briefly. Also helped Bonnie in her efforts to put several puzzles together—children’s puzzles. About 2 o’clock I left—got gas, picked up Homer + Saddie—we went to Lynn, Christ UMC—a meeting to discuss the merger plan. Got there late—about 3:15—meeting was over about 5:00. Had a chance to chat with Don McGaw. There seems to be little enthusiasm for the merger. It snowed while the meeting was in progress—and was still snowing when we left. So we had to come home rather slowly. Didn’t get home til after 6:00. Had supper. Then about 7:15 left for Riverdale Church for Methodist Men—a program on the drug problem on Cape Ann—a good turnout, 18. A good, effective program too. I left there around 9:30. Went to the Patriquins (swung by Alan’s house—no activity—no car)—had “mug-ups”—watched Mission Impossible; home by 11:30.

Monday, 26 January 1970

Couldn’t get to sleep last night—still tossing and turning at 3:00 A.M. Came downstairs to sleep—to avoid being disturbed by Bonnie tossing and turning. Didn’t really sleep too well. I was clearly awake by 9:00. Went to bed upstairs, but was up by 9:45. Had juice and cake for breakfast. Prepared letters to the two fellows who spoke to Methodist Men last night. Then went to the bank to get checks for them, then to the P.O., then to Homer Orne. I was there until about 12:30—filling in the annual reports. Came home in time for Bonnie to leave for work. Had my lunch, fed Debbie. Tried to nap, without any luck. In the middle of the afternoon I turned to my reading. By 5:00 I had finished my reading in John Bright’s History of Israel. Then I turned to Martin Noth’s history of Israel. Bonnie got home exhausted—we then worked on supper. Call from Walter Aufrecht. Watched CBS news. In the evening Bonnie went to rehearsal of Community Chorus—I played with Debbie, did some phoning, then continued to read in Noth. We had planned to go swimming at Tuchs, but Bonnie came home exhausted—I too am exhausted. Read all evening; bathed after 11; OBLO 11:45.

Tuesday, 27 January 1970

Up about 9:15. Shaved immediately—hadn’t shaved yesterday—then had a big glass of OJ for breakfast. Got to work immediately reading in Noth’s HI; finished what I wanted to cover in it about 11:00; puttered around until the mail came. Concerned myself with several items in it (including a long letter re:  conference merger from Blaine Taylor); we had lunch around 1:00. Then Bonnie left for work. Read in I.F. Stone Weekly. My main concern for the afternoon was to read chapters in I Kings in preparation for Bible Class tonight. When Debbie woke up—about 2:45—I changed her, then gave her lunch; at this time I popped 3 batches of popcorn—gave it to the birds along with scraps of chicken + chicken fat. After Debbie had eaten she played contentedly in her room the rest of the afternoon. I finished preparations in I Kings, then turned to preparing Dr. Richardson’s slides to send to Mail-A-Way; I had to clean the thin glass plates. Bonnie got home about 5:30, put supper in the oven. I watched CBS news at 6:30. About 7:00 we ate. The Bible class met from 8:00-9: 30; 6 in attendance. Afterwards had a snack; then straightened up my desk, read articles in IDB.

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/07/25/davids-diary-january-23-1970/

1 thought on “David’s Diary – January 23, 1970

  1. davidmadison1942

    Hey, I wasn’t in the mood to write the sermon, but I finished it the same day.

    “I loathe writing the pastoral prayer—an irrelevant exercise if ever there was one.” Ha Ha! I shoulda listened to my own skepticism earlier.

    “There seems to be little enthusiasm for the merger.” WHAT? Change something?


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