David’s Diary – January 18, 1970

Sunday, 18 January 1970

Up shortly before 8:00. Worked on the service—didn’t have breakfast, shaved; my Sunday school class met—both Karen and Bill showed up. We read the book of Jonah. Left for church about 10:35. Preached on Amos—and tied in a report on the racism conference. I felt good about the sermon. After the service we went down to the Rockport Teen Center—Open House. Came home, had lunch. We did some struggling with the carpet in Debbie’s room, and I attached her toy-shelf to the wall. Then did desk work; but about 3:30 I went to the Congo Church for the “Festival of Lights”—I had the benediction. Came home about 5:00. More desk work—which included getting caught up on reading article[s]. Both before and after supper I read articles—mainly on the population explosion and on the effect of an affluent society on the land. From what I read my pessimism is simply reinforced—we are headed for disaster—all of us will suffer. About 9 o’clock we went down to Patriquins. Had “mug-ups” with them—Drue + Sully were there too—came home after 11:00—after watching TV. Then more work at my desk—such a pile of paperwork. Did[n’t] bother to bathe—settled for the night about 1:00.

Sunday, 19 January 1970

Didn’t make it out of bed very early this morning; not up til about 10:00. Had a small breakfast; my morning was taken up with phone calls and photos—I tried to restore some order to the top dresser drawer in the front bedroom, where the slides + photo equipment are kept. Cataloged the last 3 boxes of slides. 26 boxes for 1969! We shall use more restraint in 1970. After lunch Bonnie left for work. I put Debbie to play in her room and worked further at my desk. Spent some time on the phone—to Lloyd Chorpenning—made an appointment to appear before the Board of Ministries; also called Bishop’s office for further word on my conference status—but there was none. I made progress in the afternoon in getting my desk cleared off—had 2 applicants for the JYF call. Bonnie arrived home about 5:45—then we set about fixing supper—had sea scallops, which we haven’t had in a long time. After supper I played with Debbie for a while—put her to bed after Bonnie left for Community Chorus Rehearsal. I wrote to Pat Harry—spoke on the phone for over a half hour with Alan Federick’s superior at Brandeis, Dr. Sachs. Finished straightening up my study during evening. Bonnie got home after 10:00. Bathed, then headed for bed.

Tuesday, 20 January 1970

I woke about 9:00—but stayed in bed til about 9:45—just lounged—also read some. Had breakfast, then shaved immediately. When the mail came, I had 6 C.A.M.P. questionnaires to examine. Then I went to the P. O.—changed the wayside pulpit at the church. Went to the dump. Then set to work preparing for Bible Study tonight. Had lunch around noon. When Bonnie left for work Debbie and I were left alone. She went down for a nap relatively soon, but it wasn’t a long sleep. I continued working on the Bible lesson. About mid-afternoon I popped some corn for the birds. Also conferred on the phone with Rev. Nutting re: my Lenten series of lectures on the prophets. There will be six—this to be sponsored by Epis. Cong. + Meth.  The format will be determined more precisely when we find out approximately how many plan to take part. When Bonnie got home shortly before 5:30 we started working on supper. Watched CBS news. The Bible Class arrived at about 8:00. 7 in attendance besides Bonnie + myself. Covered II Sam 23, 24, I K 1.  When this broke up I tried to study but became sleepy, bathed.

Wednesday, 21 January 1970

Up shortly after 8:00. Had breakfast, shaved—hurriedly got ready to go to Boston. Caught the 9:20 train. Dozed most of the way in. Arrived at BU around 11:00. Did some hunting for books. Did some work on Aramaic—but didn’t make too much progress. Had lunch about 12:00. More work on Aramaic. Had Dr. Beck’s OT Theology at 2:00—sat with Larry Carter. As much as I respect and love Dr. Beck, this course is reminding me how far apart we are theologically. We just aren’t on the same wave-length in our approach to the OT. Apart from the obvious difference that he’s a theist and I’m not, I just see too many of the barbaric and crude aspects of the view of God in the OT. He finds more there than I do to base a modern theology upon. 3:00-4:00 spent with him; we prepared tea, had a chance to chat. Seminar met at 4:00. We dealt with Pharisees, Saduces [sic], Essenes. I left just a little before 6:00. Was able to get the 6:46 train. Arrived home at 8:00. Had supper. Played with Debbie. A very cold windy night. At 11:00 the temperature just a shade below 0. After Debbie was put to bed, I spent the evening on Aramaic. Bonnie filled out a Peace-Corps form for Paul; stopped to bathe about 11:00. Read in bed in Kapelrud[1] on Amos, LO c. 12.

Thursday, 22 January 1970

Up about 9:00. While having breakfast Elaine Follis called—she’ll not be in Aramaic today. I prepared to leave for Boston; took the 11:20 train. Read Newsweek on the way in. Arrived at BU shortly before 1:00. Ate lunch, then looked for books, at BUST and Zion. From 2:00–3:00 attended OT theology. And was struck by some of the ways in which Beck and I think alike—in contrast to my observations yesterday. The discussion centered on What makes Jesus unique? Beck spoke of many Messiahs—and the pointlessness of talking about Jesus as the lord of history. After this class I got Beck’s copy of B. J. Roberts – Canon + Text of OT. Then worked on Aramaic—just about 4:00—I discovered the note on Richardson’s door that he is ill today—so my trip to Boston was for nothing. Which irks me—I will have to urge him to phone me. Caught the 4:55 train home. The car was hot as usual. I got drowsy. So napped. Got home about 6:00. Bonnie of course wasn’t expecting me so soon. So we worked on supper together. Watched CBS news—Nixon’s State of Union address today. “Great emphasis” on pollution control–$10 billion in 5 years—not nearly enough; spent the evening reading Hoshea [sic] and commentaries; bathed together about 11:45. Read in bed; LO 12:20.

[1] A.S. Kapelrud, Central Ideas in Amos, 1961.

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/07/24/davids-diary-january-18-1970/

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