David’s Diary – January 13, 1970

Tuesday, 13 January 1970

Up shortly after 9:00. After a quick breakfast I got to work on the stencils. About 11 o’clock I went over to Wesley Church—got some of the mimeographing done, but had to be home by 12:30 so that Bonnie could go to work. I had my lunch, fed Debbie too. She played all afternoon in her room—no problem whatever. I worked also in my study, trying to get reading done in Amos in preparation for my sermon. Two major interruptions—I stopped to make popcorn for the birds; while doing this Cameron Sesto called inquiring about our grocery cart which Bonnie had promised to lend her. I got it out of the attic—and had to get puss-cat out of the attic. Later in the afternoon the post-man delivered a Life Art Book, The World of Rodin. About 5 o’clock I stopped reading in Amos, cleaned up some in the kitchen, burned the trash, shaved. After Bonnie got home from work I salted the front step area, did some straightening up around the house. We had supper at 6:30, watched CBS news. The Administrative Board met here, at 7:30. Several toured the house to see improvements. The meeting was over shortly after 9:00. Played with Debbie briefly, then went to Wesley Church to do more mimeographing. Also went to Mrs. Rusts’ in Gloucester to pick up envelopes. When I got home about 11:30 Bonnie reported on a phone call from Don McGaw re: Alan Federick; I called Margaret Reilly; bathed OBLO, 12:45.

Wednesday, 14 January 1970

Up shortly before 9:00, had a quick breakfast, then went over to Wesley Church; finished the mimeographing. Stopped at Mals on the way home for gloves, but they didn’t have any my size. When I got home Bonnie reported having a phone conversation with Dr. Murray Sachs, Alan Federicks supervisor—he’s trying to find Alan. We had lunch, I shaved, got ready to leave—for Boston. Picked up Hazle and Barbara Lord, stopped briefly at Alan’s house on way to Boston—he wasn’t there. We got to Boston about 1:30. I left them at the N.E. Baptist hospital, went to BU. OT theology from 2:00–3:00. Relaxed in the library then. At 3:30 started helping Beck with tea. Seminar met from 4:00 til shortly after 5:00. After class chatted a while with Beck. Then I left BU, went back to N.E. Baptist hospital; picked up Hazle and we headed for home. We arrived in Rockport shortly after 7:00. Bonnie had further details to report on Alan. From Margaret Reilly she’d gotten Maria’s number and told this to Sachs. After supper we invited Margaret over. We spent the evening folding the C.A.M.P. mailing and talked about Alan. At 9:25 I called Sachs and talked until 10:00. Shortly thereafter Margaret left for home; I did more work on the mailing; stopped to bathe c. 11:45. OBLO, Θ

Thursday, 15 January 1970

Up about 9:00. After breakfast I got to work on addressing the Rockport letters of the C.A.M.P. mailing. Then I shaved and prepared to leave for Boston. Caught the 11:15 train, did some preparations for my sermon on the way in. Arrived at BU about 1 o’clock. I bought my lunch in the refectory—then returned to Oxnam lounge to glance thru Playboy, which I purchased at N. Station. Had class from 2:00 to 3:00—OT theology discussion. When this was over I went to the library, did more reading for my sermon. Then made a trip to the BU bookstore—to glance around and buy some gum. Then at 4:00 went to the first meeting of Aramaic class. The only other student is Elain Follis. We were out shortly before 5:00 and I had a chance to confer with Richardson. I wanted to ask him about the department assistantship for 1970-71. He indicated this was possible and that I might be able to teach Hebrew. The salary is $1,500. I was able to catch the 5:50 train; arrived home about 7:00. Had supper. Arranged for the transportation to Rolling Ridge; played with Debbie, tucked her in for the night—spent the evening finishing preparing the C.A.M.P. mailing; bathed, OBLO, Θ.

Friday, 16 January 1970

Up shortly after 7:00. Shaved, had breakfast—took a photo of Debbie—17 months old today. Homer picked me up about 8:30. I dropped off the C.A.M.P. mailing with Jim Bussey, then Homer drove me to Hamilton; there I got a ride with Robert Higgins to Rolling Ridge. We arrived there a few minutes before 10:00. About a half hour of orientation and visiting. The session consisted of blacks presenting their case—i.e.—they’d never met a white man who wasn’t a racist. Ate lunch with Don McGaw. In the afternoon we saw part II of Black History: Lost Strayed or Stolen (we saw part I in the a.m.)—also much discussion—broke into groups. About 5:00 we reconvened for about a half hour. Then broke for supper. After supper the main item was a film on Harlem rock gospel festival. The last 10 minutes especially were very moving. During the day we heard excerpts from several records: Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Dick Gregory. About 10:30 we broke up for the evening; for a while I had a chat with Bob Mezoff and Jim Bussey. I spent most of the day near Don McGaw—it was good to be with him again. I think that the two-day experience here is worthwhile; into bed (hey top bunk) LO c. midnight.

Saturday, 17 January 1970

Bonnie took photos of Debbie today (not yesterday). I took photos in evening of Debbie asleep almost standing on the cushions beside her bed!

Up about 7:15—not a very good night. One fellow (very fat) snored very loudly most of the night. After breakfast, Bussey and I went back to the “dorm” to shave. In the morning session we saw another film; “No Vietnamese Ever Called Me Nigger”—followed by an emotional session—some Methodist clergy prove to be very poor actors.  I suppose that displays of great emotion are considered “authentic confrontation.” The large session broke up into smaller groups, which disolved [sic] for lunch. Back together at 1:30. We’ve found that some of the clergy are hung up on four letter words—one of our ladie [sic] participants (Maggie—last name?) used the word “bullshit”—which we found out was resented—as no doubt was “mother-fucker” from another. Meeting[s] such as these certainly give renewed insight into the great variety of persons—quality-wise—who are attracted to the ministry. On the one hand Dephan [?] Barnett, on the other T. Landon Lindsay. The meeting broke up about 3:15. I rode home with Jim Bussey. I relaxed upon getting home, but really had to take a nap. Up shortly before six for supper—a delicious beef roast. Then I got right to work on the sermon—which took the evening. Then did the bulletins; stopped at bathe at about 11:00.

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/07/23/davids-diary-january-13-1970/

1 thought on “David’s Diary – January 13, 1970

  1. davidmadison1942

    “We’ve found that some of the clergy are hung up on four letter words—one of our ladie [sic] participants (Maggie—last name?) used the word “bullshit”—which we found out was resented—as no doubt was “mother-fucker” from another.” LOL

    “Meeting[s] such as these certainly give renewed insight into the great variety of persons—quality-wise—who are attracted to the ministry.” Most would have judged me one of the low-quality variety!


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