David’s Diary – January 28, 1970

Wednesday, 28 January 1970

Up shortly after 8:30. Very weary. Bonnie ill—i.e. diarrhea. I fixed breakfast for myself and Debbie. It was largely a lost morning, because I wasn’t feeling too hot. I did make a trip down to Richdales for bread and milk. Bonnie wanted to sleep, so I played with Debbie in the back room—to keep her quiet. When the mail came I spent some time with it. I fixed Bonnie’s soup for lunch, had ham sandwich myself. Fed Debbie. Then I prepared to go to BU. I had planned on taking the 11:15 train, but to assist Bonnie I stayed home til about 2:00. I took Dr. Richardson’s Qumran slides to the Gloucester camera shop to have duplicated made—then drove on into Boston—found a parking space right in front of B.U.S.T.! Arrived about 3:30. Helped Beck make the tea. Seminar 4:00–6:00. Beck and I had an interesting chat afterwards re: the possibility of “many messiahs”—e.g. Martin Luther King; the exaggeration of JC.—how theology overloads, makes too much to this one man. Drove home, arrived c. 7:15—Bonnie wanted steak for supper—got one at Comeys [??] Market; had supper—watched shortly [or: ghastly] TV; then studied—Aramaic—til after 12:00. bathed; OBLO, 1:22.

Thursday, 29 January 1970

Up about 9:15. Had breakfast, then went to the P.O. to mail in a church report; got home, shaved, then prepared to go to Boston. Caught the 11:15 train. From N. Station I took the MTA—got off at Copley Square. Went browsing at book stores. The Paperback Booksmith a few doors from Cokesbury is closing. Went to Publ. Clearing house, then to another Paperback Booksmith. Then got back on the subway; took Riverside Car to Sears—picked up the circular slide tray that I’m going to use for the Qumran slides. I arrived at BU a few minutes before 2:00—had my second sandwich (had 1st one on the train)  Then went to OT Theology. When this was over at 3:00 went to the Zion Research Library—got 2 books, then did some further Aramaic. Met with Dr. Richardson from about 4:00 to 5:00—Elaine Follis was not there; we read colume  [sic] XX:8-25 of Genesis Apocryphon—he seemed rather pleased with my work. We dismissed in time for me to get to N. Station to catch the 5:50 train. Got home about 7:15. Had supper—then devoted the evening—from about 9:00 on—to desk work, and reading Micah—and commentaries—for Sunday sermon; bathed, OBLO c. 11:45.

Friday, 30 January 1970

In a.m. Bonnie took two photos of Debbie + me. A long, tiring day; awake about 9:00—but didn’t get up til about 9:50. Had just OJ for breakfast. Then got to work on sermon—took time to look through the mail when it came. We had lunch around 12:00—then Bonnie left for work. Shaved. I wanted to get the sermon out of the way in the afternoon—but didn’t succeed. Early in the afternoon went off on errands with Debbie on my back—to the church to change the wayside pulpit, to the bank for cash, strolled briefly on Bear Skin Neck. Home by 2:00—then back to work on the sermon. Post man delivered Jastrow’s Aramaic Lexicon. Not too much progress made on the sermon, however. About 4:00 I decided to get the bulletin done—got the stencil cut; when this was finished I prepared for leaving, got clothes packed, brief case packed. Dressed. Debbie woke up, I changed her—Bonnie arrived home with Virginia. Shortly thereafter we left. Got to Don + Lawry’s about 6:30—had supper with them and Lawry’s folks. About 7:30 we left for concert hall at BU. 8:30–:10:00 Lawry’s graduate recital; then a party; Bonnie went to Rockport; I returned home with Don—worked briefly on sermon; spending the night here in Medford; OBLO shortly after 1:00 A.M.

Saturday, 31 January 1970

Up about 7:30—slept well, but rather sleepy on arising; shaved, had breakfast with Don and Lawry’s father. We left by car about 8:40. Picked up 3 more people—headed for Worcester. Got to Wesley church about 10:00. Met the Ornes there; I sat in the morning close to Merlin Levering. Things went relatively smoothly all day—BMCR didn’t take the 30 min. allotted to them—so no controversy or battle whatever. Lunch break at 12:15—ate with Paul Samuelson—also Charlie Whitford came along—hadn’t seen him since last June. For the afternoon session I sat with Homer + Saddie. Again there was not too much “fight”; joint session came at 3:00. Vote was over by 4:00—merger was adopted—somewhat to my surprise—I was not dogmatically for or against. When the vote was known, we sang the doxology. At such times I wish I could believe—I really felt a pang of sorrow about this as the doxology was sung. It was a magestic [sic], moving moment—the huge crowd, the powerful organ—but I just couldn’t sing it with feeling—I hardly sang it at all; we left immediately after—shortly after 4:00. I drove—we were home in Rockport shortly after 6:00. I napped. Supper around 7:00; then I played with Debbie—then got to work on sermon, and worked on the service; bathed, OBLO, 12:20.

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/07/26/davids-diary-january-28-1970/

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