David’s Diary – February 21, 1970

Saturday, 21 February 1970

Up by 9:30. Shaved—two day beard; just had a glass of juice for breakfast; went to work at my desk—completed my Dead Sea Scroll notebook. After the mail had arrived, Bonnie, Debbie and I went for a walk—for bread, milk—and to get cards for writing notes. We took several pictures in B + W. Went to the church; then came home. Had lunch; then I worked briefly in my study before starting to make calls. About 1:30 I went to see the Hannibals—stopped first at the church and picked up an RSV to take to Rip. From Hannibals I went to see Esther Longley—then went to see Lucy Patience. Got home shortly before 5:00. Spent some time in my study—with Debbie crawling all over everything. About 5:45 we all went down to work on supper—swordfish + french fries. Watched NBC news—this being Saturday. After this I did more work on the service—wrote my observations on the Responsive reading, wrote the pastoral prayer. Then about 8:30 we went down to Patriquins. We showed them our latest family slides—also I showed them my Dead Sea Scroll[s] slides. We had “mug-ups”—sat round chatting. About 10:30 we came home; I practiced the sermon; watched 11:00 news; we bathed together; OBLO, 11:57.

Sunday, 22 February 1970

Up at 8:30. Shaved, had breakfast, practiced the sermon. Billy Elwell arrived at 9:30 for class—Karen Haskell didn’t show up. We read the story of Samson. Left for the church about 10:35. A fairly decent crowd—about 35 probably. Preached Part II on Jeremiah. After getting home we put chicken in the oven. I went down to Richdales for something to drink. We didn’t have lunch until around 2:00. After eating I set about fixing the easy chair in the living room—I had discovered that the nails holding the springs on were ripping the fabric. So we decided to just put in a piece of ply-wood—which I did. Finished by 3:30. Shortly before 4:00 members of the C.A.M.P. council started arriving. Dr. + Mrs. Uhlinger showed up. We discussed the drug proposal which we’re submitting to the FFR. This meeting was over by 5:30. We got supper—then I had a few minutes to relax. Then about 7:00 I left for Riverdale Church for Methodist Men—I gave my program on the Dead Sea Scrolls. When this was over I decided to stop to see Alan Federick—which I did. He seems to be in rather good shape—and Maria seems to have moved right in; I met her. Left about 10:00. Stopped + reported to Margaret Reilly; came home, relaxed. We bathed together; OBLO, 11:45.

Monday, 23 February 1970

Up at 7:30. Shaved, had breakfast, prepared to leave; Jim Bussey came by about 8:30 to pick me up—we left shortly thereafter for North Andover—the Bishop’s study day—but the bishop wasn’t there—he’s gotten behind because of the flu. Jim Uhlinger gave me several items related to Qumran. We heard a speaker on “cluster” ministries. I sat with Don McGaw. Had a good opportunity to chat with him. The meeting broke up about noon; had sack lunch. Then we headed home. Jim and I discussed the possibility to joint services for 3 C.A.M.P. Churches. Got home about 2:00. Picked up Debbie from Virginia Bate. Came home, worked on Amos—but late in the afternoon I got sleepy; stretched out—was dozing when Bonnie got home. We relaxed for a while—then worked on supper. We watched CBS news—then after 7:30 I got back to work. Bonnie left for community chorus rehearsal. I played with Debbie very briefly—then put her to bed. Then I turned again to working on Amos. I also wrote a short note to Don. When Bonnie got home from rehearsal she wanted to go swimming at Tucks. We went. Took Debbie along; got home about 11:15. Bathed together; watched some of Johnny Carson; OBLO, 12:12. Θ

Tuesday, 24 February 1970

Up about 8:45. Had small breakfast at my desk; finished by [sic] brief letter to Don McGaw—then took it to the post office—also changed the wayside pulpit. Then came home and continued my reading in Kaleprud’s book, Central Ideas in Amos. Bonnie went grocery shopping. She got home before noon. So we fixed lunch and she left for work. I shaved then got back to work on Amos—finished Kapelrud. Phoned in to Sears in Boston for a “play center” for Debbie. My afternoon was spent preparing my notes for the Amos lecture. Then read the newspaper. When Bonnie got home we worked on supper; ate about 6:40. Watched CBS news—their new series on pollution, population crisis, etc: “Can the World Be Saved?” is frightening. As soon as this was over I prepared to leave—dressed, got things together. Arrived at St. Mary’s about 7:30. Had about the same sized crowd as last week—perhaps 40 or more. We went through the book of Amos—omitting some sections. I finished up about 9:00—then there was discussion for a while. Then a period of standing around chatting. We arrived at Drue + Sully’s by 10:00—watched TV with them until 11:00—then came home (Drue had sat with Debbie—Sully worked late).  We bathed together; watched part of Johnny Carson while in the tub; OBLO, 12:20.

Wednesday, 25 February 1970

Up about 8:30. Shaved, had breakfast; went down to Richdales for bread. When I got home Bonnie then was able to make my lunch—and I got ready to leave. Picked up Virginia Bate about 9:35. Drove to Boston—I drove in since I could take her to the Lahey Clinic. We arrived there about 10:40. Then I drove back toward town. Parked on Newbury street. Went to Publishers Clearing House on Boylston St—trying to find the Pope John record. No luck. So I then went to BU. Picked up Debbie’s blocks from [??]. Had lunch with Wally Aufrecht who was visiting school for the day. After we had lunch he was kind enough to drive me over to Sears so that I could pick up the “play center” for Debbie. Then he drove me back to BU—I put it in the car—returned to BUST. Virginia came to BU from Lahey. She went to OT Theology with me—enjoyed it thoroughly. After class I saw her to the trolley—then bought cookies for the seminar. Arrived back at school—made tea—started the water heating; Seminar 4:00–6:00. Actually I left early. Got home about 6:45. Watched remainder of CBS news—we had supper. I put the “play center” together; worked on Aramaic. Bathed about 11:00; watched some of Johnny Carson; OBLO, 12:13.

© 2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/08/02/davids-diary-february-21-1970/

1 thought on “David’s Diary – February 21, 1970

  1. davidmadison1942

    “Spent some time in my study—with Debbie crawling all over everything.” 🙂 🙂 🙂

    “Arrived at St. Mary’s about 7:30. Had about the same sized crowd as last week—perhaps 40 or more. We went through the book of Amos—omitting some sections. I finished up about 9:00—then there was discussion for a while.” At least I was putting all my hard study to some use!

    “She went to OT Theology with me—enjoyed it thoroughly.” Well, that was something! 🙂


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