David’s Diary – February 26, 1970

Thursday, 26 February 1970

Up shortly after 9:00. Shaved, had breakfast, prepared to leave for BU. On the way out of town I stopped at the bank for $4 in nickels, stopped at the dump. Arrived at BU around 11:30. I went immediately to the library—got 2 books. Then went downstairs to have my lunch. Ate in Oxnam lounge—saw Gary Wait briefly—also talked with a girl (forget her name) about Dwight Conrad. I didn’t take too much time with lunch. I got back to the library to find articles for my paper. Had my collection pretty well complete by the time I went to class at 2:00 OT Theology—discussion today—rather a dud. Between 2:00 and 3:00 I went to the Mugar library with my articles to get them xeroxed. Returned to Oxnam lounge—had my pie and some coffee. Then went to Aramaic at 4:00. We met for a long time since we’ve met so seldom—didn’t get out til about 5:45—it was a pleasant session though. After class got one more book; at 6:00 I arrived at the car. Walked in the door at home just at 7:00. I ate hurredly [sic]—then went to the church for the special Ad. Board meeting—arrived just at 7:30. The Board voted to allow the Teen Center Youth to use our church one night a week. Also agreed to sign Project Equality. Home by 9?; Played with Debbie; read on Rembrandt. Bathed about 11:00; watched news + Johnny Carson; OBLO 12:15.

Friday, 27 February 1970

A slow start this morning—not up til 9:30? Had only juice for breakfast—continued reading in W.A. Visser’t Hooft’s book Rembrandt and the Gospel. But dozed at my chair. Late in the A.M. we had a caller—a young woman who claimed to be an exchange student from Mexico but turned out to be selling magazines. We were both disgusted at such trickery—worked against the young person, and against us. When she had left Bonnie got to work on lunch. We ate about noon. I shaved. Then I took Bonnie to work—Debbie rode along. Then I came back home—put Debbie down for a brief nap. But then about 1:45 got back in the car, we went to Logan airport to get GRY. Her plane was on time. We had no problems. We made our way to the car—headed home. Stopped at Addison Gilbert to pick up Bonnie—she left work early. When we got home we fixed supper—had a chance to visit. Watched CBS news. After supper played with Debbie, sat around chatting, showed slides; then while Bonnie cut out a bathrobe for mother, I worked some on sermon; then visited more; watched news + Johnny Carson; bathed; OBLO 12:53.

Saturday, 28 February 1970

Up about 9:15—by the time I got downstairs the others had eaten. But I had my breakfast—then I had to set my mind on the sermon. This was my main concern for the day. I did take several breaks—went down to Richdale’s. We had snow last night and most of today—not a heavy nor-easter—but several inches—maybe 6 to 10. So I did some shoveling. Also after lunch went to pick up mom at the beauty parlor. Late in the afternoon Bill Sesto drove up—he informed me that Cameron had her baby on Wednesday—a boy—Estin Sesto. I was almost done with my sermon and finished up as Bonnie and Mother were returning home from shopping. Debbie had slept while they were gone. Then I helped with supper. We had a big turkey. We watched NBC news—this being Saturday. After supper I got to work on the bulletins—then wrote the pastoral prayer, prepared the service, practiced the sermon. The sermon was easier to write than I thought it would be—I found more to say after I got going. Perhaps one of my better sermons—although its hard to tell; also today A.M. turned down Sue Harris’ request to baptize their new baby; watched 11 o’clock news; B + I bathed together; OBLO 12:05.

Sunday, 1 March 1970

Up about 8:15. Shaved, had breakfast; Billy Elwell called to say he wasn’t coming to class—so I called it off. During the class hour I worked in my study—polished my sermon. Mother and I drove to the church about 10:35. I took along 3 books with Rembrandt paintings in them; put them on display—was preaching on Rembrandt. When we got home from church we had lunch—finished this about 1:30. I relaxed for a while—half-napped. Then I got to work—started the long process of doing a seminar paper, i.e., read the basic material—at least made a start: Matthew’s gospel. Read about half by supper time—made brief notes on OT passages. After supper I was able to do some more—but also set up for showing slides. Took B + W and color pictures. About 8:15 I set out to pick up Virginia Bate, Ann Jewell and Hazel Brady. I showed them my Dead Sea program—the main reason for putting it on was to let Mother see it. After this was over we had cake together—visited for a while. But we didn’t drag it out; it had been a long day for both Virginia + Ann. I had taken them all home by 10:30. Came home, relaxed, visited—after 11:00 Bonnie + I bathed together, then headed for bed; OBLO, 11:55. Θ+

Monday, 2 March 1970

Up at 8:30. Shaved; had breakfast—then left for Gloucester. Had a 9:30 appointment with Jack Roberts at the Addison Gilbert hospital. We again discussed the drug proposal which C.A.M.P. is submitting to the F.F.R. The meeting proved to be short—I was on my way home by 10:00. The rest of the day I tried to spend on my paper. In the morning I finished Matthew’s Gospel. We had lunch around noon; Bonnie left for work. Mother tended to the kitchen + Debbie. And I tried to make some progress in the afternoon on my paper—but the time did go by quickly and I didn’t seem to make too much progress. But I seem to have a better idea about possible approaches. When Bonnie got home about 5:30 we had our supper. Watched CBS news. Then shortly after 7:00 we got ready to go. Mother stayed with Debbie while Bonnie and I went to the town meeting—we’d never been before. I had been asked to give the invocation. It proved to be an interesting evening. Adjournment came about 11 o’clock—to be continued tomorrow night. We came home, watched the news—visited, and watched Johnny Carson show. He had Jimmy Stewart + wife as guests—Stewart is now in a revival of Harvey; I’d like to see that. We finally headed for bed; LO, 12:55.

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/08/03/davids-diary-february-26-1970/

1 thought on “David’s Diary – February 26, 1970

  1. davidmadison1942

    “then while Bonnie cut out a bathrobe for mother” So Gladys put her to work right away!

    “Bonnie and I went to the town meeting—we’d never been before. I had been asked to give the invocation. It proved to be an interesting evening.” No separation of church and state in Rockport!

    ” also today A.M. turned down Sue Harris’ request to baptize their new baby” …I wonder that that was about.

    “Stewart is now in a revival of Harvey; I’d like to see that.” And, indeed, we did go to New York to see it….coming up in the diary!


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