David’s Diary – March 19, 1970

Thursday, 19 March 1970

Up ? –before 9:00 after Θ. Worked a short while at my desk on Aramaic. Phone call from W. Aufrecht—he’s to be at BU today [for] Richardson’s Lowell lecture—then we all had breakfast. After breakfast I got right back to Aramaic—and this was my main concern until I left for BU. I was on the phone several times with Jim Bussey regarding C.A.M.P. matters—drug program + Black History film. Late in the morning Bonnie took Debbie for a stroll—I continued on Aramaic—then stopped to shave. Bonnie + Debbie came home, then we had lunch. Then back to Aramaic until c. 2:30—at which time I prepared to leave—took off about 2:45. Arrived BU about 3:45. Went across Commonwealth avenue + bought two records, then went to Aramaic class; this lasted until about 5:45 Headed home; drove by Federick’s—saw Maria in the window so I know she’s still alive. Had supper when I got home; watched a Dr. Seuss show: Horton meets a Who (?). Then spent a few minutes in my study. At 8:35 went over to see Loyd Starrett to confer re: JYF—i.e., the steering committee—he too was disgusted by last Sunday’s meeting; came home by 9:30. Spent the evening puttering in my study. Hung my new Palestine map. Stopped to bathe before 12:30. OBLO, 12:50.

Friday, 20 March 1970

Up about 9:15. Had breakfast—then was off on errands. Took envelopes and mailing list to Mrs. Cooney for Easter pastoral letter. Took a couple of items to Jim Bussey, chatted with him briefly. Then went to the Camera Shop and left 29 slides with them to be duplicated—Father Vaillencourt’s. Looked in 3 stores for a right kind of lamp—no luck. Went to Norman’s office supply for mimeo-paper. Came on home. Glanced through Life magazine. Bonnie, Debbie, Cameron and Ezra came home from a walk; we all had lunch together. Bill arrived home just as Bonnie was leaving for work. I started to shave—Maria called. She arrived shortly thereafter to pick up things—and divulge more info on drunk Alan. After she left I continued shaving—and finished after another interruption—phone call from Bussey. Then outlined sermon. In mid-afternoon Bill Sesto took pictures of me; then I continued working on sermon. Then turned to fixing supper, since Bonnie was delayed getting home. Watched CBS news. After supper worked on sermon and consulted with Margaret Reilley on whether to write to Alan’s parents. About 9:00 we went to Sestos to see the photos. Also got involved in a wierd [sic] philosophical/religious discussion; home after 12:00; bathed; OBLO, 1 A.M.

Saturday, 21 March 1970

What a day! Up about 9:30. Had breakfast, then got to work on the sermon—but about mid-morning I was interrupted by a phone call from Maria—could I take Alan to Mt. Pleasant Hospital in Lynn. I said yes. But then I called the hospital and they won’t take him—it was an involved affair. They had to call Brandeis, Sachs, insurance co.—and I found out about 12:30 that we’d have to bring $400 with us to admit him. I called Sachs—he suggested we try using an ordinary hospital. I went over to Thurston Point about 1:00. We called the local Dr. Wachman—colleague of Mason [?]. He arranged for Alan to go to A-G, then Villa Atlanta tomorrow. Alan is in sad shape. We put him in the car, took him to the hospital, drove back to Thurston Point, loaded Maria up—she left. I came back to Rockport—stopped briefly to see Margaret—then headed home. Dr. Wachman on the phone: Alan was signing himself out of the hospital. More phone calls, but there was nothing to be done. I tried to relax and take a nap (after eating “lunch”). The rest of the day spent on sermon, bulletin, stencils for tomorrows meeting. In mid evening Maria called, Alan called. He gave me his father’s phone number; I called England—asked him to come. Had to work very late preparing for tomorrow. Bathed c. 1:15; practiced sermon; OBLO, 1:55.

Sunday, 22 March 1970

The phone woke me at 7:00—Mr. Federick calling from England. He’s coming tomorrow; I’m to pick him up at the airport. After hanging up I went back to bed. Θ. Up again about 7:45. Shaved, had breakfast. Worked at my desk until my  *about 9:30 a call from Murray Sachs.  Class arrived—just Karen Haskell today. We had about an hour’s lesson—I left for the church about 10:40. Had a good crowd—54. Preached on “The Tale of 3 Cities.” Home by 12:30. Did more work preparing for the charge conference, had lunch. About 2:00 I went to the Ornes for more data, then went to Wesley Church to run off my stencils—their machine is marvelous—mine is not making a good copy. After finishing that, at 3:30, went over to Alan’s—he was asleep—I came home, then went on down to the church for the meeting—very poor attendance: only 8, beyond Bonnie, Dr. + Mrs. Uhlinger + myself. There was quite a bit of fear concerning my desire for a committee to “have conversations” with the Episcopal and Congregational churches. The meeting was over shortly after 6:00—we came home. Uhlingers ate with us, then went on to Wesley for its meeting. I then drove over to Thurston point to check on Alan again; he was awake, but collapsed in bed again while I was there; came back to Rockport. Visited with Margaret about a half hour; came on home; did some work. very weary; watched 11 o’clock news. OBLO, 11:45.

Dr. and Mrs. Uhlinger

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/08/09/davids-diary-march-19-1970/

1 thought on “David’s Diary – March 19, 1970

  1. davidmadison1942

    “In mid-afternoon Bill Sesto took pictures of me” I think that is the black and white portrait that I sent you a while back.

    What a pain-in-the-ass Saturday that was!

    “There was quite a bit of fear concerning my desire for a committee to “have conversations” with the Episcopal and Congregational churches.” HA! Gee, scared of other Christians!

    I do remember the Uhlingers.


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