David’s Diary – March 15, 1970

Sunday, 15 March 1970

Up about 8:00; had a bowl of oatmeal at my desk while practicing the sermon; then shaved—greeted my class at 9:30, i.e., Billy Elwell showed up. When this was over I left for the church, after 10:30. A moderate crowd at church; preached on “The Missing Link”—home by 12:30. We had lunch, then I worked on Greek; about 2:15 Maria called—she was on her way over with boxes to leave with us. She arrived shortly thereafter. She thinks Alan is getting worse; she wants to get out as soon as possible. She stayed only a few minutes. At 2:50 I left, picked up Winnie + Kay—went to Den Mar nursing home; lead the service from 3:00–3:30. Came home. Did some more Greek, then turned to reading further in Finkelstein’s book on the Pharisees. Napped briefly. About 7:00 we thought about getting supper. After supper we played with Debbie briefly—then I spent the evening with C. H. Dodd’s According to the Scriptures—doing further reading on my Matthew paper for seminar. I left off this after 10:00. Then Bonnie and I looked through the Sears catalogue section on camping equipment. Then I caught the 11 o’clock news. We bathed together; then went to bed to read briefly; LO, 12:03.  Θ+

Monday, 16 March 1970

Up about 8:00. Had breakfast—shaved. About 9 o’clock left to pick up Mrs. Parker and Mrs. Haskell. We went to the hospital to talk with Jack Roberts re: the drug education program for adults. We set it for April 18—Sat morning 8:00–12:30. This conference was over by about 10:00. On the way home we stopped at Stop + Shop—then came home. After watching Sesame Street for a few minutes, and after mail man came I went to Richdales for bread and milk. Came home. We had lunch around 12:00. Debbie napped through it. It doesn’t do any good to wake her up—she doesn’t want to eat. Bonnie left for work. I studied Greek. Debbie woke up, and I gave her lunch about 2:00. She then played for the rest of the afternoon and I studied. After leaving the Greek I turned to Dodd’s book. Snoozed briefly in the late afternoon. Read the paper about 5 o’clock. When Bonnie came home she fixed supper—we ate early. But we watched CBS news. After supper, this being Debbie’s 19 month birthday, we took some pictures before Bonnie left for Community Chorus Rehearsal. When she left I studied Greek some more. Then finished Dodd—then I turned to working on Micah—in preparation for tomorrow night. Late in the evening when Bonnie got home I listened to a record with headphones. Started Lindars NT Apologetic; bathed together, OBLO, 12:22.

Tuesday, 17 March 1970

Up at 9:10 after Θ+. Had breakfast, then went to work reading Micah—by noon I had read the book once. We had lunch, then Bonnie left for work. Debbie played all afternoon. At one point I took a picture of her, with her rubber pants stuffed full of blocks! The afternoon was devoted to preparing the Micah lecture. Making notes, rereading the book; also read 30 pp. from Bright’s History of Israel. Around supper time I made several phone calls re: C.A.M.P.’s drug education program and Black History film program. Ate supper, watched CBS news. Then about 7:00 prepared to leave—walked to St. Mary’s—Bonnie took Debbie to stay with Jerry + Carol Lewis. The lecture began as usual at 7:30. The attendance is holding up pretty well. After it was over we sat around chatting with Ed Nutting, the Bamforths + brother Jerome (?). When just the Bamforths + we were left, Dick told me that his representatives to the JYF Steering Com. had resigned because of last Sunday’s long meeting—glad to know that others objected. We picked up Debbie at Lewis’—stayed about a half hour—but then headed home. Didn’t bother to bathe—too tired; OBLO 11:30.

Wednesday, 18 March 1970

Up before 9:00. Bathed, had breakfast—shaved. The morning slipped by. About 10:00 Bill Sesto called—wanted a lift out to 128 where he’d left his car last night (out of gas) Bonnie took him. I straightened up my study somewhat, then did a little Aramaic. Shortly before 11:00 I took Debbie over to Cameron—then left for the train. Virginia Bate went to Boston with me. At the Beverley (?) station Henry Cabot Lodge got on the train. Virginia and I made sure that our peace buttons were in clear view! We arrived at BU about 1:00. Had lunch together in the refectory. Then I went off running errands. Then at 2:00 we went to OT Theology. Beck began by passing out lolly-pops! After class was over Virginia left for home. I went across the [???] to browze [sic] at a book store. Then returned to Beck’s office. Made the tea for seminar; seminar from 4:00 to 5:50. Left for N. Station. Caught the 6:40 train, walked into the house just about 8:00. We had supper. My map of Palestine and the Inter-linear Greek NT had arrived. I relaxed + did phoning, and started Aramaic in earnest after 9:30. Made one trip to Sestos with Bonnie—they’re doing some photo work for us. Worked on Aramaic til about 12:30. OBLO, 1:00 A.M.

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/08/08/davids-diary-march-15-1970/

1 thought on “David’s Diary – March 15, 1970

  1. davidmadison1942

    “Debbie played all afternoon. At one point I took a picture of her, with her rubber pants stuffed full of blocks!”


    “Virginia Bate went to Boston with me. At the Beverley (?) station Henry Cabot Lodge got on the train. Virginia and I made sure that our peace buttons were in clear view!” 🙂 🙂 🙂 Little touches like these make the diary so worth it!


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