David’s Diary – June 18, 1970

Thursday, 18 June 1970

Not up until after 9:00. Had breakfast, then got to work again on Roberts’ OTTV—this again was my main preoccupation for the day. Late in the morning, after passing page 200, I shaved and bathed—actually about noon. Then I did some errands, e.g., changed the wayside pulpit. When I got home we had lunch, then I got down to reading again. Bonnie went off to do grocery shopping, Debbie played in her room. For lunch we had our first “crop” of strawberries—about 6–8 apiece! Few—but they were delicious. About mid-afternoon I had a long phone conversation with Jim Bussey. I was able to make some progress reading, but late in the afternoon I helped prepare supper. Read more after supper, made a phone call to Don McGaw to see if he’s going to keep the xerox copy he made of my doctrinal statement. About 8:15 we went down to Patriquins to watch Ironsides. We came home right when it was over—a thunderstorm was threatening. Rolland Villars was moving out next door—he was in a bad mood because Eddie Garcia wants him out by 12:00—when his lease expires—he wrote hate-notes, attached with knives; I photographed them—we discussed the situation til about midnight. Read, OBLO c. 1:00 A.M.

Friday, 19 June 1970

Up about 9:00—the first thing I called Mr. Howard Keeley at Gordon D.S. inquiring about Rolland Villard—and reporting his strange behavior. Then I had breakfast—and spent the morning trying to finish Roberts OTTV. There were various interruptions, so it took a while. Debbie has a cold apparently. Very runny nose, and it doesn’t take much to upset her. After Bonnie had left for work I finally succeeded in finishing Roberts. Then I had my lunch. The next order of business was the sermon, and this preoccupied me for the rest of the afternoon. During one break I watered the tomatoes and strawberries. I had most of the sermon done when time came for me to start thinking about supper. About  5 o’clock I lit the coals for frying hamburgers. When Bonnie came home (she went to the garden first, for salad greens) we worked on supper together. It was very delightful in the yard. After eating I went to Grace Harris’ to pick up baked goods for tomorrow’s sale. Came home, finished sermon, then we went for a walk down to Bearskin Neck. I got my peace medalion. Came home; I frosted a cake for the sale, did my bulletins; Sestos called—want me to write a letter of reference. Bathed about 11:00; read; OBLO c. 12:00 Θ

Saturday, 20 June 1970

Up about 7:45—ugh! I had to get shaved, get some breakfast, then be at the church by 8:30 to help transport baked goods to Wesley church in Gloucester. About 9:15 Gladys Haskell and I headed on over to Gloucester with the back of the Squareback filled with food. I came on home again about 10:00. I spent the rest of the morning puttering in my study, especially trying to get things straightened up. About noon I was about to have lunch when I got a call from Wesley church; the food sale had fizzled out over there—and they wanted to bring the rest of the food over to our church. So I immediately went to Gloucester and brought food back—helped Gladys + Hazel Brady get set up. Then I came home, had lunch, then napped for about a half hour. About 2:30 I arrived at the garden; planted squash, weeded in the tomato area. Came home about 5:00—spent the rest of the day in the kitchen really. Bonnie had a bad cold and sore throat—and Debbie has a cold. I made a custard for Bonnie, fixed supper, made a cake, cleaned up the kitchen. I wasn’t out of it until about 10:00. Then I relaxed—sat in my study for a while—then I had some of the cake I’d just made. Prepared the service, practiced the sermon; bathed; read; OBLO, 12:30.

Sunday, 21 June 1970

We got up about 7:40. Debbie was coughing—her cold has worsened—and Bonnie’s cold is still pretty bad. Debbie stayed in bed most of the morning. I had breakfast after shaving; I was up early enough not to be rushed; I picked the suckers off the tomato plants. I went to the church about 9:30. We had an average sized crowd; I reported on Conference, the sermon was called: “Keeping in Touch.” I got home about 12:30. Debbie was up running around—but coughing horribly. I fixed lunch—after going over to Bussey’s to get their vaporizer. About 2 o’clock I went over to the garden to cultivate the tomato plants—and to pick off the suckers from them. Left about 3:00—stopped by back beach on the way home to chat with Margaret Reilly—whom I saw strolling along. She’d seen Alan + Maria—they’d been up; Alan’s not in very good shape. I came on home. Had a snack with Bonnie. Relaxed, was in no mood to read, napped. Then we thought about supper—after I bathed—in order to get my hair washed. After supper I spent in evening reading—back to the “qualifying” worked—now I’m in Wurthwein. [1] About mid-evening we called the folks—to wish RSY happy Father’s Day; had a nice chat. Then spent the balance of the evening reading; OBLO, midnight.

Diary entry for June 21, 1970

[1] Probably Ernest Wurthwein, The Text of the Old Testament: An Introduction to the Biblia Hebraica

©2017 copyright owned and transcribed by David Madison and Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/09/10/davids-diary-june-18-1970/

1 thought on “David’s Diary – June 18, 1970

  1. davidmadison1942

    “he wrote hate-notes, attached with knives; I photographed them” In peaceful ole Rockport 😦

    ” For lunch we had our first “crop” of strawberries—about 6–8 apiece! Few—but they were delicious.” 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Too bad about that bake sale. I wonder if churches still do bake sales.


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