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David’s Diary – December 16, 1968

Monday, December 16, 1968

Debby 4 months old.

Up after 9 today. We had breakfast—Bonnie was feeling lousy. I worked on my Greek paper, did the pastoral Christmas letter; stopped at about 2 to fix lunch. Bonnie napped in bed, I brought lunch to her upstairs. After lunch I worked on a letter to Judge Wynanski in Boston on behalf of Howard Marston, Jr. I took this to the post office + went for bread + milk. Home again, went back to work on Greek. About 5 stopped to clean up kitchen, start on supper; Bonnie came down, she was feeling much better. I went back to the Greek paper. Stopped for supper about 6:20. Had supper watched CBS news, relaxed until 7:30 or so—then back to work. About 9:30 stopped for pie + coffee. Bathed, then came back to work on the paper; have most of section I finished. Must have it done by tomorrow night. We took pictures this evening. Lights out at 11:45. ISN

Tuesday, December 17, 1968

Up around 9. Breakfast, back to work on the Greek paper—until mail arrived; many Xmas cards—letter from Paul + Marty, + Dr. Beck. Bonnie went to the WSCS Xmas party at about 12:15—I stayed with Debby. Worked on my paper. Finished writing about 1:30. Stopped to shave, have lunch. Cleared off my desk—set up card table for the Greek typewriter right next to my desk. This occupied my attention for the rest of the day. Very slow going; must type the page in English, then swing over to the Greek machine + type in what words are required. Stopped about 6:30 for supper—helped fix it. Back to work shortly after 7:30. Bonnie started to work on making my sports jacket—she is overwhelmed by the difficulty of the task. At about 10, we stopped for a snack. Back to work by 10:20. Stopped typing at about 1. –on page 11 (typed). Must be finished by noon tomorrow. Bathed; off to bed; lights out at 1:40.

Wednesday, December 18, 1968

Very hard to get up this morning. Finally out of bed about 9. Ate breakfast, got to work typing—stopped when mailman arrived. I had wanted to be done typing by noon—but no such luck. Bonnie took Debby for regular Dr’s appointment at 2:30 and I worked on; I was just finishing up at 5:30 when she came home. I took catalogue over to Barbara + Hazel, also invited Barbara to come to Bible study tonight. Worked some in my study until 6:30—had supper, worked in my study until Bible class started arriving. We had quite a lively session. 9 in attendance; we discussed Luke 1 + 2. Sarah Orne disagreed strongly with my interpretation—she is fundamentalist. Didn’t break up tonight until 10 pm! I went to work on the Jeremiah paper. Had researched basic 29 words in 20:14-18 by 12; coffee break. Worked on until about 3:00. Off to bed at 3:30.

Thursday, December 19, 1968

Up about 9:20—rather weary; went right to work writing on the Jeremiah paper. Stopped when mail arrived, but not for long—didn’t even read I. F. Stone. Stopped for lunch around 12:30 or 1. Today as I worked on this paper, Bonnie worked on my sports coat—got it cut out, and by this evening had enough sewed together that I had the first fitting. I finally got to the “typing” stage about 6 o’clock.  Stopped about 6:45 for supper, but at 7:30 got back to work. Had to do page 1 three times because of mistakes and difficulty with copying out the Hebrew. Worked all evening. Stopped about 12:15 for a cup of coffee. Bonnie took her bath and went to bed. I worked on, finally finished the paper completely at 2:15. I’m not too satisfied with it—just didn’t have enough time to do a good job. Bathed; off to bed about 2:50.

Friday, December 20, 1968

On the go all day long; up at 8:45—Shaved, compiled Jeremiah DS reading list, proofread papers; gathered together library books—headed for BU about 10:45, in the car. Got there about 11:30. Took paper to Richardson, and the Greek typewriter. Took Greek paper to Kim’s office. Picked up my mail, ate lunch; looked up the Peeks—at their apartment at 115 Bay State Rd. Wanted to see how his work was coming. Headed home around 1:45. Arrived back home at just 3. Went down to see Virginia Bate; took her her Xmas gift, a framed photo of myself—she was very pleased. Back home, worked on the wedding ceremony for tomorrow—had to type it all up. About 5:45 Bonnie gave me a Haircut; then I got dressed and left for the church. Wedding rehearsal from 6:30 – 7:45. Got Bonnie, we went to Old Farm [?] Inn for dinner with wedding party. Home about 10:30. Bathed. Off to bed; ISN; lights out 12:20.

Saturday, December 21, 1968

Up about 7:30 to watch the blastoff of Apollo 8. It was on schedule at 7:51. I then went down to the church to put wedding announcement on the wayside pulpit. Home again to work on the marriage service. At 10:30 tuned in CBS news. About 10:41 the Apollo was blasted toward  the moon. Worked on the wedding service (ate lunch too, and shaved) until time to go. It was a very nice wedding—everything went smoothly. Over by 3:00. We (Bonnie + I) went to the wedding reception at Gloucester House Rest. Didn’t get out until after 5. Came home, visited with Barbara + Hazel who had kept Debby. I came home, worked on writing the “7 o’clock news” for the church service tomorrow. At about 7:45 the young people came; we went to the church to rehearse. Home by 9:30. Did bulletins, worked on sermon; off to bed at 2:10.

Sunday, December 22, 1968

Up at 9. Practiced sermon; breakfast, shaved, off to church at 10:35. Quite a big congregation—75. Preached on “Silent Night Vs. Violent Night”—with the sermon being introduced with “Silent Night + the 7 o’clock news”—sung by 4 teenage girls and narration by Peter Haskell. Some favorable reaction—by [but] Alice Marr was very mad. Home by about 12:30. Lunch. Napped for a short while. At 3:10 was up again. Bonnie, Debby, Barbara, Hazel and I went up to see Elizabeth Gates. Had a nice visit; we were home shortly after 5. Desk work. At about 6 we went down to Patriquins for supper; spent the evening with them, just goofing off. Came home around 10 (?), Desk work, Jim Tanner came up and we gave him details about care of the house and the cat. He left about 11:40. Bathed off to bed for ISN at 11:40.

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