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Senator Landgrebe

November 15, 1962 envelope

November 15, 1962 envelope

November 15, 1962, p. 1

November 15, 1962, p. 1

Letter transcription:

Kentland, November 15, 62

David Dear

How I thank you for the book you sent me. I read it through that day, and now I am gong over it again more slowly. It is indeed helpful and I seem to gradually begin to have a better understanding of some things which have troubled me concerning the Bible. The more I read along these lines, the deeper my faith becomes.

For some reason I feel very low spirited today. I have been heartsick, actually, about Nixon and all that has happened since the election. Like you, I have that helpless feeling and it is hard for me to concede that a dear old belief and way of life is being discredited. I simply could not believe that Capehart had lost, and I don’t like the smart aleck young Democrat who has displaced him.

The day before election day Landgrebe and his son came in to call on me. He was going to Rotary that evening, and I believe he was to speak at the dinner. He certainly is your friend and admirer. I don’t believe he had any idea at the time that Capehart would not be elected. I told him what you were considering, and he said he was delighted.

I don’t even like to watch anything on the ABC channel since that disgraceful broadcast, and on Veteran’s Day at that. Well, words fail me.

Jim Wagoner came home from the wonderful job at Thule Air Base in Greenland, and Shirley (the maid) wanted some time off to be with him, and she was to come back to work yesterday. But on Tues. Jim called up and said she was sick and I don’t know when she will be back. You never know what they will do. I got Helen Hillis to take me in her car to Watseka yesterday to Dr. Wood the podiatrist. Shirley has been taking me in Harold’s car.

We had ten men together in a pheasant hunting party the other night. They were from Indianapolis. There is news this morning that Red Bruck (B & B Store) had a lung removed at Mayo’s yesterday.

I watch the papers for clippings which might be of interest to you, but this has been one period I simply didn’t have the heart. Thank you again dear for the book.

Anymore dates?

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