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Piano Recital (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
June 11 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Rec’d yours of May 26 – the $32.⁶⁰ ck. came yesterday, but as yet the $100⁰⁰ is still en route. I am enclosing a program of the Piano Recital given last night. You will note John’s three numbers. If you want to show it to anyone you might casually mention that John is playing the same grade music the three high-school girls play – (Helen Hoover, Barbara McCartney & Mary E. Arnold). John has decided to discontinue in the swing band. I am glad he decided that for himself because I was afraid I would have to. They want to practice too late at night – and they will probably go some places to play I wouldn’t approve of. Buddy just arrived – he has been here every day except Sunday for a week. John and Mark are

[page 2] washing dishes and Mark is giving a demonstration of what the different kinds of machine guns, etc., sound like. Mark went to baking class today. He said they are having a farewell party for Mrs. Rupp – she is getting married – so that means another teacher for next year – there will be several changes.

The mosquitoes have been bad already and we are warned in the paper this week they are to be worse – There has been so much rain and it keeps raining. According to today’s Newton Co. E. the farmers around here haven’t all their corn planted. This field directly north of us has had so much water standing on it they haven’t got it ready yet for planting. They had two tractors going on it yesterday but the rain started before noon so they had to stop, but were at work again this morning. John and I are of the opinion they are ruining

[page 3] the ground by repeating corn crops there (as if it’s any our business) and were hoping they would either change crops or put nothing in. We have to turn in the front license plates for scrap. We now have last year’s rear with the small plate issued this year fastened on. Mother had a letter from Jim – He is in Primary Training now, which will end July 1 – then advanced training, then a 10 day leave – when he intends coming home – Then I suppose Thelma will go back to T. H. to live because he thinks he will be shipped out. He has all new uniforms now – C.P.O.

I am trying to concentrate on writing and all the family are here in the living room plus Buddy – so it’s a little hard to think and keep my mind off what is going on.

David is in his buggy. Took a nap out in buggy but we had to bring him in when we had lunch. He woke up just a few minutes ago. Mark is playing with him now and D. is pulling his hair –

[page 4] He thinks it’s funny now but I tell him it won’t be when David gets older. It is getting near D.’s 2 P.M. feeding – which will be of potatoes, peas, carrots & apple sauce & milk. He doesn’t care for potatoes alone so I mix them with anything else I have. I still give him Vit. C. Tablets – the last time I gave him orange juice it bounced right back up. As old as he is (8 ½ mo.), I should think he could keep orange juice down. I give him apple sauce or peaches or apricot & apple sauce combined and he keeps any of them down. He likes either peas or carrots or asparagus but gags at beets. I can’t feed him spinach or prunes. His bowels are inclined to be loose so have to be careful what I feed him. Cream of Wheat also has a tendency to make his bowels too loose, so he gets Gerbers wheat cereal, Pablum or Pabena (Mead’s oatmeal cereal).

Mark and Buddy have taken D. out for a ride – until time for him to eat. Raymond Bower is home but I haven’t seen him – Dorothy was telling me he has been around a lot – his ship was in a battle.

Love – Mother

YEG1943-06 Dunlop Street house

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, Indiana, June 1943

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